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Country United Kingdom, Thailand,  
Area Chiang Mai, Koh Pangan, London
Treats Couples, Men, People With Disabilities, Women
Experience4 Year/s
Treatment Time4-6hrs

20th March - 24th April Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan, Thailand

Since early years, in her upbringing, Julija learned (the hard way) the importance of human connection through physical contact including touch for one's wellbeing.

Eight years back, Julija explored a range of massage practices. Experiencing various needs that people have for: healing, relaxation, release, communication, pain relief and other Julija decided to learn to be able to help others in the way she truly enjoys. Ever since massage for her is a regular personal practice.

Following her passion Julija studied Ayurvedic massage in India one to one with long practicing master who has made an exclusion for her in order to teach and support. Then some time later, striving to learn, she studied Thai massage in Thailand with highly regarded practicing master in Shinshine school in Chiang Mai.

Along with the studies all these years. Julija pays close attention to personal development & growth and being learning and practicing meditation and yoga for 8 consecutive years as well as enjoying on daily basis, raw and vegan food preparation for herself and others.

For four years Julija has being following and practicing Tantra, so inevitably, when found, she joined the Tantric Teachers Training course with Mal at Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening. "TJ School together with the course I've learned add on to my whole experience fulfilling and harmonising it" – she has no doubt Tantra is her way in serving people.

Julija provides 1-2-1 sessions for men, women and couples.
Thank you for breaking through the virtually impenetrable shell I have spent most of my life building. You have shown me the possibility of living in a more open manner at least towards those I care about, and even, just possibly of being happy. Thank you. I hope I have the opportunity for you to guide me further in this journey.
I am сo grateful for the session that we had, it was so beautiful. I'm feel very aware of my space and energy and the delicate nature I have. I see the beauty in allowing my self to open up and release emotion. I experienced so much power in surrender. Today I'm feeling juicy with lots of creative energy. I feel a joy and the stillness of observation to enjoy it. Thank you so much for the beautiful session.
Thank you for the wonderful journey yesterday! Your ability to open your heart to others like myself, can use your strength to make breakthroughs is a gift that are so kind to share with those fortunate to come across your path. With blessings for your passion to make the world a better, more loving place to inhabit, both outwardly and inwardly..  
Ahvie Herskowitz
San Francisco
Throughout my life I have been fortunate to meet certain individuals that in some way have aided me in the path towards self realisation and pure expression of my being. Julia is one of those individuals, to whom I am grateful for facilitating the release of stagnant energy and blocked emotions which were hidden in the depths of my body and spirit. Julia transported me into a sacred space of presence and love, where vulnerability is welcomed and healing occurs. Right after the session I could feel a deep sense of tranquility as if a ton of weight had been released from myself. Now a few weeks have passed and, as the experience integrates, I notice that I have more energy, more awareness and a clearer vision for my path. I believe that Julia can help anyone whether consciously on a spiritual path or in need of physical/emotional healing.    
My yoni massage with Julia, was the first step I had ever made into the world of Tantra. It was a huge step into the unknown which had culminated for me due to increased sexual energies and a desire to find out more what this was all about! Julia made me feel safe straight away. As I tapped tentatively on the door on a late Sunday night, I went from thinking I might end up in a brothel in Amsterdam to feeling entirely safe and completely welcomed. After a consultation, Julia invited me to take a shower, and her manner was so generous that I felt nurtured and beautiful - I'd never been into the "inner goddess" thing but suddenly I felt like one: warm, radiant and feminine. The massage itself made me feel safer still. It was sensuous and pleasurable. It also served as a catalyst to bring out deep emotions in me. Julia was totally present with me through each wave of emotion and it was an important part of my process to have somewhere to let them out so freely. After these emotional waves had been weathered, she helped me find my g-spot and it was arousing and thrilling while also feeling like a platonic, safe space - almost sisterly. Julia has helped me to know my body better and to awaken my emotions which need to be heard and released. With a big heart, thank you :)
I requested to work with Julia to integrate a part of sexual shadow that I have been unable to integrate. The session was great, although after tapping into old traumas my journey home felt very lonely and I felt empty and drained. The next day after vivid dreams and not so nice childhood memories I woke up feeling really good, like stuff was healed. The most enlightening part of working with Julia was hearing her perspective on my sexual shadow at the end of the session. I found her very insightful and she referred me to work with a non-tantric practitioner. I left feeling that I had made progress in healing journey had a new direction to go in and had worked with a very genuine person who was not balancing the truth with her need to make money.
Just a note to say thank you for offering me the Kashmiri massage yesterday it was very special and beautiful. Its effects have also been quite powerful with further opening of the pelvic, perineum and lower stomach areas. I also felt earlier today some softening of the heart centre. The combined effect of all this is a opening up of my front to the world and feeling a bit more exposed and vulnerable in some ways
A big thank-you for last night. I really felt it was an amazing, powerful experience bringing me home to myself. Allowing myself to enjoy my pleasure is something I haven't really done, without the usual feelings of shame and negativity dragging me down. My body feels good and open and my energy is still moving. Thank-you so much for your love, care, and connection. The space you hold is so strong and so beautiful. You are full of loving kindness.
Oliver W
An amazing experience and worth every penny. Julia has a kind soul that makes you feel comfortable instantly. I had no idea what to expect but I now have a deeper appreciation of the joy of experiencing pressure. There was no judgment from Julia which allowed me to be completely honest with myself as to what my issues were and Julia guided me as to how to confront the issue. The massage was an amazing experience and now I see what all the fuss about 'tantra' really is. I recommend this to anyone looking for an outer body sensual experience.  
Thank you so much for today it was a total pleasure to be with you today. You truly opened up my eyes to sexual healing and energy. You really are a truly kind person and made feel completely at ease even though at times it didn’t look like it. It’s a shame that most people are not like you otherwise the world would be a much better place. I can't thank you enough for what you did and made me feel it was an amazing experience. I truly believe that with your hard work you will change many more lives and heal many more people. Kind regards.    
Will Eaton
Julia is a truly professional Tantric healer. The experience I had with her was unparalleled by any of the many tantric massages I have had over the past 10 years. Julia reached deep layers of tension or trapped energy or emotion that I haven't been able to remove through yoga or other physical practices. The experience was relaxing, invigorating and deeply pleasurable to the soul. I was made to feel totally at ease and the environment was clean, very comfortable and had a great shower and bed. The massage process lasted hours but the attention and intention was such that at no point did I drift off. I'd highly recommend Julia if you would like to receive a powerful healing on a very deep level. Thank you Julia for your loving kindness. Namaste.
Wow, what an incredible experience!  Julia is fantastic and has successfully helped me with recent erectile difficulties and I now feel great! I had the most comprehensive massage ever and the treatment created a new inner calm and balance within.  I'm now breathing better and feeling excited about the physical side of a relationship again.Thank you!  
Julia is so giving.  Yet, she is pure Tantra and totally professional.  I've never known anything like it - she gave me her undivided attention and made me feel safe enough to really let go and express things that I didn’t even know were there.  She facilitated my digging up lots of pain from which I know, I will heal.  She is really great.
I feel so grateful for have had a therapy with Julia. An opportunity to listen deep into your body and be able to express it. The most complete and best massage therapy i ever had. Thank you Julia!
After only a matter of minutes with Julia, it became very apparent to me, that I was with a great Soul, a pure Spirit and a beautiful human being. Julia is the embodiment of wisdom, love, strength, sensitivity, openness, integrity, compassion, sincerity, honour and professionalism and represents the essence of tantra in its most pure expression, which is love. Julias very presence itself, allows the masks and layers of Self protection that we all wear, to simply fall away and this can only happen when a deeper recognition takes place within us, that we are in a space of unconditional love, non judgement, trust, respect and safety. It is truly an honour for me to have encountered such a wonderful and noble being. If there is a true calling within you, a deep longing to reconnect with who you truly are through the experience of Tantra, Julia represents an open doorway of pure light that leads you directly back to your Heart and to your very self." Thank you!
My tantric journey was truly amazing. I found myself instantly at ease with Julia she is professional and at the same time very warm and open person, full of understanding and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about her work. I could open up and talk about everything that I wanted to which in itself helped me tremendously.  The tantric journey was profound I really felt I had been somewhere. I could sense energy within my body moving and also the energy from Julia as she intuitively located various regions on my body to work on and apply various techniques.  I felt so  deeply relaxed afterwards with a sense of knowing or understanding myself more. Thank you Julia for this beautifully positive and insightful experience.
Martin X
I had the most blissed out evening. I don’t remember ever feeling so peaceful and dreamy after a treatment. Massive shifts and movements keep happening in my life. I feel more assured with my own feelings and decision-making. Putting myself first and loving myself more. I’ve learnt so much about my unexpressed anger and have expressed it various times since we met but I’m also learning to see what the root of the anger is which will help me in the long run. You definitely work with magic. I was closed, nervous and blocked when I met you because of my relationship. I’m now enjoying so much vital energy and intense focus and devotion. Basically I feel as good as I know I can feel.
I feel extremely peaceful, it’s a very warm feeling of contentment. At peace with myself. I would like to say you’re amazing at what you do. I feel blessed that I chose you to take me on my tantric journey.    
It was with great trepidation that I first approached Julia in an attempt to ‘awaken’ a shut down body and energy system. Julia’s compassion and demeanor immediately put me at my ease. Her sessions are intense and cathartic; no rushing and complete understanding of my issues and needs. I trust Julia completely, which is very rare for me, and her intuition is amazing; she can feel what I feel, she can identify what I need and most importantly she knows how to resolve everything my body has thrown up. In summary Julia is a beautiful person and expert practitioner, and after just three sessions my life has already started to get back on track. I am looking forward to going deeper into myself and I would not want to face this journey with anyone other than Julia. In a lifetime one makes a few ‘pivotal’ connections.  
I am a 68 year old male who has been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a while. When I consulted my doctor, I was given a list of conditions stacked up against me: age, diabetes, blocked arteries, enlarged prostate and the fact that I am a smoker. Then by chance I came across “Tantric Journey” and I contacted Julia. She didn’t promise me the Earth just to earn a few bucks, but told me it might take a while and might be worth a try. With reluctance I agreed to give it a try and was surprised to find the very next morning, I in fact had an erection. It wasn’t a full erection by any description but certainly was an improvement. Unfortunately my joy turned to despair a week later, when my erections became weaker and I was heading back to the place where I started from. When I contacted Julia, she told me it was to expected considering my age and all the medical conditions against me and that I needed regular sessions at two or three month intervals to stimulate the prostate and maintain an erection. What I like about Julia is her honesty and openness. I feel comfortable and reassured during her sessions. She is a very competent therapist. Despite the expense and no promise of a definite result at the end, I have decided to continue my sessions with Julia. At my age, even a slight improvement would be a bonus to my sex life.  
I would like to thank you immensely and express my gratitude though this email. It was a pleasure of getting to know you. I had never had such an experience before but came with an open mind. From the moment you opened the door and greeted me, you were warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable. During our initial conversation, I found that we had some things in common which put me at ease. I felt a strong connection with you and felt safe. I feel that you truly care for the person, their health, and their circumstances and want to help people. You are a lovely person and a beautiful human being who transfers your positive energy through your skilled hands during your therapy. In short, you are kind, caring and knowledgeable. I feel a certain happiness that's hard to describe. And it was all thanks to your care. Your support after the treatment made me feel that there was a good support structure in place. I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.
Dear Julia Thank you .. the session was quite extraordinary and quite unlike anything i have experienced before. Your slight build does not prepare you for one for your strength when like a warrior woman you fought during our session for the broken and missing parts of my being. coming from a Christian background it was a challenge for me but the ultimate phase where you fanned the energy through my body resulted in a wave of peace and warmth that I recognised immediately as spiritual, I thank you for your strength and your courage,
Gareth X

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