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Sexual Abuse &Tantra | Tantric Journey
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What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is the act of forcing undesired sexual behavior from a person.

According to the feminist organization called Rape Crisis England and Wales, every year approximately, 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England, which equals to 11 rapes per hour in reference to adults alone. Also one in every five women between the age of 16 -59 have experienced some sort of sexual abuse since the age of 16.  And only 15% of these offenses are reported.

The term sexual abuses survivor is used to describe a sexual abuse victim who did not incur fatal harm but is honored for the strength to heal and reconstruct their life. And there are ample organizations that applaud the survivor such as The Survivors Trust in UK.


How is Sexual Abuse &Tantra related?

Tantra can help sexual abuse survivors to reconstruct their lives and the ability to heal sexual abuse is the relationship between Tantra and sexual abuse.


How can Tantra help Sexual Abuse Survivors?

A sexual abuse survivor carries trauma from the sexual abuse at a cellular level. A cellular level trauma happens when the code of trauma (blue print) is imprinted in the cells of victim’s body and the body becomes a store house of this trauma which makes the individual a vehicle and vessel to accommodate the trauma. In conclusion the individual is the trauma. A traumatic individual will feel traumatic and make traumatic decisions as this is the only platform known to the individual.

Tantra can help eradicate the trauma blue print at a cellular levelTantra being an ancient artemploys methods that work at a cellular level intended to disperse trauma from the body.

Tantric Journey School of Healing & Awakening employs this ancient art of Tantra and refers it to as Bodywork,a technique pioneered by Mal Weeraratne. Bodywork refers to our cells in the body as memory store houses. Memories are either positive or negative. Bodywork reprograms the body’s cells and memory store houses from negative to positive. Once the body’s cells are programmed to a positive state the individual is able to rid of the trauma inflicted via sexual abuse.

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