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Iris Smeets | Tantric Journey
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5 reviews
Country Netherlands,  
Area Netherlands
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Experience3 Year/s
Fees250 euros
Treatment Time4-6 hours

A treatment is a very personalized journey into your being that connects you more deeply with your own heart, body and soul. It releases trauma and creates space for love, joy and pleasure. Clients have shared that they feel I have a very loving presence and a pure, peaceful and trustful nature. I would love to let you experience this unique and powerful therapy that combines deep bodywork with the healing power of love.

About me
I have always been passionate about human connection, trauma rehabilitation and healing. Firstly, I studied Philosophy and then completed a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution. I was eager to know how societies that are faced with trauma can heal and reconcile. Afterwards, when I found Tantric Journey, I realized that I could use my own abilities as a tool of healing as well. It allowed me to develop my strong sense of touch and natural empathy to connect deeply with people. I practice Tantra and Yoga as a path to learn to fully love and heal myself and by using Tantric Journey sessions I can assist others in their journey of healing and awakening. .

My Vision

I believe that we are all in essence Love. Rumi says: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Tantric Journey offers a beautiful opportunity to recognize the fears and insecurities we have and the walls and barriers we build against love. Facing those in a safe space will help us to slowly (re-)open to the love that we are.

The Treatment

A session can be effective when you are experiencing emotional or physical pain, when you have fears around intimacy or sexuality. You are also welcome when you are curious to discover what this loving journey into your own being can bring you.
It can help with restoring your inner balance, experiencing deep relaxation, deepening your relationship with love and intimacy or can treat specific ailments, pains, blockages, emotions and trauma’s.

I am based in the South of the Netherlands, but travel occasionally to Scandinavia as well. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you are interested or want to know more!
I have been reflecting on our time together and I have to confess that it was the most amazing sensually spiritual engagement I have ever experienced. Iris has a kind heart, a tender touch, and a deeply rich soul. She has a gift for heightening sensuality and expanding the senses in a state of pure relaxation. I actually have fantasized  about that session quite a few times. The session was very healing and transformative and I'm grateful to Iris for that. We shared a beautiful connection that I so look forward to expanding upon. You are poetry!
It was my first time with this type of work and for a whole week afterwards I was feeling energy raising from my pelvic into my chest. With this came all the negative conditioning I have learned as a man. I am in no doubt about the benefits of working with Iris. She is very gifted intuitively and responds exactly to what you need at the time. I feel I am at the beginning of a new chapter in my life...
I had the honor of receiving Iris’ Tantra massage, and I have to say it was a great experience. I had a little bit of inhibitions to receive a tantric massage from a person I didn’t know that well, but before the massage, Iris gave me some information about the massage, and gave me the opportunity to write down what I wanted from the massage and what I was uncertain about. It may be a simple thing, but that helped a lot in opening myself and surrendering to the process even before the massage started. Iris created a beautiful space with beautiful lights and relaxing music, and before the massage started, she guided me into a short but nice meditation that helped to continue opening me up, and it also initiated a personal connection between us, in which I could feel loved and respected. The nicest thing about Iris’ approach to the massage was her pure sincerity, and the palpable openness in her own heart as she did the massage. Personally, I think a relaxed attention and awareness on one hand, and love and care on the other, are the two most important things that create a magical experience, and both of these were very present in Iris’ massage. In general, I felt very cared for; Iris’ touch felt very pleasant, and she was very considerate in the way she handled my body and spirit. This allowed me to open up some of the blockages I had, and this made the massage a very intense experience for me, in which I could look my blockages right in the eyes, and allow them to weaken their grip on me in a space of love and caring.
My session with Iris was extraordinarily good The overall experience was very positive. In this session I felt energy move to most parts of my body that I hadn't experienced before and I felt comfortable expressing myself in real time with Iris as a practitioner, and she was very in tune as to when I needed more pressure or less and she knew intuitively when to continue probing even if I experienced pain - I did not feel as if I was with a student - she was exemplary. It was such a beautiful loving experience , I am going to do the practitioner training - it's definitely on my to do list
"So comfortable and at ease" When my partner and I had a session with Iris, we did not feel shame or  embarrassed, but trusted to completely open ourselves, guided by Iris's instructions. We both felt and experienced so much - from intimacy, deep connection and emotions to the beauty of physical sensations and attraction. Iris could see more in us than we could ourselves - she could identify both blockages and reciprocal needs. That experience has put us closer together at  many levels. It was such a powerful session, we had no regrets and want more."
Magda and Chris
Poland and Holland
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