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Tanya Skillen | Tantric Journey
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I came to Tantric Journey through my own internet research and in complete desperation. I could not believe that in my late 40s it was the end of my sex life. I have suffered from anxiety as a child and more recently a toxic relationship which I I felt was the real reason for my dryness etc. Instead the doctor gave me HRT, which only aggravated. When I it got to the point that my sexual organs become numb, I had to do something. So although it felt like such a brave and perhaps mad or even dangerous thing to do, I felt like I had no other option available to me. The idea of ridding toxins resonated with me on many levels. I had no idea that this would actually be the start of a sexual revolution for me.

It was difficult to open up and I did feel suspicious at times – I only had a web site to go by – but Mal was so grounded and full of honest intent and wisdom, that the trust came bit by bit. I shouldn\’t feel shy to write about it here but after one session, everything does feel different, the skin, the blood flow, my potential and awareness to give and receive love, the sexual energy I give off (apparently). This experience has been completely transformative. It has enabled me to become unstuck. It is incredibly important stuff that needs to be put out there and passed on…

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