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Frances | Tantric Journey
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Dear Mal
Hello, how are you? I hope everything is going well in your life and you and your family are all thriving 🙂
Last time I wrote to you, I asked you to be patient, and said I would contact you when I had a better idea of where I was heading after divorcing, leaving my practice and travelling.
I’ve needed all this time to process everything I have learned and experienced since I last saw you which has been masses.
You have regularly been in my thoughts since the healing I experienced from your sessions as it continued to unfold many months after them and time was needed to process it all in the body and mind. Its been good to fully assimilate all of that as it was a very deep healing experience with many aspects to accept and work through – as you know your work has a very deep effect 🙂
I travelled to China and had a wonderful time there deep in the arms of the true Taoist teachings and many months of meditations there has had a big effect too. Finally I returned to Chiang Mai where I’ve been since late October teaching/practising at a massage school and learning the Thai basis of their healing modalities. I’ve found my peace in a wooden house on a pond with ducks and such fascinating bird life in the rice fields and its here where I’m discovering what to do next, with writing workbooks and manuals to assist my teaching and things that I’ve not done before.
In March I shall return to Europe to teach in two countries and then come to UK to visit my family and hopefully see you. My daughter moves to Knightsbridge today and so I have somewhere to stay and thought the time had finally come for me to see you and to chat again about what we may do together in the future.
I hope we can meet up as I would like this very much.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Lots of love from all of my heart to all of yours,
Frances xx

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