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David | Tantric Journey
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Dear Shekina,

I went to Fulham Palace Gardens today with my family to be among nature as you suggested. The energy was calm and welcoming.

On a physical level I feel a low level consistent arousal in my root chakra and an opening and spaciousness around my heart. As a result I feel potent and secure sexually and emotionally.

No lash back from the old traumas as of yet, but I do feel consciously aware of their powerful control and suppression that had been assimilated through my system, and the fear that their energies engendered throughout my being. Never-the-less I presently feel well recoursed and safe from their return.

However I don’t want to speak too soon as yesterday showed me the full extent of their strength, the hold they had over me and their insidious poisoning of my true nature. I will patiently abide in the energies awakened and see what manifests over the coming days and weeks.

With love and deep gratitude, I bow to you my goddess healer.

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