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Tantric Journey 

Our Complaints Procedure

Tantric Journey works hard to treat everyone properly and promptly. Most people are happy with their Tantric Journey therapy sessions, but sometimes things can go wrong.

By raising your concerns you can help put things right and Tantric Journey can learn from your experience.

We’ve tried to make our complaints procedure simple and easy to follow

Step 1

Speak with your therapist 

Most complaints can be due to misunderstandings and can easily be resolved by speaking openly with your therapist, however, if you do not feel comfortable speaking with your therapist about your complaint or are still not happy having done so then please follow one of the steps below:


Step 2

Request to Speak with another Tantric Journey Therapist

Your therapist can arrange for you to speak confidentially with another Tantric Journey Therapist to resolve any issues or concerns you may have about the treatment you received.


Step 3

Submit any complaints and/or concerns in writing:

By sending an email to Tantric Journey complaints manager

Make sure to type Complaint or Concern in the Subject field.


Step 4

Get an Independent Opinion

By e-mailing the Independent Complimentary Medicine Advocacy Service (ICMAS) – this is an independent and free service that can help you make and resolve a complaint about any aspect of your Tantric Journey therapy session, therapist, teacher or student













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