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The subject of female ejaculation has intrigued people for centuries, with ancient texts from Asia describing the mysterious and magical fluid that was thought to possess health-giving properties, termed as Amrita, meaning divine nectar. In tantra it is referred to as kalas, which indicates the esoteric nature and its connection with the cycles of the Moon.

Every woman has the ability and potential to ejaculate.  Mal Weeraratne, a Tantra Practitioner with over twenty years experience of helping women achieve orgasm and ejaculation explains that the two do not have to go hand in  hand and that in his experience of treating over 3,000 women, female ejaculation often comes first when he performs a yoni massage.

In accordance with the teachings of Tantra the ability to produce kalas is a woman’s step into paranormal powers. It is the physical manifestation of sexual energy and for a woman it is revitalising for both mind and body. Try deeply meditating before love making or self pleasuring. Be in a relaxed state, breathing deeply and rhythmically can facilitate this. Even taking a long and relaxing soak in the bath before love-making can really help.

Massaging the yoni and the woman’s sacred spot, (the g-spot) is also very important because this point once opened to its full potential opens the gateway to the Amrita process to begin. It this spot however is where we hold so much of the guilt, shame and fear around sexuality and our femininity, so it is crucial to clear this sacred spot on all levels (mind body and soul) for female ejaculation to be able to flow. Amrita can often be yielded from the prolonged and firm stimulation of the urethral sponge, around the female area of A and G spots. The female G-spot is located about 6-10 cm inside the vagina on the frontal wall.  The A-spot is located a little higher, just in front of the cervix, also on the frontal wall.  In order to achieve the release of amrita the stimulation has to be rhythmical and thrusting and often stimulation from partner’s fingers is the best way to achieve the consistency of stimulation.

For more information on Armita and Female Ejaculation visit the Tantric Journey website or if you are interested in booking a session with Mal, then click here.

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