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Dakini | Tantric Journey
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thank you Mal for your beautiful generous caring, kindness and passion – all rolled into one during my recent visit! i feel your love and light in the sessions, it coaxes me into safe space, towards trust. all of my Being longs to come fully into love, Oneness with all that is, including opening fully to the masculine.

such healing energy in the intimate loving touch, and beautiful (meta)physical sensations that this body never experienced before, giving and receiving… i’ve just started a profound new learning journey.

since the last session i’m feeling more gentle towards the fear that’s been blocking intimacy in my body, allowing time and space for it to be heard and felt.. a lot’s been moving in my 3rd chakra – deep breaths needed, permission to feel and accept what i find there. it’s all okay, it just wants to come into wholeness – i’m learning to communicate better about it, including things that can feel difficult. i’m making a big step towards meeting that now in August. life’s short, so i’m just going for it..!! 🙂

love to you Mal, and see you soon. safe travels xxx

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