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18 reviews
Country United Kingdom,  
Area London
Treats Men, People With Disabilities
Experience2 Year/s
Treatment Time4-6hrs
Atka is a very loving person, who will put you at ease, and invite you to feel free to reconnect to your own body and emotions through Deep Tantric – Tao bodywork incorporating conscious breath, sound and body movement during the session. Come to the session without expectation but with an intention to let go for a deep healing to take place.

Atka's speciality is a deep tissue back massage using different pressure and techniques and she is excellent at the groin and prostate massage. She performs the full body massage from head to toes and from back to front with a firm healing touch and the pressure that is right for you at that moment.

She will hold the space for you so you can entrust, relax and let go, and let Love manifest in your body again. She will not judge you for who you only appear to be on the surface and will encourage you to allow yourself to feel pleasure in the body and express pain and emotions - loud and clear, perhaps for the first time in your life. Let it go... Don't be afraid of the pain: it holds your trauma, negative emotions and toxicity: allow it and let it go! Don't be afraid of expressing the pleasure due to fear of being judged, unworthiness, being not good enough: let it go! And don't be afraid to open your broken heart again: let go of mistrust and allow yourself to feel the healing power of Love.

The way of Tantric Journey is Atka's new chosen way of living. And speaking the inner Truth is the way which she is determined to follow.

Atka enjoys weekly yoga classes and is a member of spiritual development and meditation healing groups. She is interested in non-duality philosophy and her favourite teachers are Adyashanti, Bentinho Massaro and Osho. She also holds a Reiki Usui Practitioner's certificate taught by Master Savitri Sriharan. Atka loves crystals and gems and her hobby is creating crystal jewellery.

Atka's first years of her life were lived at the feet of a sacred woodland first inhabited by pre-Slavonic people of southern Poland. She still loves long lonely walks in nature. Although we are children of Mother Earth, she believes that we all come from stars and are Starseeds.

Brought up in a catholic family and educated as a part qualified accountant and payroller, Atka knows the difficulty of letting go of old 'computerised' beliefs and illusions that seem to keep us trapped.

She believes that ultimately there is no teachers and students, as we all teach each other and are students of life, without exception. Therefore this sacred Tao-tantric bodywork serves us all on our evolutional soul journeys.

Atka heart's desire is to help others and her soul's desire is to grow spiritually. The truly awakening sessions with Mal Weeraratne have opened her heart to more unconditional love which eventually led to the professional training course in emotional detox through Tantric – Tao deep bodywork and she is now an Certified Tantric Journey Educator.

Atka offers 1 on 1 treatments for men to help with emotional and physical release of negative trauma to increase wellbeing, overcome low self esteem, past abuse, depression and sexual dysfunction problems.

Atka has a full time job at present and she is available for sessions during weekends and evenings. The locations of the sessions are in London: Hammersmith and Barons Court.

It was an incredible session. Atka gave so much of herself.  Her love and care is boundless. It was a fantastic healing session for me.
11 March 2019
One of the significant things I have learnt from you is the expression of unconditional love, It is one thing to talk about, but quite a different thing to experience it and understand it at a fundamental level
Dear Atka, Thank you for the follow up care after treatment. My energies are stabilising & my lower back feels more free & flexible but I realise more work is needed. The prostate wishes to heal I feel & maybe another session will help to reduce the size further.The legs feel much better. Stronger & more stable. Again, more work will help. Sexual energy is very high again. Have not masturbated yet,  just allowing it to flow & heal. Yesterday I confronted my mother in a compassionate way & she cried in my arms. Much healing happened. Thank you & to the Angels! My focus is the prostate. But it seems all organs will benefit.
Atka - many thanks for yesterday- my head, emotions and body were blown away - I know what you helped me with will help for the rest of my life - thank-you - have a great day.
Hi Atka, I wanted to send you a follow up email to say thank you again. After the session I had several insights that have changed and moved things, and I seem to really be healing now, and have a confidence in how to proceed, learning about and managing my energy. I'm learning self-acceptance in a way I haven't before, and it's causing my energy to flow, move and become clearer. Thank you again for your help.
Having done a wide variety of spiritual practice - this was my first proper Tantric healing session with Atka. Atka is absolutely an amazing person to be with in every way. However I wasn’t here just for a long massage/meditation, I wanted to know how this healing modality could help. The Prostrate and Lingam work helped me let go of a lot! The intimacy, Breath Work and other rituals and other methods all connected perfectly and brought masculine sexual energy deeply into my chest which is a totally different feeling and really important! If you are a man on a journey or need to reconnect to your self this is definitely something to be explored.
10 May 2018
TLC has become a widely used abbreviation for many things. With Atka, it only means one thing – Tender Loving Care. She is tender with her hands, loving with her heart and takes care of your welfare. She will open her heart to you and if you can do the same and let her into yours in return, you will feel that mighty force in the form of Tantra. In this day in age, when everything is measured against the clock, what I found with Atka was very different. She has time, lots of time to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured in her hands. Nothing is ever rushed. She will take you through the paces at a speed you can cope with. Atka has a very warm and friendly personality and the sparkling glow and that reassuring smile on her face will put you at ease right from the start. What I felt most was that genuine warmth and care I received from Atka – it was fantastic. At the age of 70, having been through the many ups and downs in life, meeting Atka was a new experience that will go down in my books as nothing less than a euphoric, memorable experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Atka for that perfect Tantric massage.
Raj - London
I took this step after long consideration and careful appraisal of all the information shared on the site and extensive googling. I went into the session totally, well 99%, open and trusting The result was cathartic. After the session a lot was going on inside and I shared this by e-mail as well as with good friends. The after support is vital and well delivered with much caring. A process has started and it feels safe.
Frank A.
Many of us men have huge desires and hand-ups. Atka understands instinctively and has also been trained in Tantric respectful practices. So what you get is a wonderful deep tissue massage from top to toes followed by the most caring attention to personal body parts. Her hands and fingers can be strong or tantalizingly gentle with long flowing strokes. You are lead from one healing experience to the next while most of your body is regularly touched. Everything she does is done with sincere love and care and she has a most exciting body and attractive voice. I have found someone I can trust.
Although Atka had explained clearly what the ‘tantric journey’ treatment entails in terms of outline, I still didn’t really know what to expect in full, or how my body would react.  I had never had a prostate massage before, but felt intuitively that, due to past trauma, I needed one.  I turned up on the day a little nervous as, being a typical man I am far more assured giving than receiving.  But Atka’s warm and friendly welcome put me instantly at ease.  The room was beautifully prepared, and I soon felt comfortable and relaxed.   We began with the customary ‘check-in’, during which Atka advised me to simply surrender, and the day would simply unfold without either of us having to force anything.  Atka reassured me that the only intention of the treatment she was offering was my healing, and if I simply relaxed and let go of trying to steer the experience down a certain path, my body would know itself how to receive.  And that is pretty much what I did.  I have to say Atka’s massage was lovely, tentative, fully present and she was always ready to increase or decrease the pressure on my instruction.  It was clear to me that although Atka has a natural feel for giving massage, she has been expertly trained.  I can say that I had a deeply nurturing and expansive experience which, at times, did stir sexual energy.  Whilst the arousal of erotic energy wasn’t really the goal, it was perhaps a good sign that my emotional blockages had, to a large extent, been released.  I left feeling honored, relaxed yet more alive.  Thank you Atka; ps when are you next free?x
Atka is an amazing healer whose specialty is, deep bodywork incorporating prostate massages. She is very loving and intuitive with healing hands. She also offers many aspects of Tantric Journey to help her client to enhance love, intimacy and sacred sexuality through emotional detox through deep Tantric – Tao bodywork and tantric soul and heart connection rituals. I recommend her to all men who seek healing love
Mal Weeraratne
Atka is very carrying healer. Session with her made me feel secure and loved. From the beginning to the end i could felt how beautiful deeply she loves this work. She hold the space for both of us with her heart open. It was absolutely beautiful, Im blessed of meeting her.
The massage I received from Atka was AMAZING! She is an extremely good practitioner, attentive, caring, energetic, loving and with a high level of empathy. She continuously adapted the massage throughout the session by "reading" my state and beautifully responding to my energy with various techniques, intensity, pressure changes, and by fully immersing herself in the experience in order to resonate with my energy. I loved the massage and would wholeheartedly do it again, as well as recommend it to others. Michael, IT professional Loving hugs,
Atka is fully competent and very loving and she has a beautiful energy.  She is a 10.  I had a very fulfilling session.
Peter C
Atka was confident and very skilled at the deep body work she was doing also I felt the confidence in her touch and manner. I felt Atka's care and felt held by her compassionate nature. My body felt relaxed, like a lot of tension had been released. Also I could feel that lymphatic drainage was taking place this lasted about 4 to 5 days. I moved around and even walked with less tension and haste. I would like to thank Atka for all her loving attention and holding the space  
Geoff M
Hi Atka hope you well.thanks for the session, I really enjoyed it. the session was great you have got a lot of potential, the body open and sequence was great. Happy new year 2017 hope to see you soon
The session was long and exciting, with a lot of love and attention to my encouragement. The prostate massage on the back was both soft at the entrance and deep further into the rectum. No pain with much confidence: the pleasure has come, and returned. I would have liked this to continue even with waves. On the stomach, the massage of the points of the belly, the pelvis and the groins are just: both deep and fair. I was greedy and confident, loving me too. She loved me, she helped me with her body and her heart, I began to love myself.   A big thank you to Atka who managed to move my mind: I again want to make love with my heart. Many thanks to Atka. Her open heart and her love have opened me to myself.
Thank you for a lovely treatment. You have a good energy and are passionate about what you do. The place is nice and well decorated. I like you’re pretty straightforward and know your job. Pressure is perfect, not too hard and not too soft. I’ll be back to you again. Nice to have a feeling of someone taking care of you. You were not looking at the clock, but actually took time to satisfy my requests, just to make me happy. It was my pleasure meeting you, wish you all the best.

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