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What does Introducing Tantra into your Relationship Involve? | Tantric Journey
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In order to begin to understand what Tantra can bring into your relationship we need to consider the element of the definition of Tantra.  Tantra is often said to mean to weave together, as in weaving strands together. In a relationship the weaving together, involves a union and spiritual connection on a deep, authentic and significant level. This connection takes place on both a spiritual and a physical level, though it is key to understand that this connection is strengthened by physical union, but is centred around a deep understanding and connection, not focused on sex.

Couples who engage in Tantra practices are able to strengthen, trust, love and intimacy and enjoy a greater sense on interconnection meaning they enjoy a profound feeling of love, intimacy and pleasure. Tantric sex has gained media notoriety with stories of all night sex sessions and heightened orgasms, but the reality is that sex in Tantra is more about the spiritual connection between two people. It is more about union than seeking pleasure; with a focus on creating strong and long-lasting emotional and spiritual connections that will join the couple in a close and secure relationship.

What Is A Tantric Relationship And How Can It Help You?

A tantric relationship is often referred to as a divine and spiritual connection between two people who share not only intimacy, but also a life path, the same feelings and the same energy, thus merging into one spiritual being; this does not mean that they do not have their own interests and individuality, but that they share a deep and meaningful connection, allowing them a great sense of security, trust and happiness.

Indeed, the tantric relationship is more of a spiritual connection whose ultimate purpose is to help the couple achieve enlightenment and spiritual attainment. Connection rituals including eye gazing deepen connection and help a couple achieve truth and deep understanding of themselves and each other.

In a Tantric relationship love and intimacy is given unconditionally without expectation, hence there is no “I” in a tantric relationship, as these connections are anything but selfish instead a tantric couple love without an agenda and with pure unconditional love; creating a deep, loving, mutually beneficial connection.

Introducing Tantra into your relationship can mean that you can not only rediscover lost pleasures in intimacy, but that you can build a powerful relationship, and even overcome certain obstacles that are common and natural in a relationship such as distrust, monotony and lack of communication. The more long standing the relationship the more likely you are to encounter sexual and emotional barriers and such things are often difficult to address because of negativity, hurt and embarrassment.

Through Tantra a couple can explore the spiritual potential of a relationship, deepen connections, implement unconditional love, connect with the Divine through your partner and manifest your deeper levels of happiness and pleasure.

Let us introduce you to the power that Tantra can bring to your life. Click here to learn more.

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