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Chris | Tantric Journey
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I was initially nervous about the Tantric Journey experience as I was unsure what to expect.
Kate’s introduction and calmness put me at my ease and as a Therapist, I had a feeling that some emtions might be released.
I can truly say, that nothing could have prepared me for the deep emoional release that I experienced – and the memories that arose that I had no idea had caused such deep rooted stress.
A combination of the deep massage that released the tension from the body, the rocking, the breathing and letting out of  “pain” through vocal releasing was a truly wonderful experience.
Kate created such a supportive, caring, and safe environment that I felt completely as ease to open up to the deeply held emotions.
At the end, I felt so much lighter, completely relaxed, “standing tall” with a sense of serenity about me.
Any anxiety and stress that I had, had completely gone. What I had also noted, was that memories that would have previously triggered me into stress, now didn’t – as if there was now a clean slate to create new behavioural responses – such a brillant opportunity and feeling.
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