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Tantric Journey is an holistic treatment program that incorporates Tantric and Tao bodywork techniques alongside other recognised holistic modalities.

The aim of the treatment is aiding people to gain release from negative trauma in order to overcome a range of physical, sexual and emotional difficulties including:  depression, sexual dysfunction, past trauma, low self esteem, overcoming past abuse and increasing well-being.

Tantric Journey also provides training and education in the field of emotional release through bodywork and is committed to increasing awareness of work and techniques in this field.

Mal Weeraratne is a certified Tantra Educator founder of Tantric Journey – School of Healing and Awakening and author of Emotional Detox through bodywork. Mal is a British pioneer of emotional release through bodywork, with over 20 years experience, treating over 3000 clients from all walks of life from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Mal has developed Tantric Journey a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge; to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

Qualifications and life accomplishments

Mal studied at the International Center for Release and Integration in Mill Valley, California, studying under Dr Jack Painter, the pioneer of Postural Integration. He also studied at Source School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii under Charles and Caroline Muir for two years, making him the first Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (CTE) in the UK.

He also studied Tantrism with Margot Anand in San Francisco, studied Journey Therapy with Brandon Bays in the UK, He studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Dr Robert Bays in the UK. He also studied Cobra Breath with Ipsalu Tantra.

He runs by annually healing and workshops at Tao Gardens Health Spa & Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand the home of Master Mantak Chia, named twice Qigong Master of the Year.

Mal was born in Sri-Lanka, his eastern upbringing brought him a strong Buddhist philosophy. He was educated in London and holds a BSc (Hon) degree in Bio-Physical Science, and a MBA.

Important note
Tantric Journey is a spiritual treatment for awakening, sexual healing and relationship therapy. We do not regard it as a sexual service nor is it focused upon exclusively treating one’s sexual organs; instead it is a healing therapy that treats the whole of your being.

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