Area Chiang Mai, Singapore
Treats Couples, Men, People With Disabilities, Transgender, Women
FeesSG$ 550
Treatment TimeUp to 6 hours
Number+65 8124 9832

Hello! My name is Noel and I thank you for taking the time and effort to look for ways to honor, love and take care of yourself.

Through my life journey, the Akashic Records and Tantric Journey have supported me in discovering my true self and connecting to the Sacred Divinity within. This life changing transformation made me free, full of love and appreciative of life. I feel sad that so few people get to experience something similar and many people are stuck in past trauma, negative experiences or erroneous beliefs ingrained by society and family, preventing them from living their lives fully. In 2017, I dedicated my life’s vocation to helping people with their transformational spiritual journey. Part of this dedication is demonstrated in my becoming a full time Akashic Records Consultant and Certified Tantric Journey Educator.

Life is a journey to learn and unlearn. It never stops. I am continually on the look-out for knowledge and complementary modalities to uncover more of the diamond within myself, so as to be able to share with others. To develop my mind, body and soul, I practice meditation, qigong, yoga, high intensity interval training and dance as well as work with the Akashic Records, shamanic practices, mantras, crystals, sacred geometry, the Mayan calendar and astrology. I treat all of life with respect and compassion. Because of that, in 2016, I changed my carnivorous diet to a vegan plant based diet and have been revitalized with energy and health never experienced before.

I am highly attentive to details and honor each client as my family, friend, lover and teacher. Every bodywork session that I provide is a unique blend of energy, music, aroma and processes customized according to the client’s needs. I combine my knowledge, experience, intuition and guidance from the Akashic Records on how to empathize and work with the client. I channel a customized playlist for optimal vibrational healing. I bring in crystals that wishes to work with the client to help shed negative energy and promote harmonic energy. I use essential oil aromatherapy to improve psychological well-being and use qigong to sense and redirect energies in the body to accomplish balance. I cannot heal my clients. It is about team work. I engage and empower the client in their emotional, energetic, esoteric, mental and physical body so as to facilitate their own healing. Team work makes the dream work!

If any bit of you feels called for us to work together, please do not hesitate to reach out to find out more. I do not know everything, but I know that you can trust me to take care of you.

Please click here to find out more about myself and the other work that I do: www.NoelTuan.com

With much love, light and blessings to you.

Healing and life quality transforming benefits that I received from just one session were priceless. I can clearly see that the benefits of continuous sessions would be cumulative. Noel truly is an embodiment of a Tantra practitioner who transforms the people he touches.
Elena Podrezo
Noel is a gentle and loving soul. I did not realize how shut down my body and my heart were before the session. I was in pain, as traumatic memories were triggered during the session. Noel worked extremely patient with me. He gave his complete undivided attention to me, held space for me, allowing the experiences and inner healing to unfold.
Hong Kong
Thank you for this gift from the heart! The fearful anticipation leading up to the session was necessary to experience. It was a projection of many old stories and beliefs from prior experiences with men including societal and cultural norms, patriarchal structures and sexual assault and harassment. In that sense, the work started before the actual face-to-face experience, in actuality, from the point of consideration to be part of the session. All the uncertainty, hesitation, judgement and doubt that arose were part of the process. It turned out to be a wonderful collaboration between two loving and fearless beings, which resulted in a further unlocking of my heart and the connected physical body. My heart spirals out joyous thanks for the manifestation of this sacred session. I have been asking the last three new moon cycles for opportunities to receive. For the last calendar year, in deep dives towards healing and transmuting personal wounds and shadow and inner child work…the duality revealed the non-duality; the oneness where the personal is the social. As such, I called for new ways for the masculine and feminine to interact and for the masculine to stop holding on to old fears as we will receive them in love as women rise in their power again. So thank you for this wonderful gift of being able to receive from the space and touch of a loving heart! My cells were flooded with relief and happiness at a new way for the divine feminine to be supported and held by a divine masculine energy that was respectful, gentle and flowed naturally. These are the new, sustainable ways for us to move forward together as a species in this current physical reality! I was surprised at how subtle the session was, I had no tears or anger but I experienced so many shifts in my body that I am thankful for. My body felt light, free, unbound, shed of an emotional weight I had been carrying for so long. My womb felt expansive and the energy ribboning like a gentle river. My hip movements right after were so fluid they felt like they were doing figure eights and I felt like I was bouncing and walking on pocketed air springs when I walked! My solar and sacral chakras were having pinpricks of adjustments, like invisible hands were massaging them into divine alignment. Post-session, my heart was glowing and I am still filled with wonder, awe and deep gratitude. <3 <3 <3
Noel has a beautiful soul and when he dedicates his time on his sessions, he puts his full attention and care on his clients. He is an amazing listener that gets his clients, understands their needs, and respects their requests with integrity and love. He is gentle and caring with his touch, very respectful with the body, and is willing to adapt his sessions to his client’s needs, whether this means spending hours talking and sharing, connecting with touch or even just hugging. He is very dedicated and puts great effort into his work. I felt absolutely safe and well taken care of, to the point that I was completely relaxed and surrendered during the massage. I highly recommend Noel’s services to anybody. =) He is a gift.
Elena Roldan
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