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Kamila | Tantric Journey
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8 reviews
Country Germany, Spain,  
Area Berlin, Valencia
Treats Men, People With Disabilities, Transgender, Women
Experience2 Year/s
Treatment Time3-4 hrs

I've decided to dedicate my life to healing myself and to helping others to heal. I believe that the human body is the most immediate element of Nature that we have access to, therefore by alienating ourselves from our body, we alienate ourselves from Nature. In the sessions, the ultimate goal is to empower You by re-activating your body's natural healing mechanisms and by giving voice to those aspects of your being that have been silenced and disconnected.

 Driven by the inner call for Truth since an early age, many times I had no other choice than to follow my heart, wherever it guided me.

What has unfolded has been a very non linear journey, all embedded in the guidance of teachers, travels, retreating, relationships and a simple, natural living environment.

Tantric Journey is the culmination of my search for true healing. It touches the most profound layers of emotions, shedding light on the parts that have been obscured and allows for a complete transformation in body, mind and spirit. Like many, many others, I was haunted by the shadow of past traumas for all of my adolescent and the beginning of adult life. These traumas manifested in my body as a physical ailment, leaving me sexually dysfunctional and depressed.  I decided to take full responsibility for my own well-being in my late twenties. Although I had a strong foundation of body/energy healing that I received through other modalities, it wasn't until I went through a series Tantric Journey sessions, that I could finally stand on my own feet.

Working with clients, I rely on my Inner Guidance and let it take my hands and direct the energy to those parts of the body that need attention. My simple motto is: "If I can do it, you can too"

I obtain equal levels of satisfaction working with men, women and transgender persons. As an empath with a natural ability for Deep Listening, I easily adjust to your needs and your pace and help you unburden. Seeing a person being reunited with their real Self like watching the most beautiful of Flowers bloom.

Born in Poland, I currently live by the sea in a beautiful Natural Reserve in Valencia, Spain and I am also spending a lot of time in Berlin, Germany so please, come visit!


Kamila is very professional, consent is important both ways and she is well aware of that. She is very compassionate and enjoys her work, I feel renewed and liberated after a 4 hour session with her.
May 2019
Kamila is a very intuitive therapist with great healing hands and she created a blissful and happy state for me during a session. Interpreter from London.
Kamila is a lovely therapist and since having my first session with her I feel less embarrassed about my body and more at home in the dark.  She encouraged me to go on further free sessions and that one session was probably not going to produce miracles, sharing with me some of her journey.
Kamila was very welcoming and delightful to be around. She had a pleasant smile. She was surprisingly strong which certainly helped during the massage. I was able to relax around her as she gave off a friendly aura.
While in many ways I'm a healthy middle-aged male, I have suffered many emotional traumas in my life, particularly when I was in my teens when I lost both parents and a brother. This has resulted in a life-long struggle with depression which, by and large, I have won. My sexual development was also not as smooth as it might have been which has resulted in periods of erectile dysfunction. While I am in a very loving relationship with my wife, these problems have periodically affected our sexual relationship and this treatment helped me face these problems in an overwhelmingly positive way and opened the door to a healing journey. Please keep my identity anonymous
I experienced Kamila's reassuring manner, gentleness of heart bring me to a place of deep emotion. We traveled together to a very intimate level of relating. What I most valued was being held by Kamila on my request during the end of the session and her words that as a woman when she holds someone, she can be like an infinite ocean. I had been longing for this kind of holding from a woman for so long and felt deeply moved and loved in that moment.
Kamilla is a wonderful practitioner who makes you feel very safe and held and treats you with a lot of respect. Her massage is also very healing and effective and really moved my energy.
Kamila lovely , sweet, a great listener and was very attentive to my needs.

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