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Corine Lavrijssen | Tantric Journey
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Dear Mal

Thanks for your mail. I came home save and processed more during the weekend. I was so much in contact with it.
It felt as ongoing healing. And it all went by itself. I was just a silent witness.

After our last 4 days of the Tantric Journey  Teacher  Training Course everything fell at its place in my body. I feel so empowered. Now in daily life I feel a great transformation in how I encounter life. Life flows through me and my body feels as an empty vessel. I feel so open from the inside,
so much in contact with myself that almost nothing distracts me from that. I feel so grateful. My yoni and pelvic area feel so spacious and healed. Words can hardly express how this all feels. But its amazing.

I feel so much gratitude.
Thanks again Mal for your patience, your dedication to this work, your loving kindness, your knowledge and all you shared with me.

I already was a happy woman. Now I am an orgiastic power woman.
Corine (Dakini)

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