Area Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Treatment Time4-6 hours

I have a background in NLP and hypnotherapy and I do incorporate some of my learning within the Tantric Journey treatment I offer. However nothing has healed me on such a deep level as my Tantric Journey. I started the training to help others, not realizing to what depth and how fast this treatment works.

As a woman I had issues with my father that created a fear of loss and distrust inside me. Something I have been “trying” to control for years. Through my Tantric Journey I realized this fear had stopped me from ever letting any man deeply inside me physically, emotionally or spiritually. I think many of us, men and women, have a similar fear. It all happens unconsciously. Consciously we are longing for this connection but unconsciously our bodies are keeping us closed so we don’t get hurt. This fear also poured into my relationship with my son, who was struggling with addictions and who I couldn’t help because of my fears. Tantric Journey helped me heal on such a profound level. The male and female energy is so powerful and my healing journey also opened up opportunities that has lead to my sons healing. At the same time my father, who has been distant for most of my life, has connected with me again. By healing ourselves we heal everyone else around us.

Through my journey I have also realized the importance of, as a woman, working with the female energy.  The female/male energy is very powerful, but within the female/female exchange lies different healing opportunities.

This journey has opened my heart so much and made me realize that I’am a true healer. I don’t think I am unique in any way, everyone has the ability to heal. But beliefs that move us away from love and towards fear make it difficult to heal ourselves and others. I believe that love heals everything and with every client I come from a place of pure unconditional love.

I also believe our bodies long to heal and that the universe is constantly sending us healing opportunities. So if you are reading this maybe the universe is telling you that I can help you. Or you might not yet be ready and thats okay too. Just be aware.

My website : www.lisa-grezo.com


Lisa was my practitioner on my first Tantric journey. Her genuine compassion, friendliness and open hearted attitude put me at ease right from the beginning. I have my own issues of anxiety and personal blocks with intimacy that I felt able to safely explore with her. I felt truly cared for and I experienced a level of attention and empathy that benefited me to a deep level. I personally experienced a whole range of emotions that included laughter, vulnerability, heart connection and contemplative moments that I embraced and felt important to realise and experience. I also felt Lisa was extremely proficient with her bodywork technique and professional yet relaxed throughout. She encouraged me to give any feedback were necessary. She created a safe, comfortable environment and she continued to hold the space confidently throughout. On a personal level I found Lisa to be a focused, good humored and an extremely caring and sensitive person with great strength of character and I felt very relaxed and inspired in her company. I could also clearly feel that she is dedicated to her work and has a personal commitment to helping others. Lisa offers a wonderful experience in healing and care that I can only highly recommend.
Rob T
I'm known by a few names the one I'm now known as is Akasha. I've had my own business and own practice in holistic human bodywork  for over 40 years. Which has taken all over the world. I've trained studied with some the very best in India, Japan,  USA, all over Europe also the UK. Had my own students and ran workshops and organised festivals on the mind body and spirit. It's been my life's work. So I feel I'm more than qualified to know when someone has not only a special way of communicating with touch but also being present for others. Lisa has that very  rare quality. I was made to feel respected and I felt I was in the hands of a responsible person who not only knew what they where doing but clear about they where doing it. I felt not only relaxed & comfortable, I also felt safe. She has a very beautiful way of letting you know that she is not only there for her but for you. These are important qualities that I feel are needed by anyone who wants to work in this area with others. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a treatment. For whatever reason. She has a great gift of healing others.  
Lisa has been a god send for me , though her unconditional love she has healed me in ways I could not have imagined. She is intuitive, deeply caring, light-hearted and she really knows what she is doing.  Through her I have found tremendous courage, confidence and a real Zest for life. Thank you Lisa xx
M Patel
I approached Lisa because I have known her for many years and was aware that she has trained in tantric healing. She is the most sincere, honest and genuine person I have ever met. She has been involved with alternative healing for the past 25 years. Lisa is friendly and trustworthy and I have total faith in her abilities as a healer. Lisa is confident and very professional. The treatment room iswarm, relaxing and immaculately clean and newly decorated. All of the equipment is of a high professional standard. Lisa helped me with issues I have had probably all my life, with self-confidence and the inability to relax and share my deepest anxieties. My insecurity has led to frustration which manifested itself in aggressive verbal confrontations with family, friends and even total strangers. I had an inability to say “no”, which created an oppressive workload. The results of my treatment have been fantastic. I feel liberated and energised. My family and friends have commented on the fact that I have a sparkle in my eye once more and that to be honest I am no longer a Jeckle and Hyde character. I found the experience uplifting and left with a new outlook on life. I cannot recommend Lisa more highly, she has changed my life.
Lisa was the most compassionate, loving, caring and understanding Healer one could ever wish for. During the two sessions that I´ve had with her, she opened her arms to me and hugged me into my traumas and my emotional blockages, helping me open, unlock and release them, setting me free... Lisa is a True Guardian Angel, a Light Worker, a Blessing. If you´re  lucky enough to have the Universe send her your way, be sure to open that door and enter into a new chapter of your life experience. Life will never be the same again, and I´m looking forward to our next session to continue in this magical healing process that is this Tantric Journey guided by lovely Lisa. Thank you so much, Lisa, there are not enough words to express my eternal, loving gratitude to your kind heart.

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