The introduction evening was really very good quality. The talk was fascinating and Mal very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. I am really inspired to do the training and get involved in this type of work.
Just back from Module 2, learning absolutely profound Tantric Healing Bodywork, life changing powerful beautiful, challenging and empowering. Highly recommended!!
Really enjoyed the talk on 08/09/2017. You provided a clear overview of tantra with handout.. particularly liked the idea that it is a spiritual practice and how society has made society to think the genital area is something to be hidden away....I am a sexual being!!! Only flaw was that it was not interactive enough to maintain my focus. I found myself nodding off half way through but then perked up at the end with sharing and refreshments. NB I have signed up as a model for students to practice on. I have over years self healed and energy flows right through me. But I am sure there are gremlins hiding and will be found with this practice.
Mal and Kate did a wonderful job holding the space and sharing their knowledge and experience. Despite the many question asked and time taken during the sharing sessions, they managed to finish the curriculum as per the schedule. No matter the situation, they handled it professionally. I acknowledge and respect both of them as my teachers.
Noel Tuan
I was feeling a little apprehensive when I arrived for module two as I am still quite new to this specific approach to healing. When I found out that we were a very small group I was even more worried as there was now no where to hide, so to speak. But it was a very insightful four days, during which I experienced a whole range of emotions, I gave two treatments, one went well which accumulated with my \'peer-client\' releasing, the other was challenging as it was on the last day and I felt too drained to hold an appropriate space, which understandably irritated her. It was though the second one from which I learnt the most. I also received a wonderful treatment during which I experience energy flowing throughout my entire body like I have never felt before. I am going to continue the training as I love Mals work and his loving approach. Despite feeling challenging emotions, I always felt safe and the two assistants were wonderful. I will be back for more, both as a receiver and a fledgling practitioner Yours truly, a satisfied new student.
I was quite apprehensive at first but Mal has a very reassuring manner and made me feel very relaxed and calm. I felt totally safe and protected with Mal and would recommend him highly. I was very emotional at the end of the session and over the next few days but now feel stronger, more positive almost empowered.
I had a 1-2-1 with Mal in June 2017 - I\'ve done lots of personal development to help me develop a positive mind set, have started meditating and have become more and more intrigued about energy flow. I decided to book a Yoni massage as Mal\'s website was very descriptive and I always wondered if I did have any hidden traumas that were holding me back, so saw this as a safe way of exploring them, and overcoming them. The whole experience was a joy. Mal made me feel very safe and secure so that I could be myself and really let go. I felt very aroused very quickly - the touch, the eye contact - and felt my body had gone to a different (higher) level. The Yoni massage itself was a very liberating experience - hugely pleasurable and a huge sense of relief when I ejaculated 4 or 5 times. I felt very restful at the end of the session, and still do, and my Yoni feels much more relaxed and full of energy. I will definitely book another session with Mal as there is more I\'d like to explore. I highly recommend this treatment.
Gill Cheshire
My tantric journy.... As Mal and i became one i healed/cleared myself of a trauma locked in my body dating back 28 years the kind of trauma that inhibits you 2 just simply breathe it was beyond magical and so necessary. TJ Is not 4 everybody it's "far out" for want of a better expression and u know i had the desperation 2 heal. I was so beyond tired of being sick and tired. I have no doubt this was a gift from the Gods. Many thanks Mal eternally in gratitude for you. I'm here breathing into my belly like its nature i never could do that before! You can use any of my words for a review.
My session with Mal was very healing and transforming. I am grateful to be able to heal on such a deep level.
A very profound and emotional experience, thank you for your kindness Mal !
A well-structured session and very professional which reached the objectives.  Mal is walking his talk, easy to connect with and has a lot of integrity.  I trust him and his approach.
I had a one to one session with Mal yesterday and am still processing a lot of what came out of such a powerful healing session. What I can say is that I felt totally safe, respected and valued at all points, Mal held the space for me to unwind and be myself, with love and care and integrity. It was a deeply powerful experience for me and I know I will go back for more help from Mal to further clear my emotional blockages but I can say with all honesty, it was a life changing experience and all for the best and done with such care and compassion. Thank you Mal.
Thank you Mal for this experiance, you showed me more where my path is leading. You gave me good advices, Thank you for the relaxed Atmosphäre. all the best.
I attended a Tantra taster evening and was pleasantly surprised by the exterior of the building as well as the interior. So much effort had gone into making the environment a safe haven where someone can truly relax and get in tune with oneself. The evening was very informative. Mal was a good speaker and held space very well. He had a good depth of understanding on tantra and made learning very simple. It was easy to sit back and know you were in good hands. Listening was a breeze. The lecture itself went into great detail and I gained the impression there a huge deal covered. I rarely had to question what was going on. The Power point slides were laid out in such a superb way. Viewing them was rather straight forward. I had one query at the end which Mal could answer easily and I left knowing that my understanding of tantra had improved. Refreshments provided at the end of the talk made everything I had been listening to throughout the evening that much more digestible (pun intended).
I have been meaning to write to you and have been recommending your courses to many friends. I so thoroughly enjoyed your Tantra Class at Tao Gardens this last December. The great memories and the way you instructed the class along with Kate was so brilliant. So much was conveyed. You both made everyone in the class feel so comfortable. Life enriching experience for so many. Blessings and thank you both
Rich Heart
I have decided from today on wards to begin to make positive changes in my life. With the help of your healing and love I feel empowered to set some goals. I will not feel hopeless, I will allow myself to heal without guilt, I will learn to love myself unconditionally without judgement, I will not smoke, I will eat healthier and go back to my yoga practice, I will do things to make me happy, I will share happiness and unconditional love with others, I will find a job, I will one day travel to Thailand with you to do the course.. I will eternally be grateful to you for taking me on this journey.. Love and light always xxx
Miss A
I have recently lost my mother and this void has led to many other negative emotions coming to surface. I have suffered with depression and consequently lost my job. I got to a place where everything seemed hopeless and this is when I began to research emotional detox and bodywork. I listened to my body and understood that I needed a holistic approach to healing not just a psychological one. For years I have struggled with the religious doctrines that I have been brought up with and continue to be surrounded by. I have always felt that these so called values do nothing but imprison your mind body and soul. But It is only through taking a step on the tantric journey that I am beginning to slowly remove these shackles and free myself from the dogma of religion and culture. Mal has been my guide and he has through his love, kindness, wisdom and natural healing ability allowed me to begin to forgive myself and enable me to start thinking of life in a completely new and positive way. I have after two sessions already seen some positive changes taking place in my thoughts and actions. I wish to continue on this journey of self discovery and awareness and in future would like to help others in my position.
Andrea N
I\'ve had so many takeaways from this workshop, and it was only the Module 1 which lasted two days. So I\'m looking forward to attending Module 2 very much. Mal\'s teaching is straightforward, knowledgeable, patient and nicely paced. He delivers it with love, passion and kindness all of which were tangible. The Temple is very serene and evokes feelings of ease, relaxation and safety. There were other members of his team present and they were all great and added much love and support to the overall setting. Also, accommodation was top notch and there is nothing left for me but to highly recommend this course to anyone who feels drawn to it. I feel love, gratitude and appreciation for being there, and will definitely come back for further work and study because these things are invaluable to anyone on the path of a healer.
Ernest Madunovic
I came to Tantric Journey through my own internet research and in complete desperation. I could not believe that in my late 40s it was the end of my sex life. I have suffered from anxiety as a child and more recently a toxic relationship which I I felt was the real reason for my dryness etc. Instead the doctor gave me HRT, which only aggravated. When I it got to the point that my sexual organs become numb, I had to do something. So although it felt like such a brave and perhaps mad or even dangerous thing to do, I felt like I had no other option available to me. The idea of ridding toxins resonated with me on many levels. I had no idea that this would actually be the start of a sexual revolution for me. It was difficult to open up and I did feel suspicious at times - I only had a web site to go by - but Mal was so grounded and full of honest intent and wisdom, that the trust came bit by bit. I shouldn\'t feel shy to write about it here but after one session, everything does feel different, the skin, the blood flow, my potential and awareness to give and receive love, the sexual energy I give off (apparently). This experience has been completely transformative. It has enabled me to become unstuck. It is incredibly important stuff that needs to be put out there and passed on...
Very interesting and intense training course about how to heal traumas using very specific massage Technics introduced by MASTER MAL. Having myself very deep traumas since my childhood and having seen many professionals without any result ...I highly recommend this tantric journey school.
Hi Mal! Hi dear Kate ! I posted this on our Facebook group page . Not sure you have time to read it , so I am sending you message here. Sending lots of love from New York City!here is the message "Hello dear Shaktis and shivas! I miss you all so so much and I feel like I miss my new loving family. I think I expressed that in my previous comments that no other courses gave me what I got from this course. It was an such an amazing gift- gift of Love and Compassion.... dear Mal and Kate, thank you again for everything and I will be forever grateful for this experience.  
Adelya Terranova
This is one of the most interesting course i experienced It is amazing how the body can carry so much trauma,hidden there and we carry the burden everyday and not enjoying the life as it should be.ive experience myself this powerfull massage techniques and i was fascinated what it come out of my system,shaking,crying,laughting,all part of the healing process This is an ideal course for people that want to learn more about themselves,about theyr sexuality and powerfull techniques that if used accordingly can make a positive powerfull impact in our life Regardless of faith ,gender,colour as human beings we all have something in common and that is to be happy,and if we want to be the best version of ourselves we have to discharge the trauma and move forward in a positive direction ,at ease with body and mind and this tantric course delivers that
Professionality, trust, acceptance - those three words sum up the quality of the training provided by Mal. He is an excellent teacher with an remarkable ability to explain and present, which makes the learning enjoyable and easy. We had a lot of opportunities to practice, as each presentation was followed by a detailed practical massage session. As a trainee, I felt that I was very welcome to ask questions, ask for explanation. The venue is spacious clean and cosy, making the training period a money\'s worth journey in the world of Tantra.
Dear Mal, thank you very mach for your dedication in your mission. I\'m glad that I can become T.Therapist. I highly recommend Mal workshops for all people interested in Emotional Detox & Tao Tantra.
No other workshop has been able to change so much in just a week - and i attend over 100 of them. Complete strangers become brothers and sisters, form almost physical bond and sense of a commitment to transform ( ease ) the lives of others. Mal and lovely Kate showed us how they can transfer love to release the negative emotions we all suffer. Kudos to Mal who transformed the emotional treatment to a mystical dance - transfer of pure, warm love to release the negative emotions of the person beside him. Such a grace, intimacy and the heart full of love. The sessions seemed like a transfer of a divine, healing love. The effect of the workshop will last forever - I guess - to all of us. Every time when i hear the songs of Snatam Kaur or Deva Premal shifts me back among brothers and sisters and I feel secure and loved - as during the sessions we had. Love and respect.
The location of Tao Garden Center is just perfect for this work. So much beauty and amazing trees and plants and so full of Chi. This on it\'s own invites healing and relaxing. I loved the diversity of the group, coming from 16 different nations, different ages (21 till about 70), different backgrounds and coming together with the purpose to release, to expand, to grow, to be of service to each other, to be honest and willing to connect deeply with each other. As I am used to work with energy and spirit I tend to be not so grounded. I also realized that because of some spots of tension in my muscles, energy can\'t move really freely and there is a limitation of embodying spirit all the way through to all levels of my human expression. In my path it is all about not separating spirit and matter anymore but being a living example of a body full of spirit and spirit expressing through an open body. I very much needed to leave my comfort zone to be able to participate fully and this is what I did. Mals open hearted presence and his 20 years of experience made it very easy for me to open up and to expand my capacity to connect deeply with my body, including physical and emotional pain and also with other people in the group. This week definitely brought expansion for me in many areas: I feel much more present in my body, I learned a lot, I found new friends, I have more to offer to my clients.... I am so grateful for everything.
Mal is sweetness and light personified. All my need for kindness and love were well met.  I was treated like the only person in the world who mattered during our time together. This recharged a very empty battery. Miracles do happen in real life. Meeting Mal has been that for me. Would love  to train as a TJ Temple healer myself. Will  be praying for  grace, strength, love, wisdom, good luck, gratitude and whatever else it takes to stay in the light.
I am so greatful to know about the amazing mission of Mal.He was so kind that I\'m thinking to became an T.Therapist as well, so we can make more people free of anger, frustration and sadness. I really enjoyed my experience with Mal and I highly reccomend!! Thank you Mal!!!
Josie D
Thank you so much Mal. Had the most amazing weekend learning about the emotional detox journey. I know the universe has brought me to you to continue my healing journey and share it with others
Mal led us with sensitivity, humour and deep personal knowledge to offer the gift of yoni massage and receive the healing of prostrate massage in a cubicle of unconditional love. At the end of a week, a bevy of strangers made such loving and supportive connections We were all changed, enlarged and nourished. Tantric journey is a profound way to both give and receive healing on a bedrock of the strongest power in the universe- love.
Mal is amazing. After much experience, he has developed this art of touch. Sometimes soft as feather and other times hard and determined to release emotions. I like him, simple person with a smile. He’s always got lots of patience to hear you and will find a reply. The temple or place of therapy is beautiful and full of art, paintings and sculptures. Underfloor heating, advanced lightning, so you’ll feel welcome for sure.
Mal is a genuine, calming vessel of the universe. He has a confident reassuring and professional way of seeing right to the heart of a person and making them give over their vulnerability, fear and pain to him. The session was six hours and could have been longer if only I had not blocked myself from continuing. It is a journey to let go.  Mal was kind, reassuring and completely focused on my surrendering myself to the process of healing. I highly recommend Tantric Journey and Mal to help you connect yourself to the positive feelings laying deep inside your soul.
'I first met Mal over 12 years ago and was blown away by his sessions, which inspired great shifts both in my personal life and also my work as a healing teacher and therapist. I recently retrained with him in Thailand and London, and again, my life was transformed. Mal has created a therapy and teaching structure which works on so many levels. The satisfaction and gratitude I experience from sharing this journey with clients is beyond words, it truly is my life's purpose.'
Kim Nirjhara
Tantric Journey Week in London, 3 -10thSeptember 2016 ‘Tantric days’ of September in London took place in excellent conditions. Mal and his assistant Kate welcomed us at the appointed hour in a house of 3 levels: the temple in the basement, level 1 with 2 bedrooms, a large terrace a kitchen and two bathrooms with toilets. And a laundry room was available for washing massage attire. During these days practical demonstrations were displayed and each of us had planned meals for free in common during the break times in the afternoon and evening after the massages. We managed by ourselves for a week under the care of kind and generous Kate. The Emotional Detox through Bodywork care program was prepared as follows: 2 treatments per day for 6 days each and a break during the week. Each treatment was preceded by a reception with a questionnaire and release form completed by the model for the massage. Then we invited the models to take a shower and wear a paréro and come together to participate in a session of Kundalini Yoga for 15 minutes which was followed by pranayama of 5 minutes. Afterwards all Tantra Teacher trainees would perform their massage in their space. The massage entailed connection through touch of face to face massage. All treatments were followed by debriefing by Mal and Kate. This ‘Tantric days’ was a week of great joy, professionalism attention detailed by Mal. He accompanied us when needed and also left us free to our learning. The Temple is sincerely dedicated to women; their body is the Temple. All the women I massaged were beautiful and their joy was ready to be shared. In all honesty I only began to discover the woman’s Temple at this workshop. Thank you for trusting me that I am capable of this work. Thanks to Kate for her presenceand thedream team of Tantric Journey Certified Tantra Teacher Course Training. And also much thanks for he motivational training for our enthusiasm, our individuality, our assistance and mutual support. We were always accompanied often with loud laughter, good listeners and supportive care. A few days ago I decided in the coming week to complete my 20 case studies that I had already pursued in France. Mal and Kate are the "Masters and Johnson" modern care and they love Tantra. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you. Philippe 18th September2016   =========================================================== Les journées tantriques de septembre à Londres se sont déroulées dans d'excellentes conditions. Kate et Mal nous ont accueillie à l'heure dite dans une maison à 3 niveaux : le temple en sous-sol, le niveau 1 avec 2 chambres, une grande terrasse une cuisine aménagée et deux salles de bain avec WC. Une buandrie est à disposition pour laver le linge de massage qui est très conséquent. Les informations pratiques étaient affichées et chacun avait prévu la nourriture pour des repas libres en commun sur les temps de pause de l'après-midi et du soir après les soins. Nous nous sommes auto gérés durant une semaine sous le regard attentif et participatif de Kate, la bienveillante. Le programme de soins était prêt : 2 soins par jour sur 6 jours et un break chacun durant la semaine. Chaque soin est précédé d'un accueil avec un questionnaire et une décharge de responsabilité à remplir par le modèle. Ensuite nous les invitons à prendre une douche, à porter un paréro et à venir ensemble participer à une session de Kundalini Yoga de 15 minutes, suivi d'un pranayama de 5 minutes. Ensuite chacun va faire son massage dans son espace : connection ; toucher face à face puis massage.   Tous les soins sont suivis de débriefing avec Mal et Kate. Cette semaine fut une semaine de grande joie, de professionnalisme avec une attention de tous les jours par Mal qui nous a accompagné et laissé libre dans notre apprentissage. Le Temple est vraiment dédié aux femmes ; leur corps est le Temple. Toutes les femmes que j'ai massées sont des femmes magnifiques d'attente d'amour et de plaisir acceptant leur douleur avec grande dignité, recevant leur joie avec ferveur, prêtes à partagées. En vérité, j'ai commencé là à découvrir le Temple des femmes. Merci à Mal de m'avoir fait confiance, à Kate pour sa présence, à l'équipe de rêve d'éducateur tantric de santé et d'éveil en formation pour notre enthousiasme, notre solidarité, notre aide et soutien réciproque, souvent avec de grands éclats de rire, toujours à l'écoute et bienveillant. Je pense revenir 2 ou 3 jours durant une prochaine semaine pour compléter mes 20 études de cas que je poursuis déjà également en France. Mal et Kate sont les "Master et Johnson" du Trantra moderne de soins et d'amour. Merci de vous avoir rencontré. Philippe Le 18 septembre 2016
1. Thanks for providing a safe space for me to experience and express my sexuality. As I'd shared before, I've never quite felt completely safe or confident when experiencing physical intimacy with a man, so this was a fresh start and a healing experience. There's certainly some way to go for me to gain confidence in expressing myself or asking for what I need. But this was a good start. 2. I appreciated the loving support and gentle reassurances you provided right through. Each of them was very much appreciated as they enabled me to experience my needs and desires with a bit more confidence and awareness. I feel somewhat liberated and grateful. 3. I didn't experience anger, remembered trauma or pain much through the session. Except at the end where I felt I was throwing away some demons from my marriage. That felt good. There was relief and some tears because of it. 4. In the last 2 days, I felt some sadness, frustration and yearning. I want to experience satisfying physical / sexual relations with a man and I hope to get there soon. But I'm now also aware that I need to select a sensitive and giving partner who can help me in the healing process. Not one who is only interested in the sexual act and his own satisfaction. Thanks, Mal. Look forward to see you soon. Warm regards, Maggy
Maggy T
It has been an astounding discovery for me about the potential of the human body and the therapeutic dimension of this massage at the body workshop. It takes the presence of practice, feel and company blending energy polarities in order to continue learning from yourself.  For me - it is continuing to explore and to achieve a deeper sense of joy. Thank you to Mal and Kate for sharing this experience. I had practiced a few wellness massages and received many Ayurvedic massages. Firstly I enrolled at this emotional detox training to discover something new and also to accompany my husband (Ayurvedic practitioner). I did not know exactly to what to expect at the program and also what to expect in the sense of practice not knowing what sort of feelings await me. Moreover I have not mastered the English language (understanding different accents) as the workshop required you to be integrated into a group and I thought my lack of English experience would become a hindrance – but surprisingly it did not. The program is proposed by Mal and accompanied by his assistant Kate was both gradual and sustained and allowed confidence building. I have deep respect for what he is and for what he can give his time to work and grow on in this environment. Also the group and its dynamics were comforting and the most ideal to make me feel that I fitted in. The first day was to help understand Emotional Detox through Bodywork that was followed by a live demonstration with appropriate techniques and movements! I always had a psychological approach to emotions (training, therapy), I always imagined how emotions can enroll in cells, nesting in and bursting like a Pandora's box. I received a massage for several hours by one of the participants. During the massage my energy floated and circulated throughout my entire body and in the pelvic area as a fireball that was expressed in different ways. The presence of this energetic fireball was both a great presence and a quasi-state of trance. I have never felt so much energy circulating in my body and around my body. I learnt as a receiver, I was able to relive emotions such as sadness, joy, anger and bring them out while receiving a Yoni massage. At the end of the massage, I felt both exhausted and an energetic transformation: I had totally let go and relapsed to feeling liberated. As a donor, the approach of communication through touch: to look, feel unconditional love and accept the other as he is with his fears and worries – I was transitioned into another dimension and learned patience and slowness and to be available to the other. This also refers to limits and what works in order to be fully available to the other. Thank you to Mal and Kate for sharing this beautiful experience!   ================================================== J’avais pratiqué quelques massages de bien-être et reçu beaucoup de massages ayurvédiques. Je me suis inscrite à la formation détox d’une part pour découvrir et d’autre part pour accompagner mon mari (praticien ayurvédique). Je ne savais pas exactement à quoi je m’attendais, le programme est une chose, la pratique et le ressenti une autre. De plus, je ne maitrise pas totalement la langue anglaise (compréhension des accents différents)  et s’intégrer dans un groupe, pas si simple ! I had practiced a few massages wellness and received many Ayurvedic massages. I enrolled at the detox training firstly to discover and also to accompany my husband (Ayurvedic practitioner). I did not know exactly to what I expected, the program is one thing, practice and feeling another. Moreover, I do not totally mastered the English language (understanding different accents) and integrate into a group, not so easy! Le programme proposé par Mal, accompagné de Kate son assistante fut à la fois  progressive et soutenu et permet  une mise en confiance. Un profond respect de chacun dans ce qu’il est et ce qu’il peut donner à ce moment-là a permis de travailler et progresser dans cette ambiance. Le groupe et sa dynamique était également porteur. Les supports des premières journées aident à la compréhension et les démonstrations  vivantes à s’approprier techniques  et mouvements. The program proposed by Mal, accompanied by his assistant Kate was both gradual and sustained and allows confidence building. A deep respect for everyone in what he is and what he can give the time allowed to work and grow in this environment. The group and its dynamics was also carrying. The supports of the first days to help understanding and live demonstrations to appropriate techniques and movements.! J’avais une approche psychologique des émotions (formation, thérapie), je n’imaginais à quel point les émotions peuvent s’inscrire dans les cellules, se nicher et éclater telle une boite de Pandore. J’ai reçu un massage de plusieurs heures par un des participants. L’énergie flottait et circulait dans tout le corps et dans la zone pelvienne telle une boule de feu qui s’est exprimé de différentes manières. A la fois dans  une grande présence et un état quasi de transe, je n’ai jamais ressenti autant d’énergie circuler dans le corps et autour du corps. I had a psychological approach to emotions (training, therapy), I imagined how emotions can enroll in cells, nesting and burst like a Pandora's box. I received a massage several hours by one of the participants. Energy floated and circulated throughout the body and in the pelvic area as a fireball that was expressed in different ways. In both a great presence and a quasi state of trance, I have never felt so much energy circulating in the body and around the body.   En tant que receveur, j’ai pu revivre des émotions telles que la tristesse, la joie, la colère et les faire ressortir en recevant le massage du yoni. Au sortir du massage, j’avais une sensation à la fois d’épuisement et de transformation de l’énergie : j’avais lâché, voire régressé pour me sentir libérée. En tant que donneur, l’approche de la communication par le toucher : se regarder, se sentir, ressentir de l’amour inconditionnel, accepter l’autre tel qu’il est avec ses peurs, ses inquiétudes m’ont ouvert une autre dimension et appris la patience et la lenteur pour être disponible à l’autre. Ca renvoie également à ses limites et a ce qui est à travailler pour être totalement disponible à l’autre. As a receiver, I could relive emotions such as sadness, joy, anger and bring out receiving massage yoni. At the end of the massage, I had a feeling both exhausted and transformation of energy: I let go or even regressed to feel liberated. As a donor, the approach of communication through touch: to look, feel, feel unconditional love, accept the other as he is with his fears, worries me open another dimension and learned patience and slowness to be available to the other. It also refers to its limits and what is working to be fully available to the other.   Pour moi, c’est une découverte balbutiante des possibles du corps humain et de la dimension thérapeutique de ce massage à travers le body workshop. Il faut pratiquer, sentir, accompagner, être en présence, jouer de ses polarités énergétiques et continuer à apprendre de soi-même. Pour moi-même  c’est continuer à explorer  pour atteindre une joie plus profonde. Merci à Mal et Kate pour ce partage.        
For any woman in London who is looking for this kind of deep healing work, Mal is the safest, most dedicated, trustworthy, loving and knowledgeable practitioner out there. His life's work has been to serve and liberate women from trauma and emotional/physical blocks, and you feel that. I recommend this work with Mal to any woman feeling 'stuck' - in her life, her sexuality, or her emotional patterns.
I met Mal twice, I trusted him since the first time, there was an immediate heart connection with him, I can't see the time to attend the course next month of May.
United Kingdom
Great introductory talk on the Tantric Journey. Good mix of scientific evidence, experience, video demonstrations. Felt in a safe environment, which removed some prejudices that I had before attending. Highly recommended to better understand the opportunity for healing ahead of us. Thank you Mal
Meeting Mal in Thailand in Tao Garden, I had an amazing experience, performed through Mal. He is a loving and kind Divine Man and carries so much knowledge. His healing power assists many people and I am grateful to be his friend. I highly recommend him, who is seeking for healing. Thank you Mal. ELKE
Elke Neubeck
Grandmaster Chia, We met last June in New York City when I took the first two of your courses. I was the vision-impaired woman with dark glasses who sat in the first row and asked you about the "hole" in my back. I subsequently did a cycle of CNT with Sharon Smith -- who was excellent! And I have been working with a senior student of Master Robert Peng for medical qigong to, among other things, help eliminate blockages in my lower dantian. Continuing in that vein, when I was in London last week, I had a session with Mal Weeraratne. I originally found Mal through your website and wanted to share something of my time with him. This was my first tantric/yoni massage and I can't imagine anyone better to have experienced this with. I was fairly relaxed about it beforehand but Mal put me immediately at ease. He was patient and kind; beautifully intimate without being sexual. A true expert with his chosen skills! And always very professional and appropriate. We didn't quite achieve my objective however we made very substantial progress. I very much look forward to continuing my work with Mal the next time I am in London. And, of course, I will highly recommend him to any prospective client. You are indeed very fortunate to have this very special man as an instructor at The Tao Garden. I just wanted you to know about my experience and I hope that you find this feedback helpful. with great respect and kind regards, Ellen Maddock
Dr Ellen Maddock
Dear Mal, I am slowly recovering from this profound transformation. Recovery might seem the wrong word as there is no going back. For sure, I am going through moments of profound guilt and suspicion, only revealing how clenched my whole being was. But the ripples of joy and pleasure are there too. Thank you for holding this space for me in my agony and connect to me on such a deep level. I finally understood that unconditional love is just this, unconditional, as painful as this insight was. It is still a long journey for me and a lot of letting go still has to happen. I am on my spiritual path, and this teaching is part of it, even if the consequences might seem scary sometimes. Can we schedule another session for next month or do you recommend one earlier or later? Thank you, Suki
Went to the Intro evening and found it fascinating and very informative. Now hungry for more! Well worth going
I would like to thank Mal for sharing his vast knowledge. I was really impressed by his understanding of human anatomy and emotions as well as the scientific research that underpins his techniques. He has an extraordinary calm, peaceful and loving approach to everyone and everything. It will be a honour to continue spreading his knowledge and helping others finding inner peace and happiness. Rohan
United Kingdom
Well, it was a very comprehensive experience for me. Through practice, we learned useful, powerful and advanced techniques with deep meaning and beneficial effects. Emotional detox by Mal I find as one of the strongest ways how effectively look after our health - physical and emotional. Mal also paid close attention to our feelings and wellbeing and we created nice and safe space for our healing, learning and for building our awareness. On top of that and even though I had a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend before I attended the Teacher Training Course, after completing it, our relationship went to a higher level of conscious mutuality and my Joni feels even more alive and able to feel and hold more pleasures.
I take this opportunity to thank mal for conducting great teacher training programme. I met so many teachers during my journey but I was really impressed by mal s knowledge, especially emotional release through Tao and body deeply honored and humble to get citified as a one of the fist tantric educator under great teacher like mal. I highly recommended teacher training programme. Mal has empathy, unconditional positive regard most importantly he has love for everyone.
United Kingdom
I just wanted to write a few lines to encourage people to take part in the T-Journey Tantric Educator training. I'm eight days through the ten day training (spread over some months) and its been amazing so far... You can choose to do the entire course, or just take the introductory workshops. I had no idea a year ago that I would be taking part in this training. I come from a quite ascetic yoga background, and not involved in tantra at all until recently. It happened through becoming a client of Mal and receiving much healing, which activated a strong motivation to learn to help people in a similar way. He has studied with many leading tantra teachers (see Mal's bio) and combined their tools with his own unique approach to support people whose personal lives are affected by trauma and other difficulties. During the training we keep coming back to being present, and transmitting love through the giving and receiving of the tantric healing bodywork – a constant meditation. What practice could be more 'spiritual' than this? The focus is always on a pure loving healing intention. Sometimes it's been amazingly enjoyable, other times past trauma has come up. There was space to explore and hold this – a necessary part of the training journey. Becoming a Tantric Educator no longer seems like a radical way to support people. I wish this healing modality was mainstream and much more accessible to people from all walks of life, so they can open fully to the life-force within them and have happy, fulfilling relationships. If nothing else, you will become a more sensitive and skilled lover. Thank you Mal for sharing your journey, skills and love xx
United Kingdom
Dear Mal Thanks for your mail. I came home save and processed more during the weekend. I was so much in contact with it. It felt as ongoing healing. And it all went by itself. I was just a silent witness. After our last 4 days of the Tantric Journey  Teacher  Training Course everything fell at its place in my body. I feel so empowered. Now in daily life I feel a great transformation in how I encounter life. Life flows through me and my body feels as an empty vessel. I feel so open from the inside, so much in contact with myself that almost nothing distracts me from that. I feel so grateful. My yoni and pelvic area feel so spacious and healed. Words can hardly express how this all feels. But its amazing. I feel so much gratitude. Thanks again Mal for your patience, your dedication to this work, your loving kindness, your knowledge and all you shared with me. I already was a happy woman. Now I am an orgiastic power woman. Corine (Dakini)
Corine Lavrijssen
United Kingdom
Hi Mal, Happy New Year! Just want to let you know I am still processing deep layers of emotions, sensations after talking, seeing you. After the sessions I’ve had before with you I went home in bliss. Now it’s a time to heal deeper issues apparently. I can see I was naïf to assume you had “only” special connection with me. Of course it’s your passion to open up all women with your love and skills, which is very wonderful. I will grow and learn from the illusion I’ve had created. I am still lounging to find a sacred relationship though; which starts with the relationship I’ve with myself like you said. Thanks very much for showing me the way, Mal. So very precious. Wishing you a wonderful time in Thailand. Lots of love, Nicolly
Nicolly Doyle
United Kingdom
it was amazing, transformational, cathartic... Experience that impossible to describe... It needs to be felt in order to be understood... I highly recommend Mal and his sessions to anybody who wants to explore what their body is capable of...
During the first session,  I was aware of such deep breathing - so unbelievably controlled and slow - this was at the height of the pleasure. After the session - I sank into that feeling of comfort, which took me to a level of calmness I have never known before. There was no crying during this first session which surprised me, which I think was to do with the fact that my emotions had been so suppressed. I felt anger at the pain - lower shins very painful and lower back. I was amazed at the panting and different types of breathing that came from nowhere - where? And my fingers tingled like pins and needles - which Mal explained was the energy. I know that during the last few years I have become worse at dealing with stress and it has manifested itself in extreme tiredness. The second session I dared to be different and I feel empowered through making that choice. It was a struggle to make the decision to go - a tussle between my old and highly conditioned existence and a strong urge and pull towards a new way. It’s like an awakening deep from the very core of my body, mind and spirit.  It is such a profound experience. Now, after two sessions, I have never felt closer to my husband whom I adore and we have been freer with our bodies and lovemaking than ever before. I feel that if anything were to happen to me now I could leave as a complete woman - which I was not before. It is just so refreshing to have the absolute freedom to be so completely honest with Mal knowing whatever I say will be received without judgement.
d. Sharon
United Kingdom
This session was my second one with Mal. I found myself hesitating at first, nervous, wondering if I should cancel, all sorts of excuses kept coming into my head! But I didn't and I am more than glad not to have done so. We explored intimacy. Such a gentle experience. Mal made me feel safe and cared for, giving all of himself in a most heartful way. There were cuddles and laughter. Something I had not experienced in my marriage. There was another level to the whole experience, not just this physical level, but one above, full of gold and wonder. Gold in my third eye, gold vibration up my spine. I came away shining with a certain joy and playfullness in my being which has stayed with me three months later. I look forward to my next session in about 6 months time. Thank you Mal.
Mal is the presence that holds a woman in her being, he is calm, caring, and creates such a healing space for a woman to explore her Self. I have never experienced what I experienced with Mal in my life. with his deep yet subtle touch i surrendered utterly and completely, unfurling from the depths of my soul. The teacher had arrived, guiding me, soothing me, inviting me to go deeper and I felt safe, immense love and profound healing that as I opened, I trusted Mal implicity and the taste of the amrita, the nectar permeated me as I became more whole. My whole body was ecstatic, I had finally given myself the permission to receive pleasure as medicine. As a yogini i\'ve been practicing and teaching feminine tantra practices, yet Mal held the space, in his masculine presence for my feminine nature to utterly unfurl, blossom and awaken. Meeting Mal was like meeting the Divine, where he guided me into a space where the Divine merged and married and dance of ShivaShakti within me blossomed. For days after my treatment my body rippled with awakening and the wheels are in motion for taking Mal Training. Ladies, if you are seeking something more, yearning to get deep within your body, receive, open and expand to feel more intimacy with yourself then trust me, Mal with initiate you into a realm you potential have never experienced. I am utterly grateful to Mal, for his part in my own spiritual evolution. with deep love, respect and gratitude, I bow Thank you Mal
Yogini M
I have had three 1 to 1 sessions with Mal so far and can recommend him very highly. He is professional, thoroughly correct and is clearly very passionate about his work.
When a friend recommended last year that I have a session Mal, I thought I'd just go once and that'd be it. However, I've begun a journey that I could never have imagined. The safe and loving healing space that Mal offers is helping to take away layers of emotional and physical 'armour' which had kept me alone for long periods of time, and not able to open deeply to relationship with men. After a recent session I realised that I'd spent years developing my career as an excuse not to face past trauma, hoping that it would somehow go away. I've been really moved to learn that about 70% of women are affected by physical/emotional issues (in my case, experiences from childhood and serious illness as an adult) which prevent them from experiencing deep intimacy and love from men. I highly recommend going to one of Mal's talks to learn more about this, including scientific evidence about how we store trauma in the body, and how his practical bodywork approach can be so much more effective than talking therapies. Tantra, in it's truest form, is about giving and receiving unconditional love, and clearing the energy centres (chakras) in the body to awaken our spiritual essence and vital lifeforce. My body is starting to come alive again through the sessions with Mal, and it's something I would wish all women to experience - to be in the beautiful sacred fullness of their sexuality, and be comfortable with that.
A wonderful experience highly recommended. mal is a very experienced caring professional. Excellent at his job. I went in feeling very stressed. Having this massage has lifted my mood. I felt very relaxed in his company and am looking forward to my next session...time went to quickly.
Mal is a very professional and extremely talented therapist. He immediately makes you feel relaxed and at ease and you can sense his love for his work and fellow humans pouring from his heart. His talents need to be known and experienced throughout the world! This session was easily one of the best experiences of my life.. it was totally amazing. Mal created a safe place and stayed present with me through releasing many 'negative' emotions that must have been blocked and stuck in my body for many years. At other times it was intensely pleasurable. On top of that Mal is an extraordinary masseur. Mal is someone everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime!
With coming to tantric Journey, I was a bit apprehensive. Over the years I have built up problems with my sexuality but never quite knowing where to pinpoint the cause of the problem. It was all mixed up in guilt, shame,pain, loss and a hate in myself. Whilst going though the session, Mal is very giving, guiding you through whilst giving you the feeling that you are in control. Also to add to that he gives very good advice. After each session, I feel a better connection with myself. Especially after the second session, I have never felt so free in my life. He has helped me to understand that to accept my sexuality, I have to learn to accept myself. Through Mal, you will have someone you can trust to lead you to a place of peace.
I felt very light energetically afterwards but by 10pm I was completely drained. Tuesday morning I woke up with quit a lot of negative feelings about the session. I felt foolish for paying a ridiculous amount of money (for me) to let a man who is much older than me and I am not attracted to touch me, and it didn't bring the results I hoped for. It didn't help that both my friends I was staying with ejaculate regularly without even thinking about needing a tantric massage to help them, so that made me feel even more foolish and even less capable. I am also premenstrual so the usual sensitivity, self-doubts and self-criticisms that come with that were amplified. Today most of the negativity has cleared and I trust that there is a reason why I had to do it. I try to follow my intuition and I can't beat myself up over the outcome of that. It was definitely a new experience and I am sure it has had all kinds of effects I am not yet conscious off. My friend made me feel better by mentioning that maybe the session prepared me for better experiences next time I make love to someone. I trust that. It can't have done nothing to me. I also believe that in the end every experience is a projection of my own mind which makes me curious about why my mind chose this experience. I trust you don't take any of this personally. As far as I can tell you did your job skillfully, professionally and with full commitment. It is just a very strange set-up and I think I might prefer to grow sexually with someone I have a strong connection with through practicing tantric/taoist lovemaking and growing together. Instead of this one-way treatment that I pay someone for. Money is a weird thing - it changes things even when I don't want it to! Thank you for the experience, I am sure it is one small step on a longer journey. With love, Sue
I embarked upon the Tantric Journey over a year ago with the goal of getting in touch with my true and authentic self. I had been dealing with many challenging circumstances and responsibilities over a prolonged period of time - and being stuck in my head, I sought refuge in my professional persona, which unfortunately rendered me completely unaware of who I really was, deep down. I had read that this journey could also afford me some much needed guidance to re-discover my sexual identity by improving my self-awareness and skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy. Mal is an archetype of the wise sage, flowing with knowledge, proficiency and gentleness when he takes women like me - on a safe, yet challenging journey of healing. He provides a safe, comfortable & holistic atmosphere for women to explore sexual issues without judgment or fear. He effortlessly goes beyond talk therapy and into the hands-on realm of intimacy-interaction. It takes a dedicated individual like Mal to stand in his masculine essence before me, because I am very private and I do not trust easily. During the initial session, I don't think I allowed myself to feel; I was totally nervous and numb, because old beliefs and patterns were showing up. Yet Mal, owing to the uncanny ability to sense his client’s innate needs, was clear in his approach to respectfully begin to empty my body of the stagnant negative energy that was causing all sorts of sensual challenges for me. I left after the first session already knowing that I needed to go back, to discover what I did not know and even more. My journey has been slow owing to my disrupted focus from being amidst a trial separation. I had become overwhelmed by experiences of abandonment, betrayal and fear which underpinned my stress, insomnia, body image issues, lost intimacy and frustration. Learning to trust again and be open is extremely challenging. Mal has done what he can to help me move through my feelings of sadness about my relationship issues even as I rediscover my own buried feelings of sexuality and embrace the true definition of what self-love, sexuality and eroticism really is. But Mal is also tenacious - not letting my ego get away with anything, and making me hold myself accountable to all the parts of me that needed nurturing. The energy flow created by his leadership and facilitation is inspiring and enriching. Some of the treatment sessions so far have moved me into a state of deep relaxation and heart opening bliss; but overall these treatment sessions have been a great lesson of surrender and humility. Another valuable insight from these treatment sessions as well as the overall Tantric journey is that of intent, which in my view determines sexual meaning; both to ourselves as women and to those with whom we engage intimately. Indeed, for me the most potentially moving experience within these treatment sessions is derived from a willingness to interact honestly. When I am open, attracted and sincere, I have the most to give and to receive. It did however take some time for me to realise that I could be safe in the expression of my sexual energy and in the vulnerability of ecstasy. These sessions have also opened me to a deeper willingness to do the personal work that is required to increase my energy and life force through a consistent practice of undergoing regular physical and emotional detox sessions. I have since explored various ways to improve my meditation practice through breath work, Ayurvedic food detox sessions and sound healing sessions. In addition, reading relevant books (viz. Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia and Sexual Secrets - The Alchemy of Ecstasy by authors Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger) further helped dispel my earlier scepticism that was rooted in an incomplete understanding of Tantra & Taoism. With patience and determination in continuing these sessions, I am learning the ropes of sensate focus exercises which helps me reconnect with the lost sensual part of myself and it has enabled me to risk dropping out of my head so I could actually experience how my feelings affected my physical body through a simple touch. I have now recognized my own body’s limitations and abilities and feel more flexible as I gradually learn to re-connect with my body; to let go and relax deeply and also to experience pleasure that energizes and lasts for days afterwards. Being unaware that my body was capable of becoming so alive and sensitive, it came as welcomed surprise when my energy was first raised and felt, as it is like electricity running all over me. Of equal importance was my relief to realize that I am not ‘broken’ in an area that, for a woman, should be nurtured and loved. I'm beginning to feel a lot more settled, calmer and less subjugated and I've steadily become more content by just being in stillness with myself as I attain a new, higher level of clarity in my daily life. I am more honest with myself and I'm braving deeper generosity in my interactions with others - in being seen and seeing with compassion - which in turn, has led to my natural spontaneity that was previously repressed. Even as I go through this slow personal transformation process - I still experience a lot of my unconscious tendencies and, from time to time, I do struggle to see the positive in myself but I am being patiently guided towards that goal of self acceptance and self love. This on-going discovery of both positive and negative aspects of my true self gives me enormous courage and inspiration to become a better version of myself and to step into my feminine power more. It shapes my inner permission to feel safe and free in a way that not only serves me to share the gifts of my heart but also allows me to consciously open and close myself, as I choose. For those that can work up the courage to embark upon the Tantric Journey, it is totally normal to feel some level of trepidation when opening up a very important and sacred part of your being. However rest assured that a marked feeling of freedom, increased energy, self confidence and self-esteem is most likely to be experienced, either immediately or gradually in order to live more fully within one’s own body as a whole, integrated, sexually-empowered being.
Mal is an amazing healer. He has great knowledge and skills to release the body from past trauma. If you have any chance to meet him go to Rasayana. for his master class. Being in his Dakini training in London has given me great insight about de-armouring the body and how to free the body from what's keeping us from living an empowered life. Mal himself is loving kindness and has an amazing passion in his work as a tantric healer. Its a joy to work with him.
Corine Lavrijssen
thank you Mal for your beautiful generous caring, kindness and passion - all rolled into one during my recent visit! i feel your love and light in the sessions, it coaxes me into safe space, towards trust. all of my Being longs to come fully into love, Oneness with all that is, including opening fully to the masculine. such healing energy in the intimate loving touch, and beautiful (meta)physical sensations that this body never experienced before, giving and receiving... i've just started a profound new learning journey. since the last session i'm feeling more gentle towards the fear that's been blocking intimacy in my body, allowing time and space for it to be heard and felt.. a lot's been moving in my 3rd chakra - deep breaths needed, permission to feel and accept what i find there. it's all okay, it just wants to come into wholeness - i'm learning to communicate better about it, including things that can feel difficult. i'm making a big step towards meeting that now in August. life's short, so i'm just going for it..!! :) love to you Mal, and see you soon. safe travels xxx
From the beginning I felt in a safe and sacred space, which put me at ease for the session. It was the first time I'd explored tantric bodywork, but Mal's work had been highly recommended by a friend. The emphasis on love and healing, as well as pleasure, was what made the difference for me, having looked at other tantric offerings out there. I felt fully held and honoured in my journey during the session, and much was received. Mal creates a priceless space for women to explore their sexuality deeper with integrity and love. Thank you
This was my first experience with tantric massage and I have to confess that I was somewhat apprehesive.I have been divorced for over 10 years and have not had sexual contact since that time. But there was nothing to worry about. The space itself was warm and comforting and Mal was gentle and wise. It was as though he was listening to the energy. I felt totally safe and shall be continuing my journey with more sessions. Thank you Mal.
Had my 3rd session yesterday with Mal. I allowed myself to enjoy pleasure in ways that I never thought possible for me as layers of my old self were peeled away layer by layer. The session lasted 6 hours. Mal does not watch the clock for sure. At one point i was thinking this poor man must be exhausted surely; but oh no he just gives and gives himself fully. Such is the wonderful gift in Mal. 1st session felt like i was hit by a Tsunami as intense emotions of fear overwhelmed me. Thankfully Mal was at hand to assure me that this was part of the healing process. 2nd session was less intense. I am still in disbelief of the progress that I have made. I'm a brand new person. It feels like after living 42 years of my entire life in darkness, I finally get to see the light. Words cannot describe the beautiful transformation that has transpired in me. To think that I'm only just at the beginning of this journey. I feel so blessed and lucky to have met this wonderful man who possesses such pure love, kindness, gentleness and the ability to give a woman the most precious gift of all "her inner GODESS". Mal, you have made me feel so safe and beautiful in ways that I have never felt my entire life. I am now able to relax and just be in the knowledge that i am safe always and in good hands. I'm truly grateful for your special gift. I highly recommend Mal to any one out there looking for healing or spiritual growth.
United Kingdom
A deep and heartfelt experience - one of the things I am glad I said yes to in my life. It was a challenge, but afterwards it made me feel so much better. I already felt a better response on male partner and people in generel regarding intimacy after the session. Things that only have been accessible to me in a logially understandable way, came through in emotions and were released... Mal is a very intuitive and compassionate person with big heart. I really appreciate the way he took care of releasing my emotions. I look forward to a new session later. Thank you!
In February I took the weekend Tantra Class at Tantric Journey and I learned so much that I decided to take the 10 day Teacher Training Course with Mal. I'm really glad that I did. A whole new world of possibilities opened up for me while taking the course. Mal was very kind, caring and loving throughout the course and I felt very comfortable to open up emotionally and physically as well. I'm very excited about starting my new practice and teach others about the ways of Tantra. Thank you, Shekina Ray
Shekina Ray
United Kingdom
Completing Soon 12 Years Of Studies Completing soon 12 years of studies and clinical practice with the use of natural medicine modalities,some of them recognised in the medical international scientific community I can testify the honesty of Mal`s work, his seriousness and with a clear grounded spirit. He detains to things that are important for this kind of work, pure intention ( compassion ) and knowledge accumulated from more then 20 years of studying with the greatest masters in this art. Looking forward to practice this loving concept with my clients. Happy that I have a teacher with so much awareness.
Dear Mal Hello, how are you? I hope everything is going well in your life and you and your family are all thriving :-) Last time I wrote to you, I asked you to be patient, and said I would contact you when I had a better idea of where I was heading after divorcing, leaving my practice and travelling. I've needed all this time to process everything I have learned and experienced since I last saw you which has been masses. You have regularly been in my thoughts since the healing I experienced from your sessions as it continued to unfold many months after them and time was needed to process it all in the body and mind. Its been good to fully assimilate all of that as it was a very deep healing experience with many aspects to accept and work through - as you know your work has a very deep effect :-) I travelled to China and had a wonderful time there deep in the arms of the true Taoist teachings and many months of meditations there has had a big effect too. Finally I returned to Chiang Mai where I've been since late October teaching/practising at a massage school and learning the Thai basis of their healing modalities. I've found my peace in a wooden house on a pond with ducks and such fascinating bird life in the rice fields and its here where I'm discovering what to do next, with writing workbooks and manuals to assist my teaching and things that I've not done before. In March I shall return to Europe to teach in two countries and then come to UK to visit my family and hopefully see you. My daughter moves to Knightsbridge today and so I have somewhere to stay and thought the time had finally come for me to see you and to chat again about what we may do together in the future. I hope we can meet up as I would like this very much. Looking forward to hearing from you, Lots of love from all of my heart to all of yours, Frances xx
After having a break from an eight year marriage, I was faced with the decision to either practice Tantra here in the UK (London to be more precise) or fly to the south east. The far east was my first choice with the promise of leaving behind the past and to retreat in the sun by the sea which did not seem like and still to this very moment not the worst plan to date, so I have spent a few weeks in London attending various workshops, group therapy where the dynamic has facilitated the spontaneous exchange and expression of long-buried feelings through the use of bodywork and movement therapy using touch, massage, bioenergetics exercises to help release stored emotions in internal pathways, for maximum flow by shifting internal chemicals to attain natural balance. This is why the principles of Tantra and the teachings have attracted me. In addition Tantra helps develop the masculine and embody the divine feminine goddess with these polarities undeveloped from childhood. So after eight years, I have been able to reflect and see why the relationship failed and why many others do. We are all experiencing similar experiences with a slightly different cause, but I will delve into this personal experience at a later date, as I will have to back track. But now I want to address and recognize where I am and what I need to confront, and I will be sharing this part of my journey with you. I recently attended an introductory workshop to Tantra with Mal, the founder of Tantric Journey. The information shared and communicated in the workshop resonated with the teachings I have previously come to accept through my own fortunate experiences and teachings. Therefore, my intention for visiting was to gain further insight on the training one must complete or ashrams one is required to attend as I am embarking on my very own journey, and have the desire to practice and facilitate for the sole purpose of universal consciousness. Though i am not fond of labels, I feel I would fit the role of a Dakini well encompassing my own creativity. After the workshop I found myself asking these questions and due to my honest nature I attempted to communicate the reasons/my past experiences that led me to this workshop, and ask these questions to begin with. After reflecting on my marriage and discovering the reasons for the friction and conflict I feel, it is my duty to share with you in the hope that if you too are confronted with a similar situation, it is better to begin the initialisation of oneself before coming together in a sacred union. So after my personal experiences with my teacher, an opportunity presented itself. Mal the founder of Tantric Journey suggested I would gain further insight into the practice in exchange for keeping a journal and taking notes of my journey hereon-in to contribute to others who find themselves treading this path. Initially I was taken aback as my teacher was willing to share with me these teachings without much or any expectation! I still find this difficult to digest as nowadays society will not do so but without further deliberation I got to experience my first encounter with Mal and more importantly with myself! As an individual I am fairly open minded. My father always questioned the society and has challenged me to ask similar questions. I have suppressed many emotions since childhood and have buried them for some time now, and as a result destroyed many meaningful relationships and will continue to if I choose not to recognize and accept. I shared most of this with my teacher and he was extremely receptive, and I too will facilitate this through my own creative experience.
Workshop Participant - Emotional Detox through Tantric Journey
I first came to see Mal 15 years ago, I was disconnected from my body, full of fear, shame and distrust and I had cancerous cells in my cervix. After a year long journey with Mal I was able to feel pleasure in my body, my cervix was healed and I began to love myself for the first time. In all these years I have never experienced healing and bodywork so profound. Mal has helped me to trust men and to connect my sexuality with my heart, I will be forever grateful!!
Roxie Grainge
This is my third deep bodywork session with Mal. I've already started to see the positive results! Improvement in blood pressure, wellbeing, and emotional issues. Like an onion, peeling back each layers, as made me feel, like a new women! Mal is a gifted healer, who does his job, to the highest perfection and standard. He's professional, non-judgemental, patient and trustful. Sitting in the temple, makes me feel calm, safe and serene. The music soothes and relaxes you. I would definitely recommend, the deep bodywork sessions. Love Light and Gratitude
Erika Moore
Amazing!! Mal is a master healer and teacher, at this weekend workshop we were all transformed! This is a very ancient and deep teaching needed very much at this time.. Thank you Mal for your dedication and authenticity :)
Claire Gibson
Mal is very professional and experienced person i have ever met he has healing ability on very higher level his understanding of individuals need and emotions are on higher level and healing is very powerful as soon as mal touch my body he know where is exactly the imbalance and the way he handle gentle soothing way you like to completely surrender him, he is just amazing and best therapist to be a tantric healer he had releases all my emotional blockages and i am completely new person by the time he finishes his journey,i am a mals regular client and love to recommend others definitely
Stacy Burgess
Dear Mal, I have arrived back in my home in Vienna. And enjoying a very quiet and laid back Easter Sunday. Yesterday my heart was overflowing with Love and I send you telepathic message full of thankfulness and kindness. You are a great man that is there for the women to heal and find trust in the men (again). I am so glad you exist :) I have recommended you to all female friends I have met since meeting you. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you again.
Hello Mal, Its nearly a week since my session, the results are still developing beautifully. After a few days of feeling and looking a bit pale and low in energy, today I had a client for bodywork; the quality of my work seems positively affected, I had a really good time too! My family relationships are nicer, I am less edgy and more gentle, although firm. My energy is better...even my body odours are improved! I'm experiencing my body more as I used to in the Sannyas Commune - as one flowing gorgeous organism, open, with immediate potential for pleasure and swift release of trauma. Your brochure is a professional piece of work, and I have no hesitation in handing it around to the right people.
Like anyone else, every year of my adult life I have started with pockets full of various 'new year resolutions'. Every year I promise to be a better person, work harder, be more focused, love and cherish life; but at some point of the year I manage to dump all my 'resolutions' and go back to square one- where I become myself again - a semi-depressed mother with an obscure mind and lack of serenity. Oh, don't get me wrong! I love my child and adore my partner, it is just a feeling of gap that needs to be filled in my brain or heart or some might call it a soul. I tried so many things and never managed to find peace, and this time once again i am making a resolution- to find peace through tantra. I am giving myself a year to see a change, and will be posting my reflections right here. Why-tantra? Saying frankly, I don't know. After trying studying and practicing various philosophies that seemed to shape my current "I" (but failed to bring the expected change), I returned back to a very special person who offered his help many years ago. Back then I rejected his offer, and 8 years on, full of hope I found him again. I guess the saying "When the student is ready the master appears" suits my case well. I always had interest in Eastern philosophies, through my late teenagehood I was obsessed with Osho's teachings, whose spiritual path combined elements Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and many other religious and philosophic traditions, humanistic psychology and meditation; then i embraced Islamic philosophy and practice and here I search once again... Back to "the master" thing; I met Mal in 2003, He is the pioneer tantric therapist in London. we talked about my interest in Eastern philosophies, my constant search for love and satisfaction and inability to find it. He then suggested to study (or perhaps explore) tantra. I was open minded and excited, but after first session I felt overwhelmed and couldn't cope with the tsunami of various emotions and instead of returning back to Mal, I had suppressed my emotions for many more years. I decided to see Mal again for his advice 8 years later. This time; I was clear about my questions and my needs and was ready for long journey to reach my goal .In fact- my ultimate goal- to achieve serenity and love. Sooooo, I was offered a journey - tantric journey, that promises to bring the healing, and i am up for it. I will be seeing my 'master' 3 times a month, which makes about 40 times a year. I will posting my reflections of every single training session and perhaps additional postings of my own mini researches on tantric life. I guess that is it... So long!
Hi Mal, First of all, can I just say thanks so much again for that wonderful evening, I was left breathless, excited, amazed, and ultimately extremely fulfilled. Unfortunately I havn't had a chance to practise anymore just yet. I was hoping to try it over the last weekend, but I still had a problem with my leg, which worsened on Saturday night. Hopefully with all being well, I aim to do it in the next few days. Despite that however, I would like to explain the effect that it has had on me. The whole process from start to finish was one of the most, if not THE most beautiful and heart warming experiences I have ever had. I really enjoyed your thorough and heart felt explanation before we carried out any body work, you made everything so clear, very simple to understand, leaving me feeling comfortable and at ease. And one of the most important things to note, and as you explained very well, that only a small amount of it was about the technique, but the rest was about love and intention. During the time we working on the body and the time since then, it has uncovered a lot of areas that I didnt even know existed. It was such a fulfilling experience; the massages were soft and tender, the breathwork was deep and controlled and the ejaculation was simple and very loving. I realise now how important it is to practise this, because fundamentally I believe it has the ability to heal a wide variety of different issues, and can make relationships far more exciting, truthful and ultimately brings couples even closer together. This is certainly what it has done for me, and as the time has passed since the last session with yourself, it has already had a massively positive impact for me and Roxie. I cant wait to practise it again, and as you so clearly explained it doesnt even matter about the outcome, but my truth and intention has never been more present for me than it is now, and that is in very large part to the way you brought this to us. It has made me feel more confident and relaxed about myself and about my relationship, but at the same time also very excited and energized. The beauty and essence about the whole thing is that it is so very natural, and as such, it has touched me in quite a profound way, and ultimately left me feeling even more loving, and a deeper love that goes beyond anything I have experienced before in a relationship. I cannot recommend this enough, and I will encourage as many people as I can to experience this at least once if not several times in their life. Thanks again for showing me the way. With loving regards,
Torik & Roxie (A couple)
I have always enjoyed giving massage and making people feel relaxed....then I discovered Tantra. I had read a lot about it and never knew what all the hype was all about until receiving a beautiful Tantric Massage from Mal . Having been brought up in a strict upbringing where sexuality is viewed in a negative way my experience of sexuality was supressed. Mal helped me to work on my chakras - especially my Heart chakra - the ability to love freely without fear or self consciousness, and my Crown chakra to help with fear and depression.
Hello Mal, I am back in my job here in the Bank Colombia. I have been here for 3 weeks and it has been difficult to adapt again, because I really enjoyed my 6 months there. Today, I have to tell you THANK U, because London hadn't been same without you. You made better and more comfortable my stay in London. I have missed you a lot and I have been remembering you all the time... Eyeryday I wake up and I say: "THANKS GOD, BECAUSE THESE WERE THE BEST MONTHS IN MY LIFE. THANK YOU FOR THE ANGELS THAT YOU PUT IN MY WAY, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MY DAYS IN LONDON AND THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THAT GAVE ME A HAND." You were one of these angels for me... I recognize that I love my family and I missed them a lot, that my city is beautiful, that we have the best weather in the world, that people here is very warm and we have everything we need to live well and loved...but now, I must accept that I don't have any barriers, that there are many possibilities in the world and I can do whatever I want... For that reason I know that we can see us again and there are no limits to find us and to hug us again. THANK U, GRACIAS, GRATZIE, OBRIGADO! Kisses,
KTA - Banker
Embarking on a Tantric Healing Journey takes courage. Your healer needs to be a master in their field and also to be kind, caring and infinitely patient. Mal has these qualities in abundance. I am really grateful to Mal for his help and guidance in helping me let go of some some-long held blocks.
Hi Mal, Thank you. It really is remarkable how your treatment is working. I had been dubious at the start when you told me that you would win my trust but you certainly have and have given me great strength during this tough patch. I have found the advice you have given me extremely insightful and calming and can feel myself growing stronger through it. At the moment I feel I am on something of a precipice between feeling despair and letting go of all fear and embracing a deeper sense of happiness and resilience. It feels like a battle with the mind that, once won, will probably never need to be fought again. I definitely think this is giving me a real sense of how your treatment works that I will be able to explain and pass on with conviction. Regarding the massage therapy work, I feel I have been holding myself back for the past year, getting some positive responses but lacking the courage to throw myself into it. Perhaps it is as you say that I am seeking to become more open by working as a therapist but have not been ready to open myself up until now so have hindered my own progress. I would love to become an excellent massage therapist and am so grateful you have offered to coach me in that. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Hope you're having a nice weekend. Love,
United Kingdom
Dear Mal, Thank you for a wonderful experience of Tantra on Friday. I haven't had any negative reactions - at least so far! I was very tired on Friday evening and slept well. I'll write a proper testimonial in a few days and send to you. In the meantime, I wanted you to know that I found it both an interesting and enjoyable experience. I'll make another appointment sometime in April, when I return from Canada. With Best Wishes
Dear Mal, I saw you on Friday evening. Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge. I came to you at my lowest ebb. Your treatment was like receiving/ experiencing a little bit of heaven. As the minutes moved on - the scales dropped off - I can vaguely see through the crack into the light. I have had an intermittent head-ache over the weekend but also feel more grounded, less stressed, and optimistic. I notice that you do 30 minute sessions of chanting with sounds - Toning is what you mentioned I needed as part of my process. Please may I make an appointment for a Friday or Monday when ever you can fit me in. I also mentioned that I am a massage/psycho and hypno-therapist. - and so as you can imagine - I am already thinking that i would like to move towards asking you to under-take to be my teacher and guide along the process - but all in the fullness of time, when you think i am ready. In the mean time i look forward to seeing you as much as i can afford. At the moment i don't even have a job - or a divorce! If any of your students ever need a body to work on please may I volunteer? So all in all many doors will now open, i look forward to the process. Thank you again for your time, expertise, patience, and kindness. Hugs and love,
It was quite a journey and I appreciate you coming and sharing your knowledge with me. I look forward to learning more and exploring the world of Tantra. In that session I had to confront some deep seated fears and doubts that i thought I had dealt with. It really is deep and intense stuff and I believe you are doing a great service. . I hope that in time I learn more and work out my 90% and can assist in sharing the teachings with the world. First I am finding a reason why I want to do it. I have several but they need defining, I believe, in order to keep my focus and intent. Ps. you are right after the fifth count during the "Yoni - Lingam" massage great things begin to happen to the woman... I manage to get to the end without fail on my part
Sri Lanka
To have a healing session with Mal is to invite the darkness and shadows of your fear around your body and the feminine, sexual self, into the light. I knew when I heard of his work through Maya F, that his special Yoni Massage was something I wanted to experience. I think I was going through a period of "needing" to be seen by men and recognized as someone to love. Of course it wasn't happening, as the unspoken signal I was sending out, acted as a deterrent to the right kind of man. I felt pent-up and unsure of the "why's" surrounding it and seeing Mal was a lucid surrender. I left a lot of things behind with the decision to see him and I knew even before the healing, that I wanted to experience the session completely. Before I arrived, though, I was feeling shy and even guilty around the idea. I was early for my appointment and he was still working, so I sat on the street corner by a tree and just looked at the sky and waited. Having these moments, gave me time to reflect on what it is I was seeking and why. When he sent a message saying I could come around, I was more relaxed and ready. As we sat together cross-legged in his sanctuary with candles and music, a calm came over me and I knew that this man could hold me in a place that maybe no man ever had. He was so thorough and trusting and gentle. He asked me if I felt prepared to have the full Yoni Massage and I knew this was the whole reason I was sitting before him--so without hesitating I said 'yes'. Truly, this was one of the greatest gifts to myself, to have asked for--and to have received. There was never a moment of fear, angst or worry. He explained that he would first work with the whole of my body to do a healing massage and then into the realms of release. The experience of being with a man who was not your partner, who was not a doctor and yet was working in a healing way with your body that was sensual, but not sexual, was a new kind of extraordinary. It was almost as if Mal was the true definition of a physical therapist for the feminine places we rarely permit ourselves to understand in our every day existence. I felt held and safe... and completely honoured, in where he was taking me with his healing. With the Yoni Massage, it was as if he returned a part of me to myself. After the healing, I felt strong and pure, in a way. The urgent sense of needing to be seen or touched or kissed or adored by a man, seemed to dissipate. It has been three months and I am still in the feeling of how wondrous this healing was--and I have been seeing a very sensuous man who loves and adores my body and person. I am the most relaxed I have ever been in a physical relationship. I am even surprising myself by the calm I have and the idea of "need" is no longer in my person. The Yoni Massage with Mal was one of the most valuable reflections and experiences I have ever given myself. I have recommended him to those who are experiencing challenges with their partners or physical/sexual selves. Mal is tender, professional, guiding and kind and the journey he takes you on, is one to yourself. He does this with such integrity and honour. He leaves you with a sense that if you open and release your heart to the darkness of your fears, there is a place for you within it, that will reflect the joy that has been there all along. My Love and Gratitude to You Mal,
"I since, had 6 sessions with Mal, and every session we have been unpeeling the onion, and I have been challenged to let go of past barriers, bit for bit, in each session. Coming from a Christian background, my belief system was also challenged in quite a profound manner, and I have really had to maintain an open mind right throughout. I have had irregular periods for over the past year and a half, as I was taking the contraceptive pill for several years since I was a teenager. My cycle was continuously over a 21 day period instead of 28, and I had gone for several acupuncture session to try and correct it, but it remained on 21 days. Since my treatment with Mal, my period has gone back to its natural cycle of 28 days. Mal is an amazing healer, I cannot recommend him high enough.. Love, light and peace."
"I was scared. I mean really scared... I also knew that I was not willing to live life as a non-sexual woman any more. Every day reminders that I can't enjoy sex like others can. Knowing that every relationship was doomed. I am half way through the treatment with Mal. At the beginning he said "Don't trust me - let me earn that trust," and he did. Only half way and I have discovered lust, pleasure and hope that I can enjoy a full sexual relationship. Mal does his job to the highest professional standards."
"I strongly recommend Mal's sacred yoni massage for all women!"
"Thank you for helping me see that there is no need to live in constant stress and for taking the time to show me a little bit of heaven."
Mrs Sharon
United Kingdom
"I have felt more detached and in control of the family issues that continue to distress me. And as i said, you've awoken my interest in sex generally which is a deeply strengthening bond between myself and my partner."
Mrs Jac
"Mal's tantric training has helped me to relax and recieve pleasure much more easily. I am now experiencing multiple orgasms with my boyfriend."
“I believe we are finally on the right track. When my husband massaged me, his intention was to release any blocks present. He did a lot of internal massage which was uncomfortable, even painful in places, and he could feel a lot of the ridges in my yoni softening. I focused on working with my breath, which helped me through the discomfort. Afterwards, when we were making love, I had a huge emotional release which was centred in my heart chakra. It came with a burst of healing tears, and then I ejaculated twice. So, I think we did something correctly. What is strange is that during our marriage, I have had some extraordinary sexually transcendent experiences. I had experienced an orgasm that you call the ‘God orgasm’ - where it did just happen, as you describe, and it came deep from my cervix and felt like every cell of my body was merging with the universe. My frustration is that it happens so rarely. It is almost worse knowing that I am capable of it and yet not being able to reach it. My dream is to have access to that all the time. I have done a lot of yoga, meditation, and studied Tantra in the past. I am very familiar with the concept that the body stores all emotional traumas in our cells. Because I have a history of childhood sexual abuse, I have spent many years working to unlock and release that trauma. It is quite strange to me that I suddenly had this sense of urgency to connect more deeply with my full sexual potential. I am happy to keep exploring with my husband as it seems to be helping. Lovemaking felt much better after the ejaculation, but I was not able to have an orgasm during intercourse. Your guidance has helped immensely and I know we are getting closer each day.
“I came across Mal about 15 years ago whilst researching on healers in the UK working with Brandon Bay’s Journey Therapy methods. I knew I had a lot of issues. I was closed sexually and ashamed of myself. I dressed provocatively and used my sexuality to get the love I was seeking. I slept with so many men just for the fun of it. All sexual encounters were a play that may have looked sexy on the outside, but on the inside I was numb and disconnected. I had cancerous cells forming in my cervix and I knew I required healing. Although I had read up about Mal’s Tantric Journey work, I really didn't know what to expect. During the first session, we did a meditation that involved sitting in silence with eye contact (eye gazing meditation). Instead of being able to receive his loving gaze, I felt total distrust and when he touched me (with most of my clothes on at this stage), I couldn't receive it, as all I felt was distrust. I decided not to go back again, and over the next year I began to work on myself, going to healing groups and seeing energy healers. I began to realize the distrust I had felt wasn't anything to do with Mal, it was my own distrust. I felt ready to face it and see Mal again, with the determination that this time I wouldn't run away no matter what. I went on a long healing journey with Mal. The tightness, ticklishness, pain, the anger, rage, shame and emotional agony were all revealed and released, as this incredible man touched, held, caressed and healed me. Although I was beginning to understand some of the things that had resulted in this pain, in a way it didn't matter what the stories were, what mattered was that I was willing to feel it. And through deep yoni healing I was able to release years of anger that had turned to numbness. I began to experience the connection between love and sex, my body opening and female ejaculation (a healing orgasmic release of amrita). Each time I released like this, I would open to a deeper level of pain and endless tears until eventually, only love, pleasure and grace were in me. Mal was always there holding, caressing, loving me every step of the way. Learning to receive was one thing, but there was also learning how to give. Once I could connect to the pleasure in my body, I could give from that place, and enjoy touching a body including the yoni or lingam (penis) without feeling disgust or shame. It was such a new freedom in my life. I realized touching someone from a place of love and sexual connection within had the power to heal them. I wanted to share what I had received from Mal with others and began to offer Tantric Healing sessions. Looking back I think I went into it too soon and wasn't strong or grounded enough to be working as a sexual healer. But I learnt so much over the years, and have since helped hundreds of people who wanted to free themselves of the pain that prevents them from being both loving and powerful in their sexuality. After some years of not seeing Mal, I decided to see him again; I had changed a lot, the cancerous cells had gone and I was a genuine person, yet there was a deep longing to settle down and meet someone, and it wasn't happening. The painful struggle to meet someone was actually preventing it from happening. I had closed down again. After a few sessions with Mal, I felt complete, joyful and opening. (I remember one of those sessions that involved Mal resting his hand over my yoni while I fell into dreaming about space, sometimes very simple things!) Shortly after these sessions, I entered into a serious relationship with a long term friend, who for many years I had resisted (as he hadn't fit the picture in my head of the man I would be with). He's now my husband and the love of my life. I was physically shut down when I first met Mal and through his healing I changed profoundly. Yet the journey continues; I'm still growing, but close occasionally. I’m still learning, but these days it’s so much easier to open up again and return to what feels good. Mal showed me what it feels like to be in bliss, peace, to feel safe, to be loved and honoured like every woman should be; her yoni, toes, breasts, fingertips - her entire body. He loved me enough until I was able to do it myself.”  
R. N
I have been working with Mal  since January 2013. Mal is a very skilled healer, and my marriage has benefited a lot from his guidance.I have recommended him to many of my friends & family. Sincerely,  
Catherine Oxenberg
United Kingdom
Hi Mal, I'm fine here in Bangkok and feel so grateful to know you and receive the treatment from you. It's truly special. I've never had that feeling or experience in my life like that before. It's very intimated and healing way of treatment. You really broke me open in some way (in a good way).. I can't explain it, but I feel it. One thing I feel is like I got a feeling of being proud to be a woman again... Thank you for a sincere love and relationship you gave to me, it's really special. And yes you got a magic hands Mal. I'd be pleased to meet you again when you are in Thailand... just let me know. Have a safe trip back home... Love & Light
N - Manageress
Wow, My body instantly recognised that Mal is a very learned and experienced practitioner. It was so easy to surrender to his powerful   bodywork and gentle manner. I had lots of emotional release happening, it was a profound experience. I plan to go back for more as I've felt better than ever generally and much more open to pleasure since our first session.
Dakini Sophie
Hi Mal, Thanks gaming for the wonderful session yesterday. I've arrived at Paris today. It's been great experience, and I feel wonderful! I feel I've shed a skin. I hope the boxes you opened for me don't close too quickly. It is such an exciting feeling that I am moving forward positively. Without your help, I would not experience like this. Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon!!
United Kingdom
Hi Mal, Thank you for your kind and giving heart which has brought about such a wonderful spiritual transformation in my life. I look forward to another session in the next couple of weeks.
Sima Siziba
Mal is working with me on some very challenging material which dates from my upbringing to secure a man or else be a nobody, an oddity. He has the skill and the courage to gain my trust, even though I have betrayed my own truth over and over again in intimate relations with men. This deep body- work work is beginning to relax and melt the longstanding numbness, frigidity and physical pain. My husband and I are able to relate again, and the mysterious enmity that has separated us is releasing and bringing in so much tenderness and love. I thank Mal for this, with all my heart.
Dear Mal, Easter in Spanish is "Pascuas " which means Path. It reminds us of the path from Slavery to Freedom. The Path from Death to Life. Very symbolic. Because I worked so much to break free and I'm still working, I don't want to miss the chance to thank you (someone once told me that chances are so few and life's so short ...) as you were part of it. A good time for insight these days. At least for me; and also for gratitude. You've helped me so much. Thanks again. For everything mentioned above and because I really feel I like the woman I've become, I wanted to share it with you. Thanks Dear Friend! Happy Easter! Lots of love,
"Mal I cherish your friendship. What a joy you are to the world. A loving, giving soul with such a pure heart and healing and wise spirit. A gift indeed to all who know you."
Dr Judy Kuriansky
"Mal is a very kind and sensitive healer, utilising a marriage of his excellent massage skills, pure energy and loving kindness."
Caroline Muir
Dr Leonard
Costa Rica
Testimonial from client
Robert & Julieta
USA & Argentina
Aug 4th 2016