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Helen | Tantric Journey
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Hi Mal,

Thank you. It really is remarkable how your treatment is working. I had been dubious at the start when you told me that you would win my trust but you certainly have and have given me great strength during this tough patch.

I have found the advice you have given me extremely insightful and calming and can feel myself growing stronger through it. At the moment I feel I am on something of a precipice between feeling despair and letting go of all fear and embracing a deeper sense of happiness and resilience. It feels like a battle with the mind that, once won, will probably never need to be fought again. I definitely think this is giving me a real sense of how your treatment works that I will be able to explain and pass on with conviction.

Regarding the massage therapy work, I feel I have been holding myself back for the past year, getting some positive responses but lacking the courage to throw myself into it. Perhaps it is as you say that I am seeking to become more open by working as a therapist but have not been ready to open myself up until now so have hindered my own progress. I would love to become an excellent massage therapist and am so grateful you have offered to coach me in that.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


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