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The Healing Benefits of Tantra on Isolation and Loneliness | Tantric Journey
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Lonely people tend to isolate themselves from peers, family and friends, and from the world around them. They are sometimes misunderstood because others think they don’t want to be with anyone’s presence when the truth is, they actually feel alone.

This feeling is normal especially for people who just lost someone or those who have recently had some traumatic experience. What most of us don’t realize is that long-term social isolation and loneliness can lead to a more complicated problem physically, mentally, and emotionally. Before it gets serious, there are a few ways to recover yourself from this state.

Tantra for Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation

To deal with such conditions, people would normally go to a therapist for counseling while some prefer to take medications to at least lessen the pain. Alternatively, there are many ways to improve your life and become whole again. One of the most effective but least discussed treatment for any mental or emotional distress is Tantra

Tantra, as a holistic approach, teaches us that it is the illusion of separation that brings us sadness. In order you heal yourself completely, you must understand that happiness isn’t found from the outside, it must come from within. As emotional beings, humans thrive in communities, connection, and in giving and receiving love. Losing the connection with yourself is where loneliness starts.

Connecting with yourself means connecting with the world

In order to connect with others, with your community and the people you care about, you must learn to have that deep connection with yourself. Finding your passion is a good way to know yourself better. Don’t be afraid to fully express your emotions for it helps you improve not just emotionally but mentally. Learn to embrace your flaws and love yourself more because only then can you break the wall that separates you from the world. When you finally build that connection within you, it will be easier for you to reach out to others.

 Allow Yourself to Feel Lonely

What you resist will persist. According to a study by Daniel Wegner, a Harvard social psychologist, when you try to resist something, the more it tends to persist. By trying to control your emotions, you forget to acknowledge them. Unacknowledged emotions are what mostly result to depression. Let yourself feel and prepare to stand up again. The only way to face your loneliness is to feel it.

Loneliness hurts. That’s for sure. But like “for darkness shows the stars”, there is healing in every pain. As you expand into who you truly are, you will feel blissful; you will feel complete. And when you feel complete, loneliness is just a word.

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