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Thank you for a most interesting and embracing experience. It felt like a real luxury to feel so cared for hours.

I found that my body’s reactions to various pressures fascinating. I know about Levine and porges work and I can see how the body work is one way of allowing the body to complete and release the trauma reactions stored over time.

I found my head shaking as if I was saying a life time of “no”. I found my chest become tight and suffocating when I took long breathes that I had to gasp. These come and pass in waves, and each time the abreactions pass, I felt a deep calm.

I have read the experience didn’t feel sexual and I found this was true. I felt more cared and embraced by you than a sexual reaction.

I don’t even know what you were doing inside the yoni but it was a stronger deep warming tingling sensation than the vaginal orgasms I usually have.

Interestingly now my body has had this experience, making love to my partner did allow me to achieve an intense warm orgasm similar to your stimulations.

I left feeling a deep calm and free from the anger and sadness I came with.

Even with various dramas over the last few days, I felt generally calm and not pulled into the drama of anger, sadness nor separation anxiety.
This feels liberating. I do feel stronger in myself.
Whether this lasts, I shall see.

I had 6 clients the day after I saw you and I found it very hard at first, a dizziness swept through me as I was too open and was absorbing their negative energies.

I had to ground myself a lot and close up a bit to manage the day.

Otherwise it was fine and the calm is still wth me.

I thank you for this experience and I expect I will see you again within next 3 months to see where another session can take me.

Also can you recommend an experienced female tantric therapist for my partner?

I will also recommend you to clients that I think will benefit from your treatment.

I am grateful for the session.

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