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12 reviews
Country United Kingdom,  
Area North Yorkshire
Treats Couples, Men, Transgender, Women
Experience1 Year/s
Fees£200 - £300
Treatment Time4-6hrs

Having left my career in the oil industry in my mid-twenties, I pursued my true passions in life, learning to be healthy and happy.

I qualified as a nutritionist in 2009 and have since been fascinated by the ability of the human body to heal itself. Over the last decade I have studied and practised mindfulness and meditation, positive thinking centred in appreciation and gratitude and the wide field of human sexuality, completing numerous trainings and courses. I have been facilitating Tantra workshops since 2015.

Currently, I am working towards completing my CPD Emotional Detox therapy accreditation, which continues to complement this work.

The therapy

By healing the relationship we have with our body, pleasure and sexual energy, we are able to holistically treat the mind, body and spirit.

De-armouring techniques can help with getting rid of tension and toxins, removing blocks, releasing negative memories, beliefs and emotions by helping to open up the body’s natural energy pathways so that the healing life force energy may flow through the whole body unobstructed. This can help to overcome:

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Low self-esteem/ feeling inadequate

  • Depression

  • Addictions

  • Body image issues

  • “Inability” to feel

And can help to improve:

  • Relationships

  • Ability to feel pleasure

  • Access to the body's capacity for self-healing

  • Ability to give and receive love

  • Motivation and interest in life

  • Energy levels

Each session is tailored to each individual’s unique requirements and is held in a safe and loving space.

Treatments for Men

In the northern cultures especially, men have often been brought up to be ashamed of their feelings believing that it is weak to feel or show emotions. As a result, many close off from intimacy and develop difficulties around expressing themselves. Being sensual and feeling pleasure in the body is generally considered feminine and many men can become disconnected from their sexuality.

Our culture tends to fear the expression of sexual energy, and some men can feel unsafe to express their sexuality. This treatment can help to explore sexuality in a safe space, without fear or shame.

This therapy can help men with:

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Pornography addiction

  • Inhibited ejaculation

  • Love and intimacy issues

  • Sexual shame

  • Low desire/ arousal

  • Low physical sensation

  • Expanding the orgasmic response beyond ejaculation

Treatments for Women

In Western cultures, many women have been taught to suppress and shut down their sexual energies as part of our puritan heritage. In some more sex-positive cultures of the past, women and sexuality were treated with more reverence and respect. The therapy can help to explore sexuality without fear or shame in a safe and loving space.

Many women have suffered abuse of a sexual nature and can hold pain in the yoni as result. Women can also experience pain in the pelvic area through periods, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage and menopause.

This therapy can help women with:

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Inability to enjoy sex

  • Pain during intercourse

  • Vaginismus

  • Insufficient vaginal lubrication

  • Failure to achieve orgasm, even if sexually aroused

  • Fear of rejection

Please note: Treatment fees are £200 in North Yorkshire and £300 in London.
The session with Tatiana Aitken has given me so much! Being a sexologist, I thought I knew a lot about my sexuality, I knew it would be a pleasure, but I didn't know the session would have such a healing effect. Thanks to her caring attitude, aware and very focused on the present moment eyes and confident body, I could feel very safe from the very beginning of the session. I appreciated very much the detailed talk at the beginning of the session - I could share my most important needs, what led me to work on them afterwards. Overall, since the session, I have been feeling definitely more liberated, more true and connected to myself. I feel I have more right to be myself (which wasn't the case before the session). I am very much grateful I could benefit from Tatiana's loving attitude and very professional skills.
Marta Kosinska
20th May 2018
Tatiana provides a very comfortable and relaxing space in her quiet and secluded home surrounded by beautiful country side views. Tatiana's style and approach allowed me to feel immediately at ease and trust with the process. I felt comfortable enough with Tatiana to allow her to facilitate the accessibility of some deeply held patterns in the body. After releasing so much during the session I left feeling elated with improved sleep and generally felt great all week with a lot more positive energy. I am incredibly grateful to Tatiana and this practice and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to experience increased potential in any area of their lives.
11th June 2018
The Tantric Massage I had with Tatiana was so powerful: one of the most incredible, tangible yet mind blowingly out there experiences of my life. My body feels great! Really really great. I still feel connected and grounded days later. Tatiana held such a powerful space for me, I feel like I released loads and like my inner child has been reborn without trauma. Feels super deep. My body was alive with kundalini energy, just so much to process. I am so so grateful on so many levels. I recommend working with her without hesitation, you won’t regret it.
Rebeca Howgill
27th July 2018
Tatiana is a brilliant, skillful practitioner. She is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever worked with and her skills were so intuitive, loving and holding. The space Tatiana held was so safe it enabled me to be fully seen for the first time in my life, and allowed me to release pain and deep trauma that I have been holding all my life and all the time she held a loving, safe and giving space. Tatiana was such a skilled guide, helping me to process really deep things and giving me permission, guidance and reassurance all the way though, which now have given me a map for in areas of challenge, and a knowing how to handle things in this area.
25th July 2018
Thank you Tatiana for a wonderful session. I felt relaxed, safely held and nurtured and you helped me uncover and release old grief from my body which had been there for many years.
11th July 2018
Tatiana is totally welcoming and professional. She explains everything before the treatment and invites questions. The space is quiet and has such a beautiful atmosphere. I highly recommend Tatiana as a tantric massage practitioner.
22nd August 2018
Tatiana is the most skilful practitioner I have ever known. She holds the space with such care, compassion and safety that it allows whatever needs to come up to come up. Tatiana can hold really challenging emotions with such skill, and the safety that you need, coupled with such profound gentleness and compassion. Tatiana is an immense gift to the world, and to me and I have found the work she does so deeply healing and nourishing. I wish I had worked with Tatiana years ago!
Alys Glover
12th September 2018
Tatiana has an amazing touch, calm and confident, her words full of care and wisdom. Her session broke walls and opened myself up for new experiences, and was enriching from beginning to end.
14th September 2018
Tatiana is a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner who carries out her work with great attention to detail and the needs of the client. She holds the space with remarkable integrity, empathy and professionalism. Everything is carefully explained and negotiated and as her client I always felt safe and fully in control of my choices. I felt in extremely safe and nurturing hands and left feeling empowered and extremely peaceful.
10th October 2018
Tatiana is an amazing human being and a compassionate, caring and extremely skilled professional body worker. The massage she offered me was one of the best I have ever received, and I had quite a few over the years. I had several very intense emotional moments during the session. Tatiana was simply amazing at holding the space, feeling my energy, opening up to meet my emotions and feeling exactly what I needed in each moment. I was astonished by how profoundly and beautifully she was able to do all that. I wholeheartedly recommend Tatiana to anyone wanting to experience a deep, connected, aware and fully present massage. Warmest hugs.
13th October 2018
Tatiana is a skilled practitioner with strong intuition, deep love and compassion and a true professional. She has unbelievable physical strength combined with loving tenderness in just the right proportions. She is very open and easy to talk to, and this is highly useful in promoting learning from the experience.
Marc H
15th October 2018
The work was very good. Upon reflection now, a few days after the massage the level of professionalism becomes clearer. Each detail of the massage is explained before commencement and this helps to create an environment of trust and compassion. Throughout the session I felt fully involved in a healing process.
Seamus C
17th October 2018

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