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Throughout history, the sexual organs of women have been celebrated and regarded as the sacred centre of health, revitalization and youth. By carefully exercising the muscles within, it has long been believed that women could harness the full extent of their feminine sexual power, allowing them to remain healthy, young and brimming with vitality forever.

Yoni in Sanskrit translates to mean sacred temple and is a term used to refer to a woman’s vagina.

The yoni egg is an egg shaped semi-precious stone that is worn by a woman inside her yoni for healing purposes. Quite often yoni eggs are made from Jade which has led to them being referred to as jade eggs, although a variety of crystals are used to make yoni eggs.

Nephrite Jade, which is the highest quality Jade on the market, is the traditional stone used by the women of Imperial China over 5000 years ago and the stone favoured by professional practitioners and experienced yoni egg users.

The yoni egg is an amazing tool that helps tone the lower abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms, which serve as a floor for all our vital organs. The accepted and promoted modern day method used to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor is to perform a squeeze and lift contraction lift from the perineal lift, termed the ‘perineal lift’. However, the yoni egg when used regularly and correctly can prove far more effective and not only strengthens these muscles preventing issues such as stress incontinence but can also increase and promote overall wellbeing and vitality.

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