Area London, UK
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Treatment Time3-4 hrs

Right now, and in every now-moment, you are either closing or opening. Fully open, and as openness, feel. Allow your tongue to open and feel. Allow your fingers to open and feel. Feel the entire surface of your skin open to sensation. Feel your mind open to thoughts. Feel your eyes open to light. Whatever you are feeling, however painful or pleasurable, you can feel it because you are open. True bliss is to remain open, as you are, in the midst of all experience.” David Deida

Banu is a soulful artist, Tantric therapist and spiritual teacher. She has been teaching individuals and leading groups as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor since 2008. She believes in living with an open heart, being guided by intuition and channeling all that into beautiful and healing experiences.

Her perspective of healing is in the sense of making whole. Nature is her muse. Rooted in shamanic and sufi practices of the heart, she believes in the power of touch as a gateway opening to healing on all levels.

While treating men in Tantric Journey, she aims to bring her presence, love and playfulness into creating heart & sex connection, healing and empowering the masculine self, building full body orgasms without ejaculation.

In her work with women, she works on self-love, heart-womb connection, healing sexual traumas, gaining confidence and freedom through embodying the sexual priestess and the orgasmic self within.

While working with couples, she focuses on building sacred union by integrating the divine feminine and divine masculine qualities within, creating intimacy beyond predetermined gender roles, and embodying the cosmic beloved through relationship.

In general, she believes Tantra and Yoga are great tools to build a creative, joyful, and authentic life, in alignment with one’s true purpose.

2017 – Poetry In Water – Aqua Bodywork Practitioner Training – Cornwall, UK

2016 – Tantric Journey – London, UK / Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Emotional Detox Through Tantra and Tao Bodywork Levels 1&2

2008 – Amritnam Sarovar, Lyon – FRANCE
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training (KRI)

2004 – Wat Po, Bangkok – THAILAND
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
Reflexology – Foot Massage

Banu is highly skilled, caring and very intuitive. She gave me a most wonderful life enhancing experience which was both healing and pleasurable, and included my first full body orgasm.
She has the energy of a Goddess and I felt so comfortable and safe around her. It was such a great place to heal. She worked on me so respectfully and even though there was a lot to release which at times was painful, I felt very good and safe with her and much better after the treatment. Thanks!
One of the most amazing treatments I’ve received. I felt cared and loved. She used her intuition really well and I released a lot of negative emotion and energy.
Your realness and calm confidence really helped me relax. My session was incredibly healing. It feels so good to meet someone who understands touch and energy at such an intimate level.
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June 28th, 2017
IMG_7280 How much are you in contact with the world around you? How open and alive do you feel? We connect with the outer world through our senses. Even though it is a limited way of perceiving the unperceivable, if we develop our senses, or our ability to feel, we can experience the world in a more profound way. The touch can be a touch, the taste can be ecstatic. When we are here, we are here. Our presence calms and comf... more
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