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Gaëlle | Tantric Journey
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Gaëlle Tantric Journey therapist
6 reviews
Country Belgium, Netherlands,  
Area Breda, Ghent
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Experience1 Year/s
Treatment Time3-4 hrs
For a long time I have been passionate about life’s journey and the art of being fully alive. Following that passion I have studied yoga and have been teaching yoga for almost a decade now.  I studied Thai Massage at the ‘Healing Hands Center’ in Kathmandu Nepal and Alchemy of Bodywork at ‘Life Projects’ in Belgium.

These studies were followed by the teachings within ‘Tantric Journey’ which gave me a more complete approach and showed me the path to integrate what I have learned and experienced so far.

Through the power and simplicity of natural touch, the body opens more and life-energy starts to flow again. Emotional and physical toxins can be released and more space is created. More space to be really present and live from your true life potential.

In a bodywork treatment most problems dissolve without really paying attention to them, rather by raising the vitality, consciousness and connection with the natural field of life-force.

I am committed to help others to find this connection again and to let go of what holds them back. To live their life fully and free so they can embody who they really are.

An invitation to honour your body and to let the light shine!

Gaelle is, next to genuine, warm and nice, an excellent host who can quickly create a warm, inviting atmosphere, where one can feel safe and relaxed. The treatment was diverse, intense and I felt challenged to explore my own thoughts and comfort zone in a very secure way. This treatment was like a gift, I would love to get one again!
Marie V
April 2018
Gaëlle is a strong, beautiful woman. She is wise, she listens, she knows the world. She knows what she’s doing. The TJ session really felt like a beautiful gift.      
Kindergarten Teacher
February 2018
Gaelle was attentive and professional. I felt extremely safe and held by her and was able to surrender completely to her touch, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong, always in tune with what my body needed. She was caring and compassionate and I found myself in another dimension, slipping in and out of dreams involving expansive conversations and sacred geometry. I lost track of time and felt completely relaxed and energised at the end. More specifically I felt a release of blocked energy in the top right of my body. I would recommend her without reserve.
July 2018
Gaelle has the ability to be vulnerable, open and subtle at the same time very powerful and graceful. A rare combination:-)
Femke K
November 2018
The session is absolutely a recommendation. For me myself, it’s a very fine massage of the body, I felt very compassionated and loved. I had from the beginning a visual of flowers and the smell. It brought me to my home where I grew up. Even it was not that garden, it was an open field, during the session the moment Gaëlle worked on my heart, I was in the core of a white rose. Everything felt very good and nice except my belly. There it was painful, that part she massaged deeply from my belly, up to my heart and throat. I felt that opened some old pain, it relieved and tears came up. The day after the session I felt light, more free to be myself , vulnerable so I was more open to let life come into my soul and mind. It was a beautiful experience. Especially because I did many different things before but this one touched my heart and went deep inside of old pain on a subtle way. I let flow without using my mind. Thanks Gaëlle.
June 2018
Gaëlle is very caring, compassionate and gentle practitioner who puts her whole heart into her work, and stays in presence for the duration of the session, carefully noticing and taking into account all kinds of feedback, making the session a real tantric journey.
Software developer
Chiang Mai
December 2017
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