Area France, Germany, London, Switzerland, UK
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Fees350 €
Treatment TimeMinimum 3hrs
Number00 49 176 2199 0148

Meine Berufung ist es meine Erfahrungen und mein Wissen weiter zu geben und zu inspirieren und zu unterstützen die inneren Räume zu spüren, zu erforschen , in den Ausdruck zu bringen, zu befreien und immer mehr mit dem zu er-füllen wer wir wirklich sind, ein unendliches, multidimensionales, ekstatisches Wesen, welches eine menschliche Erfahrung macht.

Tantric Journey ist ein Weg zum Auflösen von Trauma und emotionalem Stress und dem Kreieren von mehr Freude und Gewahrsein  für den intimen und sexuellen Bereich unseres Lebens. Ich biete Behandlungen für Frauen und Männer an und freue mich dich persönlich kennenzulernen.

Deutschland – Freiburg im Schwarzwald






Tantric-Journey-Educator / School of Awakening


Fortgeschrittene Erfahrungen:

Darstellende und Bildende Kunst  in Tanz – Gesang – Malerei

Yoga und Qi-Gong

Gesunde Ernährung

Führung eines eigenen Naturkostladens

Mutter von zwei Kindern

Massage: Ayurveda, ChiNeiTsang

Energetische Körperabeit:  AccessBars, Jin Shin Jyutsu



Ergotherapie- Occupational Therapist
Access Consciosness Bars Facilitator
Tantric Journey Educator – School of Awakening

Advanced Experiences:

Artist : Bellydance-Singing- Painting
Yoga and Qi-Gong Practitioner
Healthy Nutrition
Owner of an Organic Foodshop
Mother of two Children

Massage: Ayurvedic, Chi Nei Tsang
Energetic Bodywork : Access Bars, Jin Shin Jyutsu, AccessConsciousness, Tantric Journey-Therapist

My passion is to pass on my experience and my knowledge and to inspire and to become more aware of the inner rooms, to explore and to bring them in the expression, to free and increasingly to be who we truly are: an infinite, multidimensional, ecstatic being in a human experience.

Tantric-Journey is the way for letting go and delete old trauma and emotions for creating more awareness and joy in our intimate and sexual lifes. I offer treatments for men and woman and looking forward to meet you in personal.





Ines can really go deep in her work, giving so much attention to what's needed and spending time in places to achieve that deep release and powerful healing. With her strength she was able put me into a very deep state, a place were I was very receptive to experience emotional release and enormous pleasure, a wonderful emotional detox.
Thank you very much for the sessions it has been an unique experience, actually a lot for me process. I felt very well looked after from beginning to end. Felt very comfortable in a very intimate and open space, where I was free to express and open free from judge and full of love and joy. Opening to a very intimate place in myself. I got conscious of things to look and work on myself and a massive release of tension. The physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies join in a party that I now can understand deeper when you say Tantric Journey You felt very caring and lovely. Also with a very strong body. I could feel your presence all the time, giving a very intuitive and tailored massage. The session environment feels a very familiar, comfortable, clean, friendly from the very first step on the building. I would say care to detail. All the information needed was given prior the sessions and I felt very kindly guided during every part of the session." Thank you

My Blog

Energie in Bewegung

February 7th, 2017
Das Leben bedeutet für mich : Energie in Bewegung , E-motion denn Leben ist Bewegung und Bewegung ist Leben . Alles ist eine Form von Energie/ Chi und diese Energie verändert sich permanent durch Denken, Fühlen, Handeln und einfach SEIN. Emotionen werden im Körper gespeichert Es mag scheinen, dass Gefühle vom Herzen oder vom Kopf produziert werden, aber es gibt viele Forschungsergebnisse, die b... more
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