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What is a Yoni Massage? | Tantric Journey
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Firstly, yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. A yoni massage is similar to a massage anywhere else in the body as it is designed to release tension. Pressure and trigger points within the yoni are massaged in order to facilitate the release of negative trapped emotions within the body’s cellular memory.

Because the yoni is one of the most intimate and powerful parts of the body a yoni massage is often viewed as a sexual experience rather than the deeply healing practice that it is. A Yoni massage is actually a profound work, that can release Amrita (female ejaculation) and Mal calls this Yoni Crying.

So what can you expect during a Yoni Massage?

  • a strong focus on healing and holding space for whatever emotions come up so that these can be felt, processed and released.
  • The intention of the massage is for healing, awakening and transformation.
  • Clear intentions for both the receiver and the therapist.
  • Clear communication about boundaries to be set and you will always be in control of the treatment and able to withdraw consent at any time
  • The space is set up as sacred, healing and safe

The benefits of a yoni massage are healing and shifting the traumas and experiences stored in the yoni, so we can make way for a positive flow of creativity, renewed energy and confidence.

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