Area London, UK
Treats Women
Treatment Time3-5 hours

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to my web page and most importantly thank you for taking the time to look at my profile and potentially consider me to be your practitioner.

I deeply appreciate and understand the sensitivity of selecting the right practitioner and that is why I would like to say how proud I am of you for taking the first step on your healing journey. I’d like to

let you know that I am here to help address all of your questions, worries and concerns.

If you are unfamiliar with Tantra, it is a holistic treatment program that incorporates Tantric and  bodywork techniques alongside other recognised holistic modalities which aims to aid people in releasing trauma from the body in order to overcome a range of physical, sexual and emotional difficulties. These caninclude  depression, sexual dysfunction, past trauma, low self-esteem and overcoming past abuse.  Additional benefits can include an increased sense of well-being which provides this sought after healing that your physical body and spirit craves. I, personally view Tantra as a life-changing and life- enhancing experience and journey that everyone should embark on. The reason I say this is because Tantra changed my life.

I was first introduced to Tantra as I, myself, sought healing as I had issues in my personal life inhibiting me from living to my fullest potential. After experiencing the amazing healing effects, I knew immediately I had to become a practitioner as I wanted to aid in providing healing to others and be the inspiration for altering women’s lives.

To understand a little more about me; I am a qualified personal trainer and professionally trained massage therapist with 5 years of experience based in London. I have successfully completed the Tantric Journey course with Mal on Emotional Detox through Tantra and Bodywork at School of Healing and Awakening in London.

From a very young age, I understood my innate ability to be a healer, coupled with being compassionate, attentive and empathetic. This has led me on my spiritual healing path obtaining lifelong modalities in alternative medicines,shamanic practices,personal training, massage and now Tantra.

As I am following a path of spiritual enlightenment, I proactively partake in disciplined daily practices in meditation such as Qi gongand Taoism practices while leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a lifelong student, I am currently in training picking up additional skills in modalities such as Chi Nei Tsang, Tai Chi and Taoism to enhance my current skill set to ensure that I can offer the ultimate healing experience and impart gained knowledge to you so you can incorporate these healing practices into your daily life.

Being a healer deeply resonates with me as I know that this is my life’s purpose to bring about healing. I believe that unconditional love is the ultimate healer and I have found that through Tantra I hold space for women and earn their trust in a safe, nurturing and caring manner. I do this whilst providing thepure, unconditional love that is greatly needed today; especially with the way women are affected by the conditions of our society.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know any more information regarding Tantra or if you would you like to set up a meeting either online or face to face.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I wish you always love, light and healing in your life.

Cristian is a very warm and compassionate therapist who made the tension in my body released. I felt blissful and deeply relaxed states during his massage session .  
Cristian has a very firm yet gentle touch that made me feel secure and trusting from the first moments of the session, he is caring and knows how to listen,he is a strong man who helped me to feel like a real woman that I was born to be. Thank you for that!    
Cristian is genuine and willing to share of himself which really helped me to connect with him. He's caring and really wants to stretch himself and learn and heal others. I really benefited from my session with him    
Christian, you are an amazing man! Your presence, strength and heart connection provided me the space to explore, expand and heal. Thanks for opening your heart and being so brave    
Cristian is very nice, gentle, caring and attentive practitioner. A beautiful experience!”  
I had a very good bodywork massage both back and front with Christian in a safe and trustingenvironment
Cristian is a caring and loving therapist, who holds a gentle but powerful healing space for clients to help them release deeply held emotions, and awaken their Shakti energy.
Throughout the session I felt safe and in a beautiful trance state. Partly because I felt attracted to Cristian, I experienced the massage very sensual and stimulating. He was really good at keeping an even energy level all way through. I felt respected and appreciated his presence.
Cristian is a passionate and dedicated healer. He held a safe space for me to let go of suppressed emotions I had been holding on to for years. A tantric session with Cristian is comforting, nurturing, energising, sensual as well as deeply healing. Will highly recommend him.
EXCELLENT!! I have finally found healing through tantra with Cristian, the nurturing and caring healer. Besides for him effectively holding space for me in an unconditionally loving manner, he is technically EXCELLENT in massage!! The best I have ever had!! Through treatment with him, I have broken through limitations I was experiencing in my relationship and he also brought about much needed healing by helping me release my childhood trauma. I am so eternally grateful to him. Thank you, Cristian. Really, thank you. I highly recommend Tantra to everyone with Cristian as your practitioner
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