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7 reviews
Country United Kingdom,  
Area Hampstead, London
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Experience0 Year/s
Treatment Time3-6hrs

Raisa holds a very safe space in which you can at last unravel. Let go. Surrender to that which is yearning to open in you.

Raisa has a very focused presence, very expansive heart and her calling is to express her love through her hands and eyes. Working with Raisa will help you to release negative memories, beliefs and emotions and the bodywork treats to also overcome: self-hatred, sexual dysfunction, low self-esteem, depression, addiction, body image issues, numbness (disconnection to the body and it's senses), trauma (especially sexual trauma), release of guilt, anger, grief, fear, despair.

By clearing the pathways of the body, releasing the heavy emotional burdens and blockages we open the body to experiencing more of our natural powerful energy - increased sexual vitality, re-sensitisation of the body, bringing back a greater joy, excitement and aliveness!

Raisa is an ITEC qualified Holistic massage therapist and has been massaging for two years now. She has had exceptional feedback from clients saying that she is gifted at what she does. As well as trained in the Tantric-Tao bodywork with Mal Weeraratne, she has also been practicing the physical practices of Taoism such as ChiGong and Tai chi which has greatly supported her in this fast pace metropolis. Raisa keeps expanding her skill set so that she can be versatile enough to accommodate clients with diverse needs.

Raisa massages the whole body including massage of the prostate and yoni massage, but she can also focus on certain body areas and create tailor made sessions to facilitate client's needs. She works with men and women. She works from a therapy room on edge of Hampstead Heath in Highgate, London. Her schedule is flexible but does depend on the availability of her London therapy space. You can also book Raisa to come to you.

Raisa lives a life committed to discovering, expanding and refining herself. She believes there is a core/essential energy within each being and she dedicates her life to coming closer and closer to her own core force. Which often means simplifying her life and focusing on self-actualisation, using varied tools and knowledge gained on her path to let go of that which is not real and does not belong to her. Because only by letting go do we find out what remains and is real. Raisa is also an artist and facilitator, she works with the themes of: life/death, creativity, being man/woman in today's world, vulnerability, honesty, transparency, communication, questions such as: what gives our life meaning?

The space you will enter with Raisa will be built on trust and safety. You are invited to bring all of yourself and express this vastness with Raisa. You are welcomed to express your needs and discomforts, your boundaries but also your feelings and vulnerabilities. Your soul is hungry to express itself. The soul is what Raisa ignites and reconnects her clients to. Her presence very quickly reminds us that rather than being strangers we are long lost friends reuniting to go on a deep journey together of mining gold. Come on a journey into your being with Raisa to mine gold found in your own depths!
Raisa is a very gifted person. Her presence and awareness helped me to unfold and feel safe. She was reminding me to take deep breaths, sometimes her rhythm of breath took me back to my body, thank you. During emotional release I could really feel that she is supporting me through touch and just by being focused on me. It was the first time when I allowed myself to communicate during treatment, comment on what I have enjoyed or what was painful and she openly welcomed all of it. I feel very privileged that Raisa was witnessing my journey. Thank you so much!  
Female, 39yrs
9 Nov 2018
Raisa is a very poised and balanced person, radiating a happiness, self confidence and empathy exceeding any I have experienced with Tantric Journeys. Her practical and intuitive skills are great, she is gifted with a body which makes her well suited to massage and probably any physical pursuit she may choose. She helped me to feel empowered to alter the nature of the massage as my body asked. She has a very clear focus and a straightforward way of talking and being, she is also rather playful.  
Andrew Paterson, 52yrs
26 Oct 2018
I really enjoyed the space Raisa created with her feminine gentleness and care, with her sensual, flowing touch, with respectfully checking in with my boundaries. It made me feel that I can let go and unravel in however I am... Plenty of sisterly giggles too! :) This session helped me release trauma and toxic memories from my body that I wasn't even aware I accumulated. And after that followed a replenished sense of renewal and aliveness in my body. Once again it reminded me the importance of constantly moving energy through the body, kinda like having a daily shower...
Laura, 32yrs
17 Oct 2018
Raisa's care and compassion was exceptional. I felt in very safe hands, and I felt I could trust her completely. It was a lovely treatment.
Male, 38yrs
15 Oct 2018
Raisa is in my experience, a good balance of competent and skillful practitioner and a sensitive, intuitive, kind and caring person. Raisa remained focused and calm during the session, which was appreciated as I had chosen to go deeply into releasing some blocks caused by emotional issues from the past. I felt safe to let them arise to be cleared, with her help.
Male, 72yrs
22 Sept 2018
Raisa is a very gentle and loving therapist, she made me feel comfortable from the very first minute.She held the session in a very caring and professional way. I felt her honesty and open heart really helped. In the beginning I felt safe and free to talk deep stuff, some uncomfortable feelings I had coming up felt natural to share. Raisa has a very good understanding of the body. The pressure she applied was perfect for me. Also, she is very empathic and listened well to my body needs, where and when she had to apply harder or gentler pressure and where to spend more time and extra work on the places that was needed the most. I very much enjoyed her balanced pressure and rhythm. Right after the session I felt very relaxed and energised. I think she helped me massively to be able to cope physically with hard work. Definitely had also a mental and emotional clearing after the session. Thank you very much for such a nice session.
Male, 40yrs
14 July 2018
Raisa was compassionate and emphatic to my needs throughout the session. Her caring and understanding demeanor combined with a deep knowledge of physiology and Tantric methods created an unforgettable healing experience.
Seamus Casey
15 July 2018
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