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Trisha | Tantric Journey
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Trisha - Tantric Journey therapist
13 reviews
Country United Kingdom,  
Area London
Treats Couples, Men, Women
Experience0 Year/s
Treatment Time3-5hrs
Number +4407307384210
I've been working to help people to release stagnated emotions through Reiki over 8 years, I am a  Master Reiki Karuna and Usui, qualified yoga teacher and started to teach private classes healing yoga. My passion for helping people got bigger. I became a certificated Emotional Detox practitioner in Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening, as I trained in the Tantric-Tao bodywork with Mal Weeraratne, who has over 20 years experience, treating over 3000 clients from all walks of life from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Mal has developed Tantric Journey, a healing and awakening technique based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge; to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

I have also a qualification in Theta healing Energy Healing Modality.

It's amazing to see we can eliminate negative emotions through Bodywork and empowering any aspects of our life.

Tantra for me is an energy that connects us with the Universe, through self-love we can heal our body and mind, be free to experience our sexual energy in our body, relationships, family, at work and achieve our goals.

Tantra knows that we must start right here in the world, right where we are with the life we are currently living, Tantric practices can cover any and every part of our experience, including sex, money, career, body, mind, spirit, health, etc. In Tantra, every moment is an opportunity to find greater peace and open to the Love that is all around us, and most especially, the Love that IS our True Nature.

Since childhood from age 0 to 7 we are essentially an open sponge to the world, we are absorbing the patterns with all the people around us, without knowing they are wrong or right.

The programs in the subconscious come from downloading other people’s behaviours, your mother, father people around us in our first seven years of your life.

If you come from a nice background and are surrounded with positive people, your emotions are different in the way you deal with your life and others.

If you grow up in an environment where there is a trauma in the household - e.g alcoholism, family conflict and relationship problems, if we don’t have the tools to process our emotions in a given moment, that becomes a memory that’s not fully formed.

We end up seeing ourselves in the world around us as if we are still 4 years of age and in the environment of conflict, trauma and drama.

Every time sounds, smell, taste, vision and touch get triggered, we replay the same toxic emotions we hold in our unconscious mind from the age of 0 to 7.

We react as if is that is a memory we are visiting for the first time.

10 Most negative emotions 

Anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred, grief, isolation, humiliation, worthlessness, anxiety, conflict.

What can Tantra Detox bodywork offer? 

Tantric and Tao bodywork techniques alongside other recognised holistic modalities (such as Holistic Massage, Deep tissue, Thai massage, Taoist bodywork).

The aim of the treatment is aiding people to release negative trauma in order to overcome a range of physical, sexual and emotional difficulties including depression, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, past trauma, low self-esteem, overcoming past abuse, past loss and increasing well-being.

Also to be connected with your sexuality, to feel pleasure, to enjoy the sexual energy totally for yourself and take this energy into your life to make much better relationship with your partner, friend, and family.

Gain confidence at work to express yourself stand up in life with trust in your own energy.

We all have the kundalini energy, it just needs to be connected.

Through Tantra Detox bodywork we have amazing achievements.

What are the benefits to have Tantra Detox bodywork ?

  • Releasing old attitudes of shame around sexuality

  • Coming into a loving and accepting relationship of your sexuality

  • Increased sensitivity and awareness of your body

  • Expanded capacity for pleasure

  • Dropping performance and pressure in order to fully experience pleasure

  • Connecting to your orgasmic potential – perhaps for the first time

  • Overcoming problems in arousal (for men this includes erection and ejaculation)

  • Discovering the connection between the sexual and the spiritual

  • Integrating your sexual energy with your whole body

  • Increased confidence, vitality, creativity and aliveness

  • Expand yourself as a sensual and sexual being

  • Being fully alive in the moment

How can I book my Tantra Detox bodywork session?

All tantra sessions are created to suit you.Please email me, sharing a little information about yourself and what is drawing you to explore the therapy.

I will not talk over the phone about the session - only by email.

How do I feel after the session?

It depends of each client, what is your main reason to have the session or what is happening with your emotions.

This session works deeper into your emotions to detox and release your body of the negative toxins.

As any Detox you may or may not  feel healing crises but in our session I will advise you to deal with it if it eventually happens.

I always advise a healthy diet, plenty of water and good sleep.

Exercise plays a huge part as well.

I will teach you some techniques to release stagnated tensions after the session in your day to day life.

Most of my clients feel very energetic and confident to achieve their goals, self-esteem returns as does self love, they are open to love others. They see the world as a more colourful, happy and peaceful place.

Does the Tantra detox bodywork involve sex with the practitioner ?

  • These treatments do not provide ‘sex’ or massage in the nude. I only work with clients that are looking to deepen their connection to spirit and their own sexuality.

  • It is a journey of discovery - to feel pleasure in your body, taking time for yourself.

  • In our society most men and women think about pleasure and having sex or touching other people's bodies, but is amazing what you can feel and embrace from our own sexual energy and this is a healing connection.

*Please note - I will be unavailable from the 11th -17th September*
I would like to thank Patricia for her time and her commitment to the work. It is important to have someone so professional and compassionate to carry on a work like this. I am happy with the results so far, and I believe I can improve so much in the areas to be healed that I can't wait for the next sessions.  
Camila S
I had a great session with Patricia. She has great energy and heals with a lot of love. I felt amazing after the massage - so happy and light. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine Tantric Journey experience.
I was fortunate enough to connect with Patricia Tantra Bodywork . As one who has regular massages at home, After my first hour and a half massage I realized I had received one of the best deep tissue massages I have ever had anywhere. Patricia starts by asking about your body, old injuries, type and depth of the massage etc. Then the massage begins, simply amazing. She is one of those therapists who has ‘the touch’. She checked in with me about the pressure and quickly adjusted as I like a firm deep massage. I felt deep connected with my soul , all the emotions was coming to surface but she was there to support me I felt totally safe.The environment of the massage creates a very nice atmosphere. After I was feeling so much love for myself and happy seeing the world different. I totally recommend all of us should have this moment of rediscover yourself and feel love. Thank you so much Patricia xx
Pedro Louppa
Very talented body-worker, great massage techniques deep, medium and light. The session was transformative, she moved my energy and removed emotional blockages. She is compassionate therapist who is easy and gentle to work with.
Matthew B
Patricia shone in many ways and held the space fantastically and really connected energetically in a wonderful liberating way. I would highly recommend her.
Anon male
The journey was very powerful, releasing a lot of emotion and stuck energy, it opened up a lot of space for healing, feeling and joy.
Anon male
I felt suitably safe and held by Patricia, who was very caring and attentive throughout our session and is evidently a very spiritual person.
Anon male
I thought Patricia’s movements were beautiful. Due to a bereavement I haven’t been feeling very sexual of late, so I wasn't  expecting much in terms of arousal. But due to feeling safe and well held I was able to reconnect with my energy, which was wonderful.
Anon male
An amazing healing experience with a skilled practitioner. Highly rated, and can't wait for another session.
Anon male
After the session I felt elevated, a lot of stress and tension was released and I felt physically lighter. At am emotional level I also felt happier and optimistic.
Anon male
Patricia is a very competent and caring masseuse. A genuine channel for healing with a very practical hands on approach.
Anon male
After the session I feel very nice and aware the night was filled with nightmares but a good nightmare and the following day I felt a real shift in my perception and everything seemed to be glowing.
Anon male
I had a great session with Patricia. She has great energy and heals with a lot of love. I felt amazing after the massage - so happy and light. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine Tantric Journey experience.
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