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When I first started seeing Mal Weeraratne, my husband and I strived for high intensity, passionate sex, which was becoming increasingly stressful; just to try to feel higher. Very different to the insanely beautiful, tender, loving and gentle love making we now share. Mal’s work has taught me how to listen to my partners touch, so now even the smallest embrace holds such an incredible sensation and meaning. We enjoy sexual intimacy daily, whether just holding each other close or more. Each time is beautiful, completely unique and brings us what we both need on a daily basis. Our relationship has its challenging moments of course (as most do!) but the incredible intimacy we share only reinforces that love we have for each other and strengthens our relationship with each passing day.

The benefits to my life by far surpass any physical experience. Mal’s work has brought me back from a place of depression and despair, to enjoying life and valuing my existence. I have gone from being incredibly ashamed to fully accepting and loving myself, from hiding parts of my personality to loving them and embracing my uniqueness. After many years of hiding, this is by far my biggest blessing.

I will always be thankful that my path brought me to Mal’s door and the immeasurable positivity his incredible work has brought to my life and my marriage.

Thank you Mal


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