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The breasts are directly energetically connected to your Yoni and so a breast massage can be very effective as a tool for getting you ready for love making or yoni egg practices.

In Western society breasts are too often seen as play toys for partners or something that are to be shown off in low cut clothing and lingerie, but a woman’s  breasts are the positive gateway of your inner Divine Feminine Empowerment, your Goddess and Shakti essence. They sit either side of your heart chakra – which houses the power of love, compassion, nurturing,  kindness and forgiveness.  Giving yourself a breast massage is a great way of connecting with yourself, but if you prefer to get a partner to perform a breast massage on you it can be a great way of building intimacy.

You can massage with or without an oil, whatever you prefer and you can adapt the method below to suit your own preferences:

  1. Gently cup your breasts. Feel your breasts fill with warm, flowing and loving energy.
  2. Apply a small amount of oil if using. Massage starting from your nipples outward in counterclockwise spirals and circles to the outside edges of your breasts. Circle your breasts completely 20-30 times, with smooth rhythmical movements.
  3. Reverse direction, and massage your breasts in 20-30 clockwise circles and spirals.

If you would like to learn more about Tantric massage, then visit the Tantric Journey website here.

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