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The new Information Age is filled with abundant distraction that can lure one away from the sole purpose of any objective; furthermore it can find artificial replacements for anything natural as a temporary fix or a camouflage.

The world is made up of energy. Just like the human respiratory system that cleanses the bad blood to the good blood for survival, the body needs to expel the negative and fill with the positive for survival.

I should say my Deep Body Work for Emotional release that gives emotional detox is ideal for this Prana Energy also known as Life Force.  The center of my Deep Body Work is the Sacred Spot massage also called the the G Spot massage.

Entering a life of Spiritual realm is a highest blessing and the most fortunate of happenings. The joy of being spiritually connected is tremendous. Even at the most meagre state joy and love with be in an unconditional flow. This is attained by an emotional release during the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage that can give an emotional detox.

The human body is like a pipe of flowing water any residue is going to affect the pressure of the water making it an ineffective pipe. Likewise the body becomes ineffective when negative energy blocks Prana energy. To have a vigorous life flow I perform my Tantric massage for emotional release that elevates the body from a negative state which is an emotional detox.  The seven Chakras are cleansed during the emotional release and the emotional detox allows proper flow of energy through all seven Chakras having it function normally.

The proper flow of energy through the human body after an emotional release for an emotional detox keeps the body tuned into the surroundings.  Amrita sheds away all the negativity from the body during the Sacred Spot massage or the G Spot massage.

Through the emotional release and emotional detox by the Sacred Spot massage or the G Spot massage the individual is able to feel the energy flow in the body. More pleasurable intimacy can be enjoyed and the ability to give unconditional love and receive unconditional love prevails.

My work on Deep Bodywork for Emotional Release to help emotional detox by the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage has been rewarding as I am able to help many lives resurrect.

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