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Treats Couples, Women
Treatment Time4-6hrs
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I currently offer Tantric Journey bodywork sessions for women and couples. My aim is to create a safe space in which I help my clients to explore their emotions, past traumas and sexuality without fear or shame. The work I do removes obstacles that are preventing people from feeling pleasure or from leading a fulfilling and rewarding life. Ultimately, a Tantric Journey is a journey home to ourselves. The process can sometimes be painful and difficult, it can also be pleasurable and often beautiful. Unconditional love and acceptance are an essential part of what I give.

When my son was born, my heart cracked open and I began the path that would lead me to Tantric Journey. I realised how powerful are the hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life. I journeyed deep into the feminine and explored what it is to be a woman before coming to the understanding that both the masculine and the feminine must be healed in all of us in order for us to be whole, as individuals and as a society. I am moved by nature and our connection to it, I am passionate about earth care and social justice.

Tantric treatments for women:

My passion is to empower women to strengthen their connection with their sexuality and the forgotten parts of themselves. The female orgasmic response has become shallow and limited for many women due to thousands of years of sexual repression and patriarchal oppression. The menstrual cycle has become a source of pain and discomfort. Female sexuality has become a source of shame.

I help women to heal trauma in a safe, female space and to reclaim their forgotten feminine power. I can advise women on how to expand their orgasmic response to include g-spot and cervical orgasm, to reconnect with their menstrual cycle, to tone and articulate their yoni. This work can assist women at all stages of their life cycle, from Maiden to Mother, through Maga and Crone.

My Tantric Journey consultations and treatments can help women struggling with:

  • low libido
  • limited orgasmic response
  • menstrual problems
  • perimenopause
  • post-menopause
  • preparation for pregnancy
  • recovery from childbirth
  • self-love
  • recovery from trauma
  • depression
  • lack of creativity

Tantric treatments for couples:

Maybe you have lost connection with one another, the relationship has lost its spark. Perhaps she finds it hard to achieve orgasm, or he suffers from premature ejaculation. Or it could be that both of you want to deepen and grow your relationship.

I aim to help couples to reconnect with one another on a deeper level, to understand one another’s bodies and to learn how they can use their relationship as a vehicle for spiritual growth. I offer advice and practical guidance in a safe space to help couples learn to communicate with each other and remove blockages to experiencing pleasure with one another.


Kate is a gifted practitioner. She brings sensitivity, trust and honour to this much needed work. Her sessions have begun to open me up to the intricate depth of feeling held inside of me. I am now on a journey of awakening my sexual energy in a balanced, soulful and honest way. Thank you for restoring the dignity to what the full capacity of being a woman can be, having the courage to stand in this work and for holding me in such a tender and gentle way.
Mandy Adams
Kate was caring, attentive, intuitive, and helped me release a lot of tension in the body. I felt a lot lighter and freer afterwards, would highly recommend her to anyone.
Kate is an amazing healer. She has touched and healed me through her loving care.  I would highly recommend her to every man and woman. Thanks beautiful Kate
Kate is very considerate and has a strong emphasize for the receiver to go deep into this work. She has a great balance of pushing boundaries in a very gentle manner. Her lingam massage is one of the best I had ever experienced. I would highly recommend her to anybody interested in receiving a session!
A truly beautiful experience of Tantric Journey bodywork massage with Kate who was very giving, warm and kind. Her touch was caring, soothing and energising and she held a safe space for me to get in touch with my emotions, sensuality, erotic energy and feminine power.
Kate is a fantastic bodywork therapist and healer, I learnt so much from her, felt powerful energies moving and experienced deep orgasms inside me for the first time!
Anon Teacher & Doula
When it came to the yoni massage Kate was ever so gentle and slow, completely non-intrusive. It felt nurturing.
I found the session with Kate very positive and a fulfilling experience. I am practitioner myself of this work but I learnt so much during this session. I felt my whole body was buzzing, my stomach was feeling lighter and my lingam was vibrating. I felt so much energy in my whole body. Throughout my session, I found Kate to be very loving, gentle and compassionate. Her communication was simple, clear and straight, which is what I love very much. She held the session very well from the beginning till the end. I would love to receive another session from her. Thank you Kate.
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