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Had my 3rd session yesterday with Mal. I allowed myself to enjoy pleasure in ways that I never thought possible for me as layers of my old self were peeled away layer by layer. The session lasted 6 hours. Mal does not watch the clock for sure. At one point i was thinking this poor man must be exhausted surely; but oh no he just gives and gives himself fully. Such is the wonderful gift in Mal.
1st session felt like i was hit by a Tsunami as intense emotions of fear overwhelmed me. Thankfully Mal was at hand to assure me that this was part of the healing process.
2nd session was less intense. I am still in disbelief of the progress that I have made. I’m a brand new person. It feels like after living 42 years of my entire life in darkness, I finally get to see the light. Words cannot describe the beautiful transformation that has transpired in me. To think that I’m only just at the beginning of this journey. I feel so blessed and lucky to have met this wonderful man who possesses such pure love, kindness, gentleness and the ability to give a woman the most precious gift of all “her inner GODESS”.
Mal, you have made me feel so safe and beautiful in ways that I have never felt my entire life. I am now able to relax and just be in the knowledge that i am safe always and in good hands. I’m truly grateful for your special gift. I highly recommend Mal to any one out there looking for healing or spiritual growth.

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