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Tantra Improves Mind Body Connection | Tantric Journey
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All things are created twice” – Stephen R. Covey

What is Mind Body Connection?

Mind Body Connection is the study of how thoughts can affect the physical health of a person. Mind Body Connection is the study of cellular and molecular levels of human body that state that nervous, hormonal and immune system are interrelated. Every thought is energy and our bodies produce energy and can produce enough energy to light up an entire city. For a span of 30 minutes our bodies emit heat enough to boil water.

The study concentrates on how thoughts can regulate the physical health of a person were positive thoughts make one healthier and negative thoughts make one unhealthier. When a person is at a positive mindset he produces neuropeptides that boosts the immune system and other chemicals and hormones that is good for the body. When a person is at a negative mindset such as depression there is lower production of feel good hormones and chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine and neuropeptides.

As science often requires tangible measurements to understand a phenomenon the Placebo Effect was applied. Magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography can show how certain healing parts of the brain are activated when an individual is given a medication without its healing affect. Hence when an idea of healing is planted in a person’s mind the individual thinks alike thoughts that lead to the feeling the process of healing and actual physical healing.

There are many amazing individuals who have written about this such as Louise L. Hay, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Sylvia Brownne and especially Dr. Candace Pert who wrote Molecules of Emotion,  Lisa Rankin M.D who wrote Mind Over Medicine and Dr. Emoto Masaru who researched extensively about Messages in Water.


 Can we control Mind Body Connection?

Yes! We can control our mind body connection through Mindful Meditation. We have the power to regulate our physical health to a great extent to benefit us. Hence we are able to shape our physical reality through our thoughts.


What is Mindful Meditation?

Mindful Meditation is the process of clearing mental clutter through regulated breath to connect your body’s energy with the universal energy to attain oneness at a healthy state. Energy is either positive or negative similar to emotions that are energy in motion.

A study conducted by Linda Carlson of the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Alberta, Canada states Mindful Meditation can act as Placebo Effect.

Mindful Meditation allows you to recharge your chakras  that are energy centers in your body that disperse negative energy.

How Tantra Improves Mind Body Connection

Tantra is the ancient art of weaving the spiritual with the physical to attain bliss and oneness.  To understand more about how Tantra releases negative emotions, please read the blog on Tantra & Emotional Detox 

Tantra uses meditation, chanting mantras through sound, and body movements to remove negative emotions. The Tantric Treatment at Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening has progressive steps to the treatment. The tantric treatment  starts off with talking therapy to connect client and practitioner, then meditation to bring the body to focus and release negative energy and eventually to the tantric treatment that removes negative emotions at a cellular level.


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