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Sophie | Tantric Journey
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Country Austria, Germany,  
Area Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Vienna
Treats Men, People With Disabilities, Transgender, Women
Experience1 Year/s
FeesDonation based Minimum €150
Treatment Time3-8 hrs

Born and raised at the countryside in Bavaria, a lovely place surrounded by mountains I discovered my passion about health. Since an early age I like to travel to foreign places, spend time in nature and invest money I've earned in my education.

During my first training in Germany I discovered different kinds of massage (classical, reflexology, lymphatic, trigger...) which was in 2013. I worked 3 years in a hospital in Vienna and then Tantra came across my way.
So I learned at a school in Innsbruck and through friends' recommendation I travelled to London to experience a tantric healing.

After Module 1 and Module 2 training at the Tantric School of Healing and Awakening taught by Mal, I worked with more than 30 case studies and offer now Bodywork and tantric healing as an practitioner donation based (request is minimum 150 euro).

Every session is different so far but the keys are the same. I treat with unconditional love using the techniques of breath, sound and body movement to release emotional and physical trauma from the body.

I believe we store all kinds of trauma (however they happened) in the physical body, through the trigger points and Bodywork on an Emotional, physical and energetic level and we bring it to the surface and hold the space so that healing can happen naturally.

I believe every human being and every part of the body is equal and valuable and loveable, so here is your chance to experience it.

Please contact me via email, I'm happy to give you more details about Tantra, the Bodywork I offer, emotional detox and about myself.

I am currently spa travelling, so I will be in Europe in 2018, in Africa half of 2019, second half of 2019 in Asia. Later I'll be based in Germany or Switzerland.
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