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Arturas | Tantric Journey
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Since my first session with Julia, incredible changes started happening in all areas of my life.

I have been able to let-go of some deeply rooted traumas and emotional wounds, experience increased levels of aliveness, creativity and joy. Consequently this had what I can only call a “miraculous” effect on all my relationships, finances and experiencing true sense of freedom.

Julia has compassionately and lovingly guided me throughout this journey, allowing me to come to my own realizations and deeper experiences. Some long-standing (lifetime) patters of emotional turmoil and addiction were let go of in a matter of weeks, opening up possibilities for growth, new positive attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

Since reconnecting to my body and learning to be more present, I have also learned to separate my orgasms and ejaculation, completely relinquishing the need to ejaculate. This has significantly improved my overall physical and mental health, clarity and purposeful life direction.

I will be forever grateful to Julia for guiding me on this journey.

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