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Tantra Employs Cellular Memory | Tantric Journey
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Tantra and Cellular Memory is generally perceived as two extremes. Tantra is an ancient Eastern cultural tradition that uses meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and mantras to weave the spiritual and physical for healing. Cellular Memory is the notion that the human body cells are biological memory storehouses. Both Tantra and Cellular Memory work on the medical model of Mind – Body Connection by William H. Poteat.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘expansion through awareness’. Tantra can help in healing past traumas that are either hidden or known. Hidden traumas are accumulated psychological traumas that are imprinted in a person’s psychology and embedded in their behavior that they are generally unaware of. Known traumas are evident and identifiable by the individual and can be physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual violence such as harassment, sexual abuse, rape and discrimination.


What is Cellular Memory?

Cellular Memory is the blueprint of a person’s existence, the human body cells is said to hold the codes to a person’s personality, tastes and history.  Taste and personality is acquired, therefore when trauma from the external environment is inflicted on an individual trauma is acquired by the human body cell.

Cellular Memory is the notion that the human body cells are memory storehouses independent of our genetics or brain cells, just like the synapses of neurons that record memories and its longevity.  Memories are either positive or negative.Trauma causes negative memories and negative body cells.


What is Mind – Body Connection?

Mind – Body connection is a medical model and a term coined by William H. Poteat. It is a study of understanding how thoughts and emotions biologically affect the physical well-being of a person. Negative thoughts and emotions affect an individual in a deteriorative manner. Trauma is negative; hence it creates negative emotions and thoughts which results in negative body cells.

Emotions are energy, positive emotions such as happiness, trust and love are higher vibratory emotions and negative emotions such as guilt, anger and sadness are lower vibratory emotions. Higher vibratory emotions that are positive elevate the individual to a blissful state and lower vibratory emotions that are negative deteriorate the individual to a depressive state.

Emotions determine how you feel every second of your life. Emotions form visual portraits which are your thoughts. If you hold positive emotions your experiences and thoughts are positive if you hold negative emotions your experiences and thoughts are negative.

The Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale can help you have a better understanding of vibratory patterns of the emotions.


How does Tantra Improve Mind – Body Connection with Cellular Memory?

Tantric Journey School of Healing & Awakening uses massage techniques from Tantra that work at a cellular level that has mind – body connection. The Tantric massage technique removes negative emotions that eliminate negative thoughts and negative body cells. The tantric massage reprograms the body cells to a positive state and the more number of times the massage is performed there is more release of negative emotions.

When the body is at a positive state with positive body cells, the individual has feels feel-good positive emotions which results in positive thoughts that lead to positive decisions and choices gradually moving the person’s life to a positive platform.

Tantric Journey School of Healing & Awakening has powerful client testimonials  that show how the Tantric treatment at Tantric Journey School of Healing & Awakening has transformed the client’s life to a more positively appealing state.

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Therefore it can be concluded cellular memory and mind – body connection is a repetitive cycle that yields positivity when positive and negativity when negative and Tantra is the tool that can change its polarity.

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