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Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) | Tantric Journey
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Female Orgasmic Disorder

Range of Female Orgasms

  • Never climax at all
  • To climax require intense Clitoral stimulation when they are alone and ‘not disturbed’
  • To climax require direct Clitoral stimulation but are able to climax with their partners
  • Who require lengthy and vigorous G-spot stimulation
  • Who require only brief penetration
  • Who can achieve only via fantasy and/or breast stimulation

Orgasmic Capacity Depends:

  • On Age
  • On Experience
  • On Adequacy of Stimulation

Causes of FOD

  • Due to [Sex = Intercourse] – Model Thinking. Having intercourse and orgasm as a goal leads to pressure, which prevents orgasm from occurring
  • Due to Hostility towards Partner – If a woman is angry with her partner, she may ‘withhold’ orgasm in an attempt to get back at him/her
  • Due to Ineffective Sexual Techniques and as a result lack of stimulation.
  • Sometimes women do not know how to receive/give effective stimulation. It’s not something we ‘know’, but we need to Learn.
  • Anxiety can also lead to ineffective sexual techniques, in order to rush things.
  • Due to Family and Religious Teachings regarding sexuality sometimes causes women to avoid or actively discourage effective stimulation.
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