Area London, UK
Treats Couples, Men, People With Disabilities
Treatment Time3-4 hours
Number07508 623257

Kate believes in the potential of loving touch, with a healing intention, to help release emotions trapped in the body, raise sexual energy, and bring more vital life-force in the body.

Life is precious. We have the opportunity to bring more light, love and joy into our bodies, no matter what has happened in our life, or how we feel about our body. The Tantric Journey approach offers a transformative tool for self-regeneration.

She currently offers sessions for men and couples, and also triad healing for men with Mal Weeraratne. Triad sessions are a safe, sacred, and loving space for male clients to be supported by both a woman and man. They can be particularly helpful for men who experience difficulties with intimacy, and sexual dysfunctions.

Kate regularly assists Mal during his ‘Emotional Detox’ training courses at Master Mantak Chia’s healing centre, Tao Gardens, in Northern Thailand, and in London.

Yoga plays an important part in her life, both as a daily practice and life philosophy, and she comes from a professional background as a trainer and facilitator in creative arts.

I was initially nervous about the Tantric Journey experience as I was unsure what to expect. Kate's introduction and calmness put me at my ease and as a Therapist, I had a feeling that some emtions might be released. I can truly say, that nothing could have prepared me for the deep emoional release that I experienced - and the memories that arose that I had no idea had caused such deep rooted stress. A combination of the deep massage that released the tension from the body, the rocking, the breathing and letting out of  "pain" through vocal releasing was a truly wonderful experience. Kate created such a supportive, caring, and safe environment that I felt completely as ease to open up to the deeply held emotions. At the end, I felt so much lighter, completely relaxed, "standing tall" with a sense of serenity about me. Any anxiety and stress that I had, had completely gone. What I had also noted, was that memories that would have previously triggered me into stress, now didn't - as if there was now a clean slate to create new behavioural responses - such a brillant opportunity and feeling.
Money can not match the out pouring of love and gratitude that I feel towards you and your work... I could write all day because I feel like my dreams came true yesterday. That I could literally let go of so much pain and trauma that I was totally unaware was in me, and the surprise at how it washed over me like a sudden wave out of know where. It was such a conscious cry, I was so aware of my face and the pain and watching how it all unfolded literally as an observer as I knew it was my body that needed to shake and cry not ME!!!  Crazy stuff, loving it so much. I remember now what I wanted to say yesterday was that you said how we shut off to the pain and trauma so it doesn't affect our day to day lives, but it's still with us. Yes, this is how we can go about our day to day lives without feeling the intensity of our pain. However the pain resides within us and shapes our reality so the only thing to do is get it out. Its been 30 years since I received this imprint and I can only imagine that how I'm feeling is how I used to feel as a boy before any of this happened. So blessed to have met you and to experience this release. Thank you again so much you are definately on your purpose and life path with this work, and with your Amma way and music you are an amazing piece of universe. Keep believing and sharing, all that is yours is on its way to you. With so much love and gratitude I reluctantly stop writing and thank you one more time. Bless you and loving thanks.
Thank you Kate for this wonderful massage... Today I have received from you a third massage full of generous, powerful, profound love, during which I discovered the spirituality of my body, admittedly still painful, battered by old abuses of all kinds, but alive. For the first time I put myself spontaneously into postures dynamics of yogis rituals. My energy circulated with many pleasures from the column to the skull, filling my whole being from head to foot and beyond, guided by your expert hands, animated by the generosity of your heart. The massages of the prostate and lingam were precise, progressive: in a word, divine!... "Solicit your spiritual guide" and "speak with compassion" have you suggested before we to separate. What insight!...Thanks again, infinitely, for our connection.
My session with Kate was just mind-blowing. She is so genuine and caring that you just can't help putting your complete trust in her. She took me on a gentle but powerful and deep journey where I was able to touch, relax and release deep tensions which I had inside myself. I could feel very clearly how Kate was spiritually guided to do exactly the right things, and this is a very rare and precious gift. I didn't only feel Kate's care; I could feel the care of God/Shakti flowing through her hands and presence
Kate, your warmth and love for this healing work, place and people has made it so special. I felt so much care, attention and comfort from you, thank you for holding such a sacred and loving space for each of us. Much love and hugs.
Thank you so much for all you have done this week - your reassurance, love, support, nourishment, kindness, space holding.
I realised as I drove back today that what I was feeling is a Real inner peace. I have recalled our session to myself a couple of times and get a warm beautiful sense of calm and loving. Thank you so much. I have tingled all over from time to time which I am sure is energy on the move...I have not tried to work out just what has shifted, though something most definitely has.'
West Country
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a model on the course. Kate is a superb practitioner and gave me one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had an immense emotional release and being in front of a group of people made it feel even more intense and special
The session with you was truly amazing. Years of held pressure, grief and aloneness came up to be felt, expressed, loved and healed. I cannot tell you how healing it was to be received in my male-ness and human-ness by the feminine (through your form) in this way. There is one sentence you said that keeps reverberating in my mind every day since…’Shakti doesn’t want you to be shackled, she wants you to be a free man’. It had a huge impact on me to hear these words and feel where they came from (the mature feminine!), after my journey the last 6 years receiving negative energy from the immature feminine. It was like a reset button... I have felt so much lighter since the course…really feel I have left some toxic emotional baggage behind and as a result my body feels much lighter and my heart much more open. I am so grateful!! Sending you lots of love and respect for the beautiful work you do and the wonderful energy you brought to the course
My heart fills with pure happiness and pleasure to be more aware of my mental, physical, and emotional energies after my one to one session of Tantric Journey. Sometimes in life, we don't realize the path to follow in life and after my session, I have a better understanding of this path for me. A difficult path, but one that will lead to pleasure and peace. Thank you
I’ve had 2 sessions thus far with Kate. The sessions have been transformative - in some obvious ways and in more subtle ways that I’m repeatedly realising over time and expect to continue doing so...Kate’s gentle, compassionate and sincere yet strong presence and guidance enabled this to happen. It might seem unmanly for a man to talk about safety and being held through this, but really it’s essential - most men, myself definitely included, will find all sorts of ways to avoid intimacy…so going there and being truly open and vulnerable is at the very least a trip to the unknown. Kate facilitated this with patience and skill. Im very grateful to her for this.
You don’t have to spend much time with Kate to realise what a giving person she is and without exaggeration I believe she gives people their lives back. I had been struggling with anxiety for the last couple of years just brought on by some of life downs happening all at once. Before finding Tantric Journey I had tried everything out there to fix it from NLP to TM to medication and of course, alcohol. None of them worked for me so I was naturally skeptical reading through the Tantric Journey website. Everyone on the web seems to have the Holy Grail of cures or remedies and the idea that emotions are stored in the body was completely alien to me and a little hard to believe. I am so grateful to be proven wrong by thousands of years of wisdom! The first thing that struck me about the massage itself was the care and skill that came through in every touch. From then on it was was just the most blissful experience I have ever had until out of nowhere I felt this overwhelming feeling of love in my chest. It was of being loved and I think of loving myself. It actually made me feel like crying because I’d not been the biggest fan of myself for the last couple of years. After the massage Kate wanted to “ground” me before I got back to the hustle and bustle of London. It just involves lying there for a while, drinking some water, showering and then sitting down with Kate to talk about the experience. Here Kate blew me away again, this time with her intuition. It was like she had read the emotions in my body. It’s been a few days now and these past few days have felt like they have been very healing. Today I chuckled to myself because I was in a situation where just a few days ago I would have been frantically looking for an escape route and it was like I’d forgotten to feel anxious. It felt absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to you Kate, and to Mal for bringing this to London. I really think this is the only thing that work.
I felt a warmth broadcast from my prostate gland, invading the body in a soothing moment of ecstasy that made me shed tears of joy in sorrow. I found my freedom by the living feeling of divine pleasure. Accept it without resistance, it gives way for a more open life with love. I gave my trust to Kate: she opened the door to peace in my own divinity.
How beautifully Kate worked on me and created a safe environment... I could let go and release years of pain and sorrow hidden somewhere deep… that became possible for me only because I felt cared for, I felt respected and safe.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for our session and holding a beautiful space for me to experience and to learn about myself, what's possible! One of my biggest learnings was to use the microcosmic orbit during the session to manage the upward energy waves...and in the meantime, focusing on the breath and feeling the pleasure of the multitude of forces. The learning still stays with me strong sitting here on a sunny winter morning in Sydney. So thank you again, it was really beautiful.
I entered the therapy room and was immediately immersed with a sense of sacred calmness.The space Kate created was done with an extremely high consideration for my comfort and relaxation.Throughout the whole session, her soothing voice allowed me to drop deeper into a state of openness. It was actually like another realm really. Kate sometimes gently informed me of what she was about to do, and at all times I felt great integrity and confidence with her practical and emotional skill, within such an intimate environment. After the session I experienced a tangible increase in my level of energy, and my stuck-ness had dissolved. I would highly recommend her for anybody wishing to remove deeply blocked energies, particularly around the base chakra area. It was very beautiful, thank you

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