Area Chiang Mai, Tokyo
Treats Women
Fees8000THB / 34,000JPY
Treatment Time4-6 hours
Location schedule 2019: Chiang Mai (~Feb 23), Tokyo (Mar 27 ~ Jun)
Kaiho is often available to travel on request, so please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Kaiho has been involved in bodywork since a young age, making touch his second nature. He’s a passionate spiritual soul, having deeply explored the nature of love, fulfillment, sexuality and conscious living for the past ten years. He’s been particularly active as a practitioner of Classic Tantra Yoga, as part of the Tantra Yoga school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thanks to his rich background in spirituality and Tantra, he offers clients a deep and holistic understanding of their particular needs. Kaiho is particularly gifted in creating a safe and loving space of mutual trust, where clients can quickly drop into a space of true relaxation and truthfulness towards their own heart and Soul.

Kaiho’s vision is that every person is a little universe, and that the universe is reflected in every person. He respects the fact that we’re all human beings, with each our own challenges and limitations, but he’s also firmly convinced that every person has a God or Goddess inside, with limitless potential, waiting to be discovered and explored. As a client, it’s not at all required to have similar ideas or visions. Clients are offered a direct experience rather in which they can get a glimpse—or possibly more than just a glimpse—of their inner Goddess.

Whether you’ve experienced difficult challenges or trauma in your life and feel desperate to let go of your baggage, or whether you’re simply curious to explore your own inner universe and the nature of bliss; Kaiho will adapt the Tantric Journey to your needs, desires, boundaries and expectations.

Kaiho is based in Chiang Mai (Thailand), but travels to Tokyo (Japan) on a regular basis to offer Tantric Journey Sessions. Check Kaiho’s personal website to view a detailed location schedule.

(Note: Kaiho is originally from Belgium, and is fluent in English, Dutch and Japanese.)

Kaiho offers Tantra Therapy / Tantric Yoni Massage in Chiang Mai (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan), Bali, Malaysia and other countries around the world.


It was the single most intensely beautiful thing that i have ever been a part of. (H. / United Kingdom, April 2017)
United Kingdom
April 2017
Kaiho immediately inspires trust and safety with a sensitive and loving manner. This helped me to drop into a deep space to receive the bodywork, and release deep held emotions. His energy body is very open and active, particularly in the heart and third eye area, which adds an additional dimension to his work. I'd recommend his sessions especially for women who have experienced deep trauma in their lives, and who need a caring and compassionate person to support their healing journey
Kate Elena
United Kingdom
April 2017
I had a wonderful experience with Kaiho, and felt very inspired through his bodywork. He was very present and caring throughout the experience. His suggestions and encouragements came in the right time and in the right amount.
April 2017
The massage from Kaiho could release some bad emotions from my childhood and made me know more myself, my emotion and my ego with awareness very well. Now I know what to do on my own path. I could accept and not be ashamed to see all my bad parts and behaviors and know how to improve myself to be a better person. I could be honest and sincere with myself. I could create my joy and happiness from inside, unattached to anyone else, as if lighting my own candle. This is a new inner journey that made me feel secure. It’s super special. And from now it’s my responsibility to protect my special candle light
February 2017
Kaiho is a very sensitive, intuitive and sincere massage therapist. I received a tantric massage from him. He uses conscious and loving touch to connect and give attention and care that can offer a very pleasurable, but also healing experience. I felt like I entered a peaceful kingdom in the space he created. He started with an opening ritual that was very beautiful and felt like an offering to the divine inside me. It was very revealing and made me feel vulnerable instantly. But the safety and comfort he provided carried the vulnerability and I felt cared for. He led me through a meditation that was very sincere and connected us from the heart quickly. His presence, attention and focus touched me and helped me to relax and surrender. My mind was still quite active during the first part of the massage and something held me back from fully entering a journey. When I turned around and was lying on my back, he said some words that reconnected me to my heart and instantly calmed my mind. His touch then became a waterfall of love and affection that softened my being. I entered a dream-like state in which I could not distinguish where his hands where, where my body started, where it ended, where he was, who he was, who I was; everything seemed to melt and merge. A rush of energy was flowing through my body and I felt it couldn’t be released as it was building up quickly. At one point everything started tingling and I had to sit up straight to calm down. I then released all energy in a laughing fit that lasted for a long time. I felt joy, ecstasy and was very high. He was able see what I needed and gave me the appropriate space to release and also grounded me when it was time and brought me back to earth. We continued the massage and I felt safer than before. With his help I managed to meet and experiment a little with my boundaries, my shame, my resistance and blockages to fully experience and relax into pleasure. When he started doing my yoni massage and he went inside me, I felt sadness coming up. I felt a deep pain inside me and it was as if I could see the pain from the inside of my body. Simultaneously I saw images and flashes of a memory that I knew I had not experienced myself this life. I felt a distance and disconnection towards the emotion and had no conscious recollection, but my body was grieving and letting go of it. After this release, I felt numbness, confusion and disorientation. Kaiho then started rounding up the massage and lovingly ended it that helped me to integrate all that happened. I feel like Kaiho has an abundance of love and true Shiva qualities inside of him that he can connect to when doing massages. He can hold space in a genuine, safe and caring way. He has very pure intentions, a very comforting presence and a beautiful sense of touch.
July 2016
Kaiho’s massage was so nurturing yet invigorating, liberating, and overall very healing, to me. He held a space for me which was very safe, allowing, and compassionate, shown in his touches as well. As the underlying current was universal love, I could stay so relaxed in being vulnerable, felt bliss, and happy in being feminine while receiving.
May 2017
Kaiho – Thank you for working miracles with your divine touch. I would highly recommend Kaiho Prem for his sensitive yet deep and connected approach in the art of tantric massage.
United Kingdom
April 2017
It was a wonderful experience, so much more than just a normal massage - I felt my heart opening and immense love flowing.
United Kingdom
April 2017
I didn't really know what to expect regarding getting a tantric massage. I had spoken to people about their experiences, but was still on the fence. I had sexual trauma in my history that I wanted to work through in the massage, but this is exactly what made it feel so scary to try and face my fears. Coincidentally, the week I was considering it, I met Kaiho as a friend. After a great spiritual conversation and a feeling of connection, I found out he was in school for giving these massages. When I told him I had sexual traumas I wanted to heal, he offered me a session and answered my questions in detail of what it would be like. I felt emotional safety with him and could sense his intentions were coming from a pure place of wanting to help. Kaiho conducted this session with such love, safety, and integrity, I felt so relaxed and even fell asleep a few times. During the session, 4 different sexual traumas came up for me. As I cried and shook, Kaiho respected whatever boundaries I voiced and supported me like a therapist would. He guided me in welcoming the emotions that arose and gave specific cues which helped release them. As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner myself, I was happy to be given this guidance, which I recognized as extremely skilled and which required years of introspection, study and practice on Kaiho's part to embody. I walked away feeling lighter, less afraid of intimacy and with much gratitude. I realized it was not so much the physical massage that was healing, but the high vibration energy with which it was conducted. Thank you Kaiho for allowing me to trust and let go.
United States
February 2017
I have received 3 massages from Kaiho in total, each a different journey, and each very healing in its own way. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first, as it brought forth a lot of fears. But from start to finish, I felt safe and cared for. Kaiho creates a beautiful space and you can really sense his support and love through your vulnerabilities. He begins by explaining the general process and provides space for you to share any of your concerns, fears, boundaries, etc. Before any contact takes place, he establishes a loving connection through eye gazing, which in my experience allowed for some calmness amidst my deep fears and built up walls. During one of the massages, intense fears unexpectedly arose as well as tears. Kaiho held the space beautifully for me to open to the emotions and verbalize them, which felt like something stagnant inside that had been waiting to be released. I have always had particularly strong blockages both sexually and in my heart, something I always denied giving attention to out of fear. Twice I experienced vivid, visual flashbacks that brought forth fears that shocked my whole body and something like a jolt of lightning to my heart. Though I didn't verbalize this to him, he intuitively stopped the massage and placed his hand on my heart and the pain began to spread away from the body and dissipate. Since those particular experiences, I feel more gentleness and acceptance towards that fear and for whatever arises. I felt cared for throughout the massages and never felt like he was stepping into a place he wasn't welcomed. I have never felt so vulnerable and safe at the same time. After the massage, Kaiho provides space for reflection. There's no feeling of an agenda; the space is created fully for you. The massages have allowed me to become more accepting of myself and to voice my emotions from a place of truth and love. I feel the experiences are and will continue to be carried over as reflections into my daily life, in connecting with myself and others. Kaiho is a natural healer with a genuine heart and intentions. He is graceful, selfless, gentle, and present to each emotion that arises throughout the massage. He has an intuitive touch and you really sense a healing taking place through pure love. If given a chance, the massage with Kaiho has the potential to go very deep and will be a true gift to you.
United States
January 2017

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