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Slave to Love – it can really help to connect you to your partner | Tantric Journey
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Slave to Love blog - Tantric Journey

When thinking about Tantra and introducing Tantra into your relationship it is easy to start thinking about long love-making sessions, but whilst long orgasms are a very real thing and possible through the practice and mastery of Tantra techniques, tantra is not about having an incredible sex life. Instead Tantra is a celebration of life and it is about being fully present in the here and now, truly experiencing every sensation.

If you want to introduce Tantra into your relationship you might want to start with an eye gazing exercise or perhaps with a Lovemaking ritual. First spend time (around half an hour), preparing the space and yourself (light candles, put flowers in the room, light incense and play relaxing music, shower). Once the room and yourself are ready, next you need to do an eye gazing exercise with your partner and a mutual meditation. Lovemaking can follow when you feel ready, followed by another mutual meditation.

If you want to try something different, you may want to consider becoming a slave to your partner for the day. You and your partner should elect to be each others slaves for an hour or even a whole day. The the slave cannot do anything without their partner’s (masters) instructions. This task will teach the roles of giving and receiving and will help you to find out about each others needs and will allow the other partner to accept receiving without giving.

If you don’t fancy being a slave to love then perhaps spending some quality time with your partner will be the ticket. It is great to go on romantic dates, no matter how new or old your relationship is it will benefit from a dose of romance. Preparing and planning a romantic date will help you to see the divine in your partner rather than just seeing a man or woman and taking them for granted.

It’s important when planning to spend quality time together that you don’t dilute your time together; indeed quality time together is not the same as just time and you must also recognise that sometimes you need time to yourself. So, instead of spending the whole day together and not being present, go out and do what fulfils you, take time to nurture yourself and your needs, then come together and be present with each other.

They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and indeed you can increase the polarity between you by taking some time away from your partner. Taking a break from your partner and nurturing yourself is just as important as making time for each other. You could try sleeping in separate rooms now and again, going away separately and spending time with your friends, when you do see your friends your energies will be restored and the desire to be with your partner will be deeply increased.

Whether you have been together for the past fifty years, thirty years or are just starting out on your relationship path, Tantric Journey sessions for couples can help you to improve and expand your relationship to its highest potential. Click here to learn more.

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