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D. Sharon | Tantric Journey
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During the first session,  I was aware of such deep breathing – so unbelievably controlled and slow – this was at the height of the pleasure. After the session – I sank into that feeling of comfort, which took me to a level of calmness I have never known before.
There was no crying during this first session which surprised me, which I think was to do with the fact that my emotions had been so suppressed. I felt anger at the pain – lower shins very painful and lower back.

I was amazed at the panting and different types of breathing that came from nowhere – where? And my fingers tingled like pins and needles – which Mal explained was the energy. I know that during the last few years I have become worse at dealing with stress and it has manifested itself in extreme tiredness.

The second session
I dared to be different and I feel empowered through making that choice.
It was a struggle to make the decision to go – a tussle between my old and highly conditioned existence and a strong urge and pull towards a new way. It’s like an awakening deep from the very core of my body, mind and spirit.  It is such a profound experience.
Now, after two sessions, I have never felt closer to my husband whom I adore and we have been freer with our bodies and lovemaking than ever before. I feel that if anything were to happen to me now I could leave as a complete woman – which I was not before.
It is just so refreshing to have the absolute freedom to be so completely honest with Mal knowing whatever I say will be received without judgement.

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