Area London, Maastricht, Netherlands
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Fees£360 - £450 (based on type of session)
Treatment Time3 - 4 hours depending on type of session


Shekina Ray is registered nurse by profession, but over time, she became disenchanted with the impersonal approach of Western medicine and the way people are often treated as other than whole beings. In her search for alternatives she studied many energy healing modalities including nutrition, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Yoga and Reiki. After all her studies, she became a Reiki Master, practitioner of Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing and a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator.

After moving to London, she became a Tantric Journey Educator and successfully completed her Tantric Teachers Training course with Mal at Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening.

She enjoys encouraging people to find ways to express themselves and teaches a variety of classes that assist people in discovering their passions, loving and accepting themselves, building their self-esteem and helping them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.

She holds workshops, gives talks and provide 1-2-1 sessions for men, women and couples

Please contact me on: London: +44 7983 708 676 or for Belgium & Holland +32 487 42 69 81 



Erotic Intelligence – Level 1 – Energetic bliss Mastery


Date: 9 – 10th February 2019

Time: 10:30 – 17:30

Place: Aho Studios, London, UK


  • Experience amazing natural energy
  • Increase your orgasmic ability
  • Clear energetic blocks
  • Feel more vibrant and happy
  • Re-sensitise your body
  • Feel more joy and excitement for life


Come and expand your own energetic field and turn it into a powerful source of connection and bliss. Feel energised, empowered and totally amazing.

Two days now after the Energetic Bliss Mastery course and I feel a big opening in my body. It brings me Joy, a whole new flow.” Laurence, previous workshop participant

Welcome to this two day Erotic Intelligence workshop where you will, learn how to sense your own energy, find your energetic blocks and clear them, shake out your negative emotions such as sadness, anger and tiredness and cultivate positive ones, such as happiness, joy, excitement.

By the end of the weekend you will also be able to sense other people’s energy and be able to clear them too and know how to connect with others on the energetic level.

Key areas covered:

  • Introduction to the major energy centers of your body called Chakras
  • Releasing negative emotions using breath, movement and sound
  • Learn to tap into your own life force energy
  • Learn to collect and harness energy and playfully move it through your body
  • Playfully connect with others energetically

With the help of different massage techniques:

  • Learn what kind of touch you and your partner enjoy.
  • How to calm down your partner with one kind of touch or how to help them to feel more excited with different touches.


Who can attend?

18+ Singles and Couples.

Bring a partner, find a partner there, switch partners, or experience the course on your own. Many options will be offered to support each individual experience.

We will respect your boundaries and you will never be forced to do any of the exercises and all exercises will be demonstrated and practiced with clothes on in Module 1.


Early bird special: £195 if you register and pay by 11th January. £250 thereafter.

Click here to register and for payment options or email Shekina at shekinaray11@gmail.com

We will provide snacks and refreshments, tea, etc. Please bring your own lunch something to share with the group.

Please bring thick socks or house shoes, a cushion or a pillow to sit on and a hand towel.

Check out my website here where you can find more info on what I offer:

Click here to watch reviews from previous workshops.




For the first time in my life I feel these points in my body. For the first time I feel how to connect to my inner energy through these points, of course thanks to Shekina Ray and her great techniques and teachings, she raised my awareness towards my body via a different realm. Even the physical pains that I have were gone, when she taught me special techniques and massages. She helped me to connect to myself in different new way and to look at myself from compassionate prospect. I can’t thank her enough, hoping to learn from her more in the future.

Elissar, EH, Maastricht, Netherlands


Two days now after the Energetic Bliss Mastery course and I feel a big opening in my body. It brings me Joy, a whole new flow and now I feel ready to explore the world of energy. I was a bit lost with some aspects of myself but Shekina and the lovely group helped me to find a new confidence. I own my life, I own my orgasms, I own self love. Thank you Shekina for bringing these courses out there. I’m so thankful.

Laurence, Gent, Belgium


The little boy in me had a blast!

I had such a wonderful weekend in Belgium at the Energetic Bliss Mastery by Shekina Ray… A workshop? Nahh, a playshop stuffed with fun exercises, insights, laughter and a few sigh moments. I love it.

Andre Van Vliet, Antwerp, Belgium

Click here to register and see more reviews.


This weekend is part of a 3 level certification course which enables you to develop your own Erotic Intelligence practice.


Hi  Shekina, Last nights healing session was incredible. Today I feel cleansed, and overwhelmingly tired - I'm aware this is part of the body healing, so I'm taking it easy and drinking lots of water.Thank you so much
Have felt like crying (in a good way, release) since Saturday.....Like a final massive release. Hasnt happened yet but it will. Just been through a weightlifting session. Body totally and utterly different. Wonderful but its going to take time to fully sink in...My best friend texted me this am to ask if i am Stoned or high cause he said on facebook and via text that he is seeing a side of me that usually only comes out "under the influence!"I will want another session in 6 weeks I think cause that was AMAZING! :-) :-)
I notice that I don't have so much mental conversations as before. Not much negative thoughts. Energy level is okay and for some how i feel like i had a reset. I feel a little bit like a have a new soft virgin body, haha. Also my sexual parts feel different, like they had a reset also.Have a nice day bye byeee x
Hi Shekina,Just wanted to thank you for the session on Wednesday. I'm feeling grounded, clear and potent. Life seems abundant, sweet and to be savoured. With deepest blessings,
M x
Hi Shekina, just wanted to give you a brief update. I'm still crying, daily. It feels like 40 years and 9 months of scars and wounds are finally properly healing....it feels like the work we did last time brought all the old wounds to the surface so that they can finally heal properly, and i can let go. All i can say again about your gift is. WOW... Thank-you so much.i feel blessed to have found you.
I was become so aware last night, I keep clearing for three hours in the middle of the night. Breathing is become so much easier. I truly believe your work now.  :-)
Thank you again for your wonderful work.  I had an amazing insight into trust, a taste of how to allow myself to be open and accept.  I’m sure I will carry that experience into my life and how I am with myself and others.  I expect it will deepen also in ways that I can’t understand now.I’ve allowed myself to rest, and to sleep, which is good.  I’ve felt light, then tired, then rested and lighter again, now.  I did wake up with a bigger erection than usual!
Hi Shekina I'm well, thank you. I had quite a busy day yesterday but still remained present with my mind and body. I think I am still processing our session in Saturday. I'm feeling a sense of joy and freedom, knowing that I can be in my pleasure and really enjoy it! So, thank you for showing me the way! I hope you have a great week ahead.
Hi Shekina: to put it succinctly i guess you could say that i feel more comfortable with the idea of jumping or flying but feel like the rest of the work needs to be done if that makes sense. I was reading alot about where the body holds things today and the area you pointed out last time, ie the abdomen is defined as the "old stuff centre." Makes sense to me! Im very clear that i found the right person with working with you. See you soon.
I am happy to say that what has come up over the past three days is that I seem to be much less easily triggered. In fact I have so far been able to see where a situation arrises that might have triggered me and I have been able to relax around it and let go. I'm of course noticing the difference this has on my personal relationships. My wife and my son are happier because I am happier. Similarly I can also feel where and when I become disengaged from my lower chakras as and when a habitual and unconscious hardening begins to occur in my solar plexus region, and I can then consciously release it and reconnect with the subtle vibrations emanating from my root chakra. Microcosmic breathing has also been incredibly beneficial to aid this. Emotionally I feel relaxed and engaged with life as a result. One physical result I can report is that my lingam feels more alive and juicy (As it did as I stood talking to you after my shower, which would have definitely been a moment of fear and retraction previously)
Dear Shekina, I went to Fulham Palace Gardens today with my family to be among nature as you suggested. The energy was calm and welcoming. On a physical level I feel a low level consistent arousal in my root chakra and an opening and spaciousness around my heart. As a result I feel potent and secure sexually and emotionally. No lash back from the old traumas as of yet, but I do feel consciously aware of their powerful control and suppression that had been assimilated through my system, and the fear that their energies engendered throughout my being. Never-the-less I presently feel well recoursed and safe from their return. However I don't want to speak too soon as yesterday showed me the full extent of their strength, the hold they had over me and their insidious poisoning of my true nature. I will patiently abide in the energies awakened and see what manifests over the coming days and weeks. With love and deep gratitude, I bow to you my goddess healer.
Hi Shekina. Checking in as promised Got home fine last night without stumbling into the road! Just wanted to say thank you for your warmth and attention yesterday, I certainly felt lots of flowing energy. No particularly vivid dreams but it has helped me to feel much more accepting of myself and my body as I am rather than believing there is something wrong with me. Life is certainly an adventure to be lived rather than a problem to be fixed. I also really appreciated and enjoyed your playfulness.
Hi Shekina, I feel great, thank you. Didn't feel any emotional explosions just very sexual yesterday which is good ;) Thank you very much for the massage and my first full body orgasm.
Just wanted to say it was great to meet you last night and a real pleasure for you to share your knowledge and work with me. Your are a real inspiration and a really great person to of met and look forward to seeing again very much!...to be honest this morning I woke up feeling great, I feel happy and really inspired about what we spoke about yesterday. My back also is feeling the benefits and a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I will look up everything that you have sent me and let you know how I get on
"I have to say I have had the best experience in my life, you are truly an amazing sweet person beyond words. I'm very lucky to have met you and i'm very happy. I really appreciate everything you taught me and i feel amazing and wonderful. May God bless you always."
Shekina is a truly gifted bodyworker. Her presence throughout was total. Her intuitive sense of the movement of energy in my body was exceptional. And I could sense that she was delighting in these movements in me, which served to encourage them further. There were times when it felt to me like her energy and my energy were indivisible, she was so tuned into what was happening in me. The experience was like an intense opening, a whole-body freeing-up. I was in a transformed state for most of the time. Altogether, a unique and deeply healing experience.

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