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It is essential to give your relationship attention, your relationship as a whole just like your love life needs to be given attention and have time invested in it in order to flourish and grow.

Mal Weeraratne holds workshops for couples where he teaches tantric techniques encompassing  love, intimacy and sacred sexuality. He explains that these three elements are something every man and woman must learn. This workshop is designed for spiritual growth and self-development and are held in London, but he says that one of the self help tips he gives couples is, ‘Set dates as Sacred Sessions’. He explains that  he would encourage all couples  to schedule in non-negotiable time to be spent together.  Whether this means setting a set date night weekly/fortnightly, making sure you get a morning a week in which you can have a lie in together just to touch, cuddle, talk and or make love or whether it is setting aside time to cook and eat together; it is essential that you invest time in your relationship.

‘’Think of your relationship like a savings account’’, says Mal, ‘’you can only take out what you put in’’.  Indeed we are probably all guilty of not dedicating quality time to our relationships, because after all life gets so busy and it can be hard to find time.

Between work, family and social commitments, there’s hardly enough time to squeeze in half an hour for a relaxing soak in the bath, let alone carve out a significant chunk of time to spend with your significant other, but if your relationship is to survive the test of time it is essential that you make the time; after all, investing in ‘together time’ reinforces your common values as well as building intimacy without it couples can grow in different directions.

Remember date nights don’t have to be swanky affairs, a simple night in without interruptions or talking shop can be most beneficial.

If you are interested in finding out more about Tantric Journey workshops for couples, please click here.

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