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David Allen | Tantric Journey
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6 reviews
Country United Kingdom,  
Area Bristol
Treats Men, Women
Experience2 Year/s
Treatment Time3-6 hours

The aim of my Tantric Journey sessions is to help heal, empower and return sovereignty back to the sacred feminine. This includes helping to heal sexually disempowering past experiences, and to bring you back into alignment with your true self-worth, innate joy and happiness. This will help you to embrace life more fully, enhance relationships, or help you to attract The Beloved that you truly deserve.

I’ve spent the past 20 years on a journey of training and healing. This includes training as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Life Coaching. A core part of my work is understanding the mind-body connection, and how to help change beliefs and values to make significant changes in your life.

Shamanic Energy healing, Space holding, Sacred Healing Sound and Angelic Reiki are also an integral and important part of my healing work. These particular trainings have taught me how to tune into the 7 different levels of the Aura, and how to clear, infuse, integrate and align the whole human energetic template. I’m also currently training as an Alchemical Recoding Breath-work Facilitator and I’m amazed every time by the simple power of breath. I currently lead weekend retreats several times a year exploring these different healing modalities.

I offer deep trauma release during Tantric Journey sessions, creating a space where you feel held and safe so you can revisit past experiences. Painful emotions are softened with deep relaxing bodywork and pleasurable sensations to encourage the body to release. We can then physically and energetically clear what is no longer serving you, so you can step into your new empowered future. I am here to support you, not just during the sessions, but afterwards too.

Amrita release (female ejaculation) is part of my work, After this sacred experience, many women feel as if every cell in their body is vibrating, and leaves you feeling cleansed and elated. The dance of Shiva and Shakti in the sessions will also help reconnect you to the pleasurable capabilities of your body and your wild and confident sacred feminine essence.

I offer female Tantric Journey sessions and Mens coaching sessions.

 Treatments are suitable for:

  • Trauma, especially sexual trauma

  • Trauma from abortion, miscarriage, still birth or childbirth including surgery

  • Self body image and confidence

  • Guilt, shame, anger, sadness and loss

  • Fear of intimacy

The benefits of Tantric Journey Treatments:

  • Finding love in your life

  • Receiving more pleasure in all ways of life

  • Deepened connectivity to yourself and your true feminine nature

  • Body confidence

  • Sexually empowered and liberated

This morning my heart is yearning for a deepness, a connection a something. I think this may be an after effect of the session we had. I so appreciate that you left the room to get your back rest and when you came back and I said I would go shower, you asked if I wanted to hug some more and you pulled me back into you. I thank you for this because all I wanted to do was get home, be home and cry or whatever but be in the security of my flat and in my solitude. I was aware as I was feeling that, that was my usual reaction. It's like a running away, flight to safety. But letting go on you was really great. I think you responded to me saying that I always have to hold myself up, and you gave me the opportunity to let go and allow YOU to hold me up. I'm so glad I allowed myself to do that, to feel what it was like to let go and let someone support me.
August 2017
I've known Dave for over a year and half and I have seen him grow and fully dedicate himself to his path. On receiving an invitation for a session I automatically said yes. Dave is really grounded, very clear, clean, attentive and in tune. He was very accommodative to my needs always assuring me that he was there for me. I felt absolutely no judgement. I felt held but with space and he really honoured where I was at personally. He has a level of spiritual maturity and thorough experience, I can tell the difference when a person has and continues to develop themselves, personally and spiritually. He has a deeper understanding of the work and his own energy at hand. Any one can take a course and call them self a professional, but to really live in integrity is a different thing. It is felt by his presence. He practices, and doesn't preach. Much love and gratitude for the experience. I have finally told my friends that I've found a 'real deal' and I have referred him. I am not saying this as a friend I am saying this as a woman that knows the power of healing and when someone is really in their integrity, that cares about the utmost treatment and respect for women and people in general. This work puts you in a very vulnerable space and it is important to be with someone who knows what they are doing. Dave is that man. I love you X Heal the sisters brother. The women are waiting X
Racquelle - Medium, Shamanic Healer
August 2017
I had my first Emotional Detox session in December 2016, that time I was quite confused and couldn't even decide if it was a positive experience or negative experience, but I stayed in touch with the bodywork somehow because I knew something in me was starting to change. When I met David, I had a great fear towards him, something about him was representing what I wanted to run away, but I knew that’s what I needed to face and I also knew that I was actually ready to receive another session. It seemed as if he knew perfectly well what I needed, I could see he was taking extra care with me, I felt completely taken care of. The session was really tough and painful but I could go through this because I knew his strong presence was there to hold me and the space. I’m very grateful for him, for performing the perfect session I needed most at this time, it was truly a transformational experience. Thank you David!
Sam - TJ practitioner
David was very tuned into me and created a beautiful sacred space, he helped me bring up past life and present life traumas which I was able to release, I felt light, energised and very cleansed after.
M.C. London
August 2017
I was in a very altered space after the releases. I knew something enormous had happened, with the two karmic completions and then a deeper Shakti awakening. I'm very grateful to David for this, it was soul level healing. It was a life-changing healing session for me - it released two enormous past life experiences of sexual abuse and loss of a baby. The traumas had been stored in the cellular memory of my stomach and yoni and I know it has interfered with relationships. After the releases, pure Shakti energy poured into my 2nd chakra again and I was able to release amrita, which has been very difficult in the past.
Kate Elenor
United Kingdom
August 2017
David has an incredible gift, mixing shamanism and tantra into a deeply healing journey. In his session I felt like I travelled back through time into a painful past and was able to face these issues and start to deal with them.
August 2017
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