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A Guide to Tantra Terminology | Tantric Journey
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A Guide to Tantra Terminology

September 26th, 2018
A guide to Tantra terminology - Tantric Journey blog When you first start reading about Tantra some of the terminology can be a little bewildering and so here at Tantric Journey we thought we’d help you along the way and provide a glossary of some of the common terms you will encounter when entering the world of tantra. Agama Traditional doctrine, sacred knowledge related to Shaivism as revealed by Lord Shiva; tantric scriptures. Apavarga Libera... more

TAOISM – What is it?

August 8th, 2018
What is Taoism Tantric Journey blog Tantric Journey uses a unique therapy that blends the ancient knowledge of Tantra and Tao with body therapy and ground-breaking Western knowledge to create a powerful and transformative form of treatment that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level and begin an emotional detox. This all sounds great, but you may be wondering what Tao is. Well, put simply, a book written in the sixth century that explain... more

Tarot for the tantric soul: do the cards hold the key to your well-being?

February 22nd, 2018
On your Tantric journey of healing, you may find that it helps to introduce additional therapies to strengthen your focus and realign your direction. A key ingredient to wellbeing is the abili... more

Male Orgasm vs Ejaculation

November 21st, 2017
It has been understood since ancient times by many Eastern practices that sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body and can be used to achieve increased vitality, energy, strength, healing, longevity and spiritual enlightenment. The Taoists and Shaolin martial arts masters used this knowledge to greatly increase their martial power, strength, endurance and achieve longevity.  Using a variety of techni... more

The Healing Benefits of Tantra on Isolation and Loneliness

September 19th, 2017
Lonely people tend to isolate themselves from peers, family and friends, and from the world around them. They are sometimes misunderstood because others think they don’t want to be with anyone’s presence when the truth is, they actually feel alone. This feeling is normal especially for people who just lost someone or those who have recently had some traumatic experience. What most of us don’t realize is that... more
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