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On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… | Tantric Journey
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Mal encourages his clients to embrace every moment in the journey of life, and to apply that rule to their relationships. He explains that “it is all about opening your body and mind to embrace and experience bliss…you can find pleasure in the smallest and most mundane of things such as drinking a cup of tea. That’s right, you can drink tea and be orgasmic . When it comes to relationships it’s all about the little things and foreplay and experiencing bliss should be something that goes on all the time.” 

This could mean making breakfast in bed for your partner as a treat, leaving love notes by the kettle, emails or text of poetic love, little bantering or flirty exchanges, opening the car door, spontaneous kisses and hugs, running a bath for your partner, calling ‘just because’ and above all taking it slowly,’ says Mal.

There is no need to rush long term, deep and connected relationships need time, so take time. Create and embrace little moments in the everyday to really ignite and keep desire burning’’. If you take time and add foreplay to your relationship outside of the bedroom by the time you do come around to making love you will both be more ready and open to give and receive.

For more tips read Mal’s book, ‘Emotional Detox through Bodywork’ and for more information on workshops for couples, click here.

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