Tantric Journey Vision

  1. “Nothing is forbidden”. Tantric Journey Vision accepts everything without judgement which gives an opportunity for learning through every experience
  2. Tantric Journey is not about with whom you are practicing, but it’s focused on how you practice.
  3. Accept every situation both pleasant and unpleasant which gives an opportunity to become more aware about who you are and how you can expand your capacities
  4. Tantric Journey believes in wholeness. It embraces opposites, seeing them not as a contradiction but as compliments.
  5. Men and women are equal and not set apart but are viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being
  6. It recognises that each human being, whether man or woman, has both masculine and feminine qualities
  7. You discover that by honoring your god and goddess in your partner, you can see beyond the limitations of personality and, seeing the divine in the other person, perceive the same potential in yourself

Tantric Journey Mission

Tantric Journey Mission is to provide a treatment, training and skills using a philosophy blended with Eastern and Western knowledge, blended with ancient and modern wisdom which can meet the needs of the client’s ever changing waves of Emotions within their body, mind and spirit to help emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

Tantric Journey Culture

  • Continuous Learning programme, where we can both advise and treat clients professionally. Honest, open and effective communication at all times
  • The client must feel satisfied with the results achieved.
  • Every client complaint is an opportunity to better ourselves.
  •  Is to provide a friendly, tactile, loving, safe, caring and clean service
  • No discrimination or judgement and will accept who you are and will meet you wherever you are emotionally.
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